The Hero From Yagem Is Discriminated Against
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The Hero From Yagem Is Discriminated Against

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야겜 출신 용사는 차별받고 있습니다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Hero From Yagem Is Discriminated Against

When I was summoned to a place called the academy, I realized that I was in Yagem.

Perhaps because of the misunderstanding that I have nefarious powers like hypnosis or brainwashing, all the people around me look at me as if i was a trash, gold sun, r*pe demon… all of them.

How am I supposed to explain that I was actually an extra on NTR Yagame and a victim of having all my loved ones taken away?

ps: Yagem mean erotic game

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  1. Nightbreaze says:

    warriors who have reached the peak in their field, saved their worlds etc get a chance to ascend to middle dimension that’s where the academy is. There are different worlds like cyberpunk, sword and magic, eroge world — all those worlds– are in lower dimension. The academy– middle dimension– is place to train, rest and screen the best warriors who will then ascend to the last world– the high dimension– where countless warriors fight for their constellations something like Vallahala.

    Back to the present: mc ascended from eroge world and came the academy, he is discriminated against because the guys who came from worlds similar to him caused havoc in the academy, a simple example is the first day they came to that world there were 50+ r*pes and murder. A truly fearsome group of ntr-men who got the abilities Like hypnosis and brainwashing, all they left behind is a group of devastated people who sob, cry or take an axe and sword if they hear about anyone who came from that world.

    The first couple of chapters mc is discriminated but soon they apologize and even sympathy with his condition.

    About the past of the mc: he suffers from some high level mental trauma–something like heart demon in martial arts, peaple with that condition usually die in matter of days but this guy survived in that condition and even killed the last boss of that world. So far there are Fragments of his past thrown here and there:

    1. He was an extra: from synopsis, contradictory but so far from his nightmares he was the hero in his world who reached the highest level.
    2. He suffers from rare trauma
    3. He drank poison as to relieve that condition
    4. The one who made that was his close friend
    5. Someone mc and his friends trusted betrayed them.
    6. There are two girls from his original world that liked him, they are probably dead but it’s not clear if they ntr-ed him.
    7. When he lost everything he became demonized and roamed that continent by devastating everything.
    8. Through living a hard life where he has to discharge his mana in order to live he reached a higher level.
    9. His lifespan at the moment is 3 years after an operation otherwise he would have died in half year.
    10. As of chapter 50 he was given the qualifications to ascend, so he can ascend anytime he wants.
    11. He is one of the three bug characters who came from eroge world, usually peaple who come from that place have low power but he is at the level of a professor of an academy in the middle dimension.

  2. rob z rob z says:

    So does he continue to get abused, or turn this around in some way? First few chapters were kinda disappointing.

  3. puta madre says:

    it ain’t good, ain’t bad either

  4. So, is it actually good or not?

  5. It’s not NTR, he just came from a NTR world and everyone hates those who came from a NTR world

  6. Pro says:

    As an Ntr regret and revenge enjoyed

  7. Misib says:

    if the ntr is true or not? spoil me i wont poison test this time guys.

  8. Nvm someone explained lol

  9. Oh so he come from a NTR game? Right?

  10. Q D Q D says:

    Korean authors did it again, NTR (but not NTR) and then regret, haizz

  11. Misib says:

    For thos wandering mc is mc from a eroge( ero game in jp or yagem in kr), but he is not the guy who gets the girls, but the guy who while fitghing for the world he get ntred by all his lved ones, then he ascend to mid realm, where stoty start, why yagem are discrimanted against?(thats the regret) the first ascended eroge warriors use they habilites , to raise horror in the academy, imagine time top uncle, hypnosis guy, guy who can force girls to love u, etc.

  12. so protag has a mental disease and he’s super good at fighting??? how tf does this have to do with a NTR game

  13. i have no idea what’s happening, like huh???? wha?????

  14. Extra Extra says:

    That synopsis does make it seem like it might be a harem.

    The regret tag also means there’s a good chance that this is poison.

    Any testers?

  15. frytogles says:

    dude the moment i see tags i can tell that it will definitely be a harem

  16. Wow my comment is getting moderated so I’m just gonna summarize what I said: just hypnotize another dude to do certain actions to the guy who NTR’d you and then watch them fall in love with the NTR’er going “ahhh I can’t live without you~~”

  17. Weirdo says:

    Ah yes. Noble feeding us another obsession regret poison.

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