The Academy’s Weakest Became A Demon-Limited Hunter
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The Academy’s Weakest Became A Demon-Limited Hunter

Read full chapter The Academy’s Weakest Became A Demon-Limited Hunter, Light Novel The Academy’s Weakest Became A Demon-Limited Hunter english, LN The Academy’s Weakest Became A Demon-Limited Hunter, The Academy’s Weakest Became A Demon-Limited Hunter Online, read The Academy’s Weakest Became A Demon-Limited Hunter at Noble Machine translations.
아카데미 최약체는 마족 한정 먼치킨이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Academy’s Weakest Became A Demon-Limited Hunter

The Academys Weakest Became A Demon-Limited Hunter Raw mtl 

I was the weakest in a game with ‘Hell’ level difficulty that I used to adore. I want to live, but the controlling situation of the main character, this bastard, is catastrophic.
I can’t help myself.
I have no choice but to intervene and prevent the bad conclusion.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this novel.I was waiting for this.

  2. Norkos 10 Norkos 10 says:

    Great novel must read

  3. Zaeril says:

    *warning* Yandere alert! Proceed with cautions!

  4. Extra says:

    This one is a winner. So good.

    Are there any more popular Korean Harem series that have yet to be MTLed?

  5. Unknown says:

    This is one of the best

  6. Notnot says:

    Thank you in advance for the mtl ^^ Seeing some of the comments above made me want to read it but the story didn’t suit my taste. There are too many plot armors for mc, the female characters somehow don’t feel interesting and quite annoying because they keep following mc everywhere (kaya), and for some reason the story plot is easily guessed

  7. Chumpïlou says:

    I am once again chapterless… 😭😭😭

  8. Ahmed says:

    Please upload the next chapter

  9. F3nix795 says:

    Admin please upload the novel

  10. Rexion says:

    Thank you for update

  11. spiderman29334 says:

    can u add paladin in dark fantasy?

  12. Nay says:

    Is Alice arc done in chapter 200? Don’t feel like reading a cliffhanger

  13. Nvlp25 says:

    Thank you. Its easy to read.

  14. PissFetishizer says:

    Every female in this novel keeps falling to the mc when he’s literally just existing..

  15. Hso says:

    After reading a many novel in this web, this novel for me still the best.

  16. jam says:

    pls update really loved this and im thankful

  17. LuxX says:

    Excellent novel. Moderate pace, funny and simple situations. I appreciate it. More please.

  18. Lucky Zero Lucky Zero says:

    Isaac’s status window is making me miss novels with the mc having passive systems like little tyrant doesn’t want to meet bad end

  19. dragoindo19 says:

    please update i became flashing genius at a1cademy

  20. Lenges Chandran says:

    I don’t understand the status 100 cheat, can someone explain?

  21. Webgod says:

    Alguien sabe quién es la chica de la portada? Kaya no es, y no es luce, la verdad no sé quién es, creo que es la amiga de la infancia de ian

  22. Markan says:

    This novel is top tier, it has many plot twist that will blow your mind.

    Must read.

  23. Markan says:

    Es Alice, la antagonista principal de la historia.

  24. TheBoredOne says:

    update when?

  25. TheBoredOne says:

    Update when??

  26. TheBoredOne says:


  27. Currently at chapter 30 and I really dont understand this novel get a lot of traffic. Just a average harem acadmy novel.
    Hope it will be better soon

  28. TheBoyGalax says:


  29. TheBoredOne says:

    Well it gets better at later chapters

  30. I think i will stop, chapter 64 and still kinda mid
    Actually A good junk food but not my taste.

  31. Cbum . Cbum . says:

    I like then academy setting novels very much, this one is definitely the cream of that crop. Wouldn’t say its particularly unique but it uses all the familiar tropes better than any of the other ones, doesnt have any shortcomings of note

  32. Reina Vena Reina Vena says:

    This is one of the better academic novelpia novels around here. Also, the mc having a secret identity while still having a big spotlight in their real form is really my guilty pleasure.

