The Discarded Warrior Party Came to Me
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The Discarded Warrior Party Came to Me

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버렸던 용사파티가 날 찾아왔다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Discarded Warrior Party Came to Me

For many years, I worked hard to seal the demon king, but I
was kicked out of the warrior party due to an unfair false accusation

. Even though I cried out that it was a misunderstanding and that I didn’t do it,
no one believed me.

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  1. Zelphire says:

    The only regret novel that I want the MC to forgive the former party which is the one with the MC named cloud. Neria suffer too much, she might be an idiot but holy heck… Just forgive her but noo… Let’s kill her instead and make her roam the afterlife searching for the real cloud even though real cloud no longer exist due soul annihilation. No one deserve to suffer that kind of thing

  2. Vic says:

    straight up trash novel.
    first lets go with mc, he is a dumb fuk hero so lets get that clear, there is no revenge whatsoever. mc is lame who more or less forgives everyone coz he is a hero.
    Mc dad is the key reason for his mindset, father was a fire fighter who saved ppl and he also did that.
    the goddess of the city he was hero of falsely get him banished coz he reminded her of the hero of the beginning who betrayed her…
    hero party and are dumbo who does not deserve to breath the same air as mc, they are fuking weak.

  3. IMAX says:

    Such BS novel. It was going good (not great) until chap 50. And then boom, some bs forced promise to protect the kingdom which just threw him away, forgive the treacherous party members as well as apologize to them. Regret is sh*t. Author basically just wrote “and they regret it” and that’s all for the regret. Basically, as soon as mc forgave the party and decided to protect the kingdom I dropped this piece of dookie on the spot (chap 50) so idk what happens next

  4. Mamito0924 says:

    EVERYTHING will be resolved if you use the logic in these novels. thats why I hate this.

  5. I hate regret novels because if the protagonist just put their foot down and fought back, none of what’s happening would happen. Yeah who cares if you’re injured near death or just killed, you’ve made your point and should they come across someone similar, the outcome will be similar. Basically what I’m saying is: I’d rather die standing than living kneeling

  6. Misib says:

    Okay now i am going to resumr the plot without spoilers.

    Entire plot is regret plot is forced, mc being a good guy is forced, then filller for almost half the novel that dont add ANYTHING then all of sudden mc promise to save the goddess and the kindgom by some random, dude dying in the ground, also demon lord loves mc, so he can just marry her and end the plot.

    Nothinf made sense in the entire novel, i can say up to 50 author dont know what to do with the novel, he keeps introducing plots that dont matter and sincerely, i cant reccomend even as a casual read, as not even the “plot” maked sense even if its linear author take it to spinm(basically aimless) and glue them together, making u wondering what the hell u reading, mc is on the other half of the world, then suddebly he just appear in front of the girl hr promised to help, gg my man is faster than time… Gosh this one is a treasure of bad things glued together to try to make plot.

  7. Monday says:

    By people I meant those who were unrelated to his betrayal and still believe in him in spite of negative public opinion.

  8. Monday says:

    VERY contrived setting to set up the regret, but does one thing I’ve never seen other regret novels do: Making the MC regret as well for massively screwing over the few people who cared about him with his “revenge” and giving him a bit of self-awareness for his actions.
    Still not really worth reading though.

  9. TheBoredOne says:

    Some people might not like this but I did.


  10. matachi says:

    chinese novels are much better than this trash. poison 999%

  11. misib says:

    Also some small things to know.

    1-Chinese lvl logic

    2-chinese lvl writing, meaning author will ignore THE OBVIOUS and logic for no reason at all.

    3-(small example is the novel is setting in modern writing) so i should be easy to know th demon king power, cause humanity already has tecnology, so author forced the entire regret setting with a ton of forced setting so the regret could happen, even that is okay, but has the misunderstanding tag not revenge, so u know what u are going to read.

    Dont reccomend to take the novel serious since it will make your brain hurt, since everything that happens is against logic itself.

    casual read, just enjoy.

