The Betrayed Red Becomes the Leader of Evil
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The Betrayed Red Becomes the Leader of Evil

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배신당한 레드는 악의 수장이 된다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Betrayed Red Becomes the Leader of Evil

With a vow to protect justice and peace,
Red, a hero of the unit, defeated the evil organization,
But what returned was an unfair false accusation and betrayal by his unit comrades.

“Blinded by greed, a child who lost the way of a hero.”
“Your honor, your power, they belong to us now, you trash.”

You all became S-class and won the evil organization,
Do you think it’s because you’re strong?

[Releasing my allies’ Soul Buff Skill]

I’ll now go to find the evil organization,
You all better do well by yourselves.

I’m going to raise some villains.

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  1. I had hopes that the main character would become someone truly villainous, judging by the comments, but in a broader sense, he has rather become a dark hero who appears betrayed by his comrades and tragic, but in reality, he keeps making the same mistakes. What’s more disheartening is that the heroes are portrayed not as cunning and resourceful, but as caricatured villains who rejoice in tax evasion. I wonder, if they are such idiots, how much of an idiot is the main character for allowing himself to be betrayed by them? In fact, I have even more questions about his methods of conducting affairs… To the extent that I would be more surprised if he hadn’t been betrayed.

  2. Misib says:

    @Shadow my friend the reason this is average is cause the motive is kinda weak, they dont look like humans that HAVE to do that they just do for plot issues like his gf *PLOT* is was fucking obvious, barely any build up, average interactions and plot, lets no say mc is jesus, i am not going to say its bad, cause it isn´t, just too “weak” to be a good read.
    lets not say how obvious how it flows.

  3. Shadow says:

    There is no forgiveness in this, only ruthlessness. I poison tested the whole thing and it’s better than decent. It’s quite interesting and funny to see the mcs actions. It might seem a bit boring at the start but it does get better.

  4. Overall a 3/5 average nothing too amazing

    Here is a short review as of CH 95..

    There may be spoilers so people may skip it..

    First of all MC never forgives the betrayers… He does at one point plan to use them as tools then kill them afterwards but due to their actions, he eventually decides to kill them..
    I was actually disappointed at this as he said he would make their life a living hell but this does make sense as their actions are making the sotuation worse…. at this point only 1 is remaining….
    The MCs past lover was shown as a saint who died by a scheme of one of the other members but she comes back as a monster.. Now get this, her love is shown as a result of him being the only one who can bring world peace…basically she is a sacrificial pervert….. or an M with an NTR fetish( of a sort) so she could self sacrifice for world peace while not taking resposibility for his feelings…honestly I do not understand most of the action part or the stats as they are too confusing..
    ..And the MC either is or acts dense to the affection from other females…he becomes a villain who does not kill children after the betrayal and makes a new organization with a goal of world conquest…..honestly dont like any of the characters except lua and lena….

  5. Misib says:

    Early review up to 3/4:

    Protagonist played a game, transmigrated into a hard game, into a strong hero, find fucked people, save them, use a skill power up them, get betrayed and killed.
    The reasons are simple and stupid 3 of them being 3 people that want to kill for money etc, and one of them cause she is stupid.
    In short they kill him(less the stupid girl) but she still betrayed him.
    He takes back his power ups.
    Here we can se already at the start that is gonna be a self fullfiling novel, meaning?
    A more show off how amazing mc is.
    Author is going to show off mc ,show how fucked the betrayal price they paid is.
    The problem is, by the looks of it author is gonna forgive the stupid one betrayal, and shallow, none show have in depth character.
    More a bundle of settings to fit.
    If u like regret shit albeit generic forced, fine.
    If u dont never forget, here is kinda forced, and shallow.
    And i didnt read a lot and i can be mistaken.

  6. Reafan says:

    Already read until Chp 19 , here “my opinion”

    Author keep Pushing more scenarion (battle) here and here with less information , you going recuit heroine and just jump doing revenge and revenge next chapter

    I need some filler before author just going to the battle…

    Not bad if i say , but the way Author tell the story its not satisfied me

  7. Misib says:

    I came here to comment for those who dont know, there is a “rank” in popularity, in those novels, meaning, those with better rank are “better”, the problem is those are already on this site meaning, u need to w8 for good ones to stack more chapters or u get more generic ones, and lets not even talk about those with strong start that sucks later on.

  8. Divine_Paragon says:

    I have seen same type of synopsis for abandoned disciples novel… looks like story will develop in same way.

  9. Raelvondeor says:

    Wow. Saya melihat covernya dan yang terlintas dipikiran saya adalah flare dari redo of healer.

  10. Blue Shadow says:

    Well many people read to many high quality novel, so they know this is another typical novel where u can guess how its plot from the synopsis

  11. Mamito0924 says:

    Really, everyday more dissapointed in these novels and the copypaste.

  12. Q D Q D says:

    Typical motif, I had no expectations for this story
    It seems the Korean authors let us down, just like the Japanese and Chinese ones

  13. ....... says:

    please translate 모리어티 교수의 개연성이 되었다

  14. Chris says:

    I will take the risk bet me luck

  15. Lku says:

    Allow me to poison test this time comrades 🫡

  16. Eshya . Eshya . says:

    Why is the title and plot the same as Japanese novels which are too mainstream? maybe i will pass

  17. The title and synopsis as well as the ability seems like the abandoned heroes came back to me…. but let us see

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