  33. rjd says:

    lets go chapter moreeee pls this is the best novel ive read

  34. Hdjdj says:

    @Reina Vena gone is your guilty pleasure

  35. Boobaman says:

    Great novel must read
    Great Booba must squeeze

  36. Tristan and boring and pathetic tedious

  37. August says:

    Можете добавить новые главы после 235 главы. Спасибо.

  38. Zexia San Zexia San says:

    [Last Read: Chapter 60]

  39. Zexia San Zexia San says:

    [Updated – Last Read: Chapter 74]

  40. Ahh I love this novel, love it

  41. August says:

    Есть возможность добавить главы после 240, спасибо

  42. A great novel, I really liked it, friends, can you recommend something similar, or at least what you would recommend reading?

  43. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Fun cookie cutter novel to read. I really like the “Misunderstood as a super powerful bigshot but eventually becomes an actual super powerful bigshot, making the misunderstanding not a misunderstanding” plot. No seriously, thats basically how it went and I am hella in for it. Dorothy best girl, f*ck your waifus.

  44. rrobz says:

    I don’t understand the exceedingly positive comments above for this novel – can someone explain? I am in the 30s right now (chapter wise), and it comes across as an exceedingly generic, shounen level, transported to a game world academy setting novel. I have seen nothing unique or particularly memorable, other than perhaps the fact that the MC actively tries to hide his weakness and appear stronger than he is, as opposed to the awful Japanese light novel trope where the MC is strong and hides his power because “reasons”.

  45. Kehsih says:

    @rrobz bro all the positive reviews are from people who have read three digits chapters. So pls wait patiently till u reach there.

    It’s actually is unique story

  46. SenatorArmstrong says:

    This is one of the novels where it starts kind of bland and annoying but goes off the rails around the middle parts and becomes a truly entertaining novel to read. I love how the story incorporates the Fairy Tales, the misunderstandings is not actually an annoying misunderstanding (no harem drama misunderstandings) since the main misunderstanding is Isaac being a superboss (he eventually becomes one funny enough), and the plot is entertaining.

    Is it a masterpiece at the level of ORV and SSS Class Suicde Hunter? Nope.
    Is it a good novel? Hell yeah its fun as fuck.

    Though I would honestly appreciate the author creating Gaidens where Isaac…failed to “control” the “likeability” meter with his harem members before he became a true superboss.

  47. rrobz says:

    @Kehsih, SenatorArmstrong

    Thanks for the follow up guys – I really appreciate it. I feel like Tiny Tim asking for another bowl of food, but any chance you can give me something more? Spoilers welcome. Its tough to invest that much time when all I have is “you really need to read over 100 chapters before the story gets good”. (E.g. I have no idea what the “Fairy Tales” reference relates to, or what “goes off the rails” means – i.e. breaks free from conventional stereotypes? Plot goes out of control?) I do get the idea of the misunderstandings being positive ones (as opposed to fake drama that gets the MC slapped by some tsundere FMC), as this characteristic is something that distinctly separates Korean from Japanese light/web novels – a good example being The Academy’s Deceased Ate it All, which has numerous misunderstandings, but they all inure to the MCs benefit.

    I will note that something that concerned me was the reference to SSS Class Suicide Hunter as a masterpiece – while not “generic” I found it unenjoyable to read (and would easily put a couple dozen korean web novels over it), so if this is not even as good I definitely wouldn’t want to put in the time.

  48. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Well, character development wise…not really much to look forward to, and I am quite critical in this one.

    And by fairy tales I mean it uses stories like “Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, etc” for its plot. This is mostly a subjective praise since I like it when modern novels uses classic stories as a reference.

    The plot itself isn’t too deep or confusing, though the author likes to set up the plot points early on with foreshadowing instead of suddenly introducing random factors along the way.

    I don’t think its a novel that takes about *100 chapters to get invested into, just that a few chapters in the first 50 are annoying and bland due to how it feels like a harem introduction arc. Though yeah I understand your sentiment with this and I am also that type of guy since I’ve quit half of the novels I have in my reading list because of that.

    It goes off the rails around the middle part as the author introduces plot twists after the foreshadowing (which sadly this MTL doesn’t translate well since its MTL) going from corny bland harem Korean Novel to harem Korean Novel with plot and mystery. Though I can’t really praise it as “really good”, but its really fun to read.

