The Crazy Demigod Returns
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The Crazy Demigod Returns

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미친 반신 귀환하다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Crazy Demigod Returns

A mad absolute on a golden throne stained with blood.
His mind was disintegrating, and a life sustained by regret and remorse was coming to an end.

He killed himself to end it all, but even that didn’t go his way..
A crazed demigod, his senses and consciousness gone, his mind wandering.

When he regained his senses and opened his eyes.

“I… am I the returnee from the dimensional shift?”

The self in the crater,
He looked down at himself from above and spoke politely.

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  1. Tea O Ais Tea O Ais says:

    tbh i really like munchkin novel, but the bad things about munchkin novel is, it gets really bored quickly. mc is returnee, he’s not the only one though, but the last one to return i think. mc is psychopath, got mental problem, you gets in his way, he killed you something like that.. well, if you liked something like that, I’ll recommended this novel I guess? =3=

  2. Lieutenant Poison Tester reporting in!

    It’s definitely not a bad story, but it’s no masterpiece either.

    I’d call it a 6-7/10 story.

    Pros: OP MC, cool mechanics, neat backstory.

    Cons: Vague worldbuilding, plot that kinda just moves forward reactively without much direction, not very many interesting characters, generic.

    The MC is just so overwhelmingly powerful, it kinda takes away from the interest in the story. Like, where does it need to go from here?

  3. Rone says:

    This is mid tbh, you can find this read everywhere, and it’s ptsd mc style. There is no romance as of yet, idk still read up to ch 29.

    OP check, corrupt bureaucrat check, china russia america involved check.

    Man, can I get our janitor in academy plz

  4. Kibik says:

    Need murim tag obsession, yandere

  5. @Wind Sword Xiao Feng same, I’m kinda fed up with modern fantasy, towers, swords and magic and academy novels. I want some murim stuff here too to spice things up

  6. I am fed up of western fantasy. Now i vomit evrytime i see western fantasy. I need some murim 😞😞😞

  7. This is Lieutenant Poison Tester signing in. Only a few more days before I get promoted to Captain!

    I’ll be initiating this Poison Test Operation, wish me luck!

    See you all on the other side!

  8. Tian says:

    good luck

  9. We need poison testers

  10. Miryuu says:

    waiting for the poison tester

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