The Marquis Is a Master of Martial Arts
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The Marquis Is a Master of Martial Arts

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후작가 대공자는 무림인
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Marquis Is a Master of Martial Arts

[Winner of the 5th Korea Web Novel Contest]

In a fantasy world in the novel, only I use martial arts

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  1. Wxzln says:

    Saya berhenti di bab 63 . Si penulis terlalu me agung²kan mc, sehingga karakter lain tampak bodoh seperti npc. Seorang Master pedang berumur 60 tahun yang punya pengalaman memimpin ksatria terlihat bodoh

  2. Miryuu says:

    its good so please add a new chapter, i’m looking forward to it

  3. sumire says:