    I can see why you don’t like SSS Class Suicde Hunter but personally I loved it. Though I love ORV and Kidnapped Dragons more than it.

  49. August says:

    Пожалуйста добавьте главы после 250. Или есть какой-то график?

  50. August, Каждый день публикуется по 1 главе

  51. Azeizel says:

    When it’s going to update bro I neeD MORE!!!!!

  52. August says:

    Вроде с 17 числа не обновляли.

  53. ugh I hate it when the MC takes stuff from the protagonists. It’s like a small pet peeve but I cmon bro, can’t fancy making your own harem and unique items?

  54. Like it’s not even the protagonists things yet but I just feel a sense of repulsion and disgust

  55. Bruh says:

    @milky violet
    It’s not really the MC taking Ian’s “harem and unique items”.
    I CAN explain why this is so, but it would be heavy spoilers.
    Just remember: Real Ian and Game Ian aren’t the same people. You can even say that Game Ian was never real.

  56. Bruh says:

    Though I think its more of a “you problem”. You just have some trauma about NTR, which is understandable.

  57. TheBoredOne says:

    @Milky Violet wth do you mean Ian’s harem… Bro most of them dies in the game…

    The only thing the protagonist did was save them…

  58. Reader says:

    Hey milky violet, bruh and the bored one brothers don’t confuse everyone with your nonsense. Here mc doesnot done anything wrong. Here fault lies with the author. Kaya is delusionist, luce is bad ending yandere, Alice is villain, dorothy is sacrificial hero. No heroines are better here for ian fairytell. Our mc issac has already spared Ian’s childhood friend. And ciel also spared here. Another 2 girls from class A have been excluded from author’s memory that they are heroines lol. Princess white also have bad ending so with miya. Here mc saves these heroines. And then they attracted to him. Here where comes Ian’s heroines. Ian done nothing but only fainting.
    And then remember that mc give every minimum amount require for mc. Like his light necklace, light skill ball for floating islandand spearsword of light etc.
    And author here also only introduced was frost scythe and rock sword which were the mc speaciality. Ian fairytell has fire and light. But mc has rock and ice so it is again author’s fault. He only intreuced these 2 item which are mc speciality.

  59. Reader says:

    So dont blame our mc, here author is confusing. This type of problem is the thing u see in these possessions reincaenation regression novels lol

    Reincaenation -child mc is op lol

    Regression-always blame I have not this nor that but when if he have that in this life and powerfilul than before regression still strugles with same opponent before regression

    Possesion – generally villain or a mob character. He would have a hidden bloodline or potential lol. And that novel or game’s mc still grows even if this possesion boy take away every thing lol. Like Chinese mc world and plot armor protection.

    So in these type of novel generally author just forgets everything as time goes by and destroy the plots

  60. TheBoredOne says:

    Reader I literally just said that. Wdym nonsense xD
    I literally explained that the heroine’s died in the game or novel and Isaac saved them when he reincarnated.

  61. Can I fix the translation and upload it on web novel ? Please reply.

  62. Reader says:

    Plots are getting twist a lot. Strong people who can even stop attack from archmage appearing in Royal mages of empire lol. Students can damage fairy minions where as it was explained before that only mc can damage fairy due to special trait. Now people can fight with archmage without dying. Students growth are lot comparing mc because mc gone through many hardship then leveled up but all other mob characters are leveled up non stop with out doing anything significant. And what about senior class students they were not strong like that when mc was in first year.

    Author pls keep moderation in novel writing.

  63. Reader says:

    Bro, now empire have a archmage lol. Then what happened when floating island was there. Where did Charlotte the archmage go. When abyss eat mc even elemental kings do not attack it because they can not bring damage where was Charlotte. Now these kings are attacking thanatos who is stronger than abyss lmao. Wtf. Plot getting trashy now.

  64. TheBoredOne says:

    Amaterasu you should be asking the author for permission not this site XD

  65. Basreng anying says:


  66. Idk says:

    will the subjugation of the evil god be the final arc?

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