  12. Misib says:

    Btw just a sincere example of how forcef the setting is.

    4pt members how dare u lie to us, u arent in pain.

    3 lines later goddess herself say he is pain and he will die in pain.

    Logic. Dont ask.

  13. Misib says:

    1-author has put the Tag misunderstanding not revenge.

    2-the plot is underdog effect, mc gives everything, hides his pain, he is a hero in the truest sense, and he is backstabed.

    3.The above os very simple writing, so u dont get mad, nor u actually care.

    Btw mc is the only one able to defeat the demon guy, the novel would be much fun with revenge premise, but has no such tag.

    Its simple plot, with some forced plot and author dig onto his forced setting, so u just wont care about the world/characters enough.

  14. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    You know, I did think it is a ‘I got kicked out’ type of novel but some part of me hoped that the title ‘discarded hero party will mean this:

    the MC is just some ordinary(or not so ordinary) nice dude(maybe an alchemist or a healer?) that stumble across a dying hero party members that got betrayed by one of their member/kingdom and got ambushed while they are still recovering from the battle against the demon king and they barely manage to escape the attempt(they did beat the demon king, they ain’t going to go down easy). So, when he found them in the middle of nowhere in a near death state, he decided to nurse them back to health. Then maybe one of them(or some if it’s a harem) will end up falling for him and the typical light-hearted romance(or harem) plot starts.

    Or if it is a more serious plot, perhaps it can be a story of healing from the trauma of war, loss, and betrayal. Maybe the kingdom will eventually found out that they are not dead and an action/adventure with some politics story of the hero party and MC avoiding pursuit of the traitors. going to various places with romantic and funny moments interspersed between the serious plot going on. A story of an ordinary healer/alchemist fighting alongside the hero party and trying to catch up to them so that he won’t be a burden and ends up carving his name into history alongside the heroes.
    Yes, that is what I was imagining when I see the title. Though it seems that that would just remain an imagination. What a pity.

  15. Luckyzero says:

    Yeah… One of the main reasons why I avoided banishment novels like a filth is because the mc is either brain dead or too edgy

  16. As expected of regret novels.

  17. Just reading few chapters had me nauseated… Its so unsavory that I need to take medicine for next few days…

    Reading some brain dead MC, even I have developed some brain tumor. Please pray for my survival.

  18. Lazy says:

    Read to chapter 64, hot garbage.

    Hero gets betrayed and killed, he decided to abandon the country and never help them. 50 chapters or so later which 30 of them were backstories and he came back to help and become a hero again.

    Everytime the hero kills or beats someone you get a huge backstory of that said person like it’s Demon Slayer.

    Main cause of him revealing that he is alive is because the leader of slums was killing and robbing everyone while the demons were attacking.
    Hero kills slum leader and slum leader was revealed to be someone the hero helped long time ago. He only wanted money to help starving children so thats why he was massacred everyone (including children). Hero promises to him to protect the orphans and revealed himself.

  19. Q D Q D says:

    I’m exhausted

  20. Lku says:

    Bruh seriously cry out? instead of killing them

  21. Kirill Popov says:

    It’s not even possible to comment. I’m just tired. It’s the same thing.

  22. Tinyrock says:

    Classic regret novel.
    Good mc that helps and save everyone, but seals the demon king because he was too strong. Also get’s cursed by him.
    He get’s frammed, and accused by ungrateful People who are now slandering him.
    Later they realise it was a mistake and regret it.

  23. Xiao N'inger says:

    My poison detector is on red

  24. mamito0996 says:

    Another self-sacrificed Korean protagonist, really? Stop already with this settings!! Please, saint, hero, wizard, warrior or hero party.

  25. Fernando says:

    Yandere admi!!!

  26. mr joster mr joster says:

    Nah, we need pure love

  27. Caliber says:

    Regret again ? , What happened to good old obsession and yandere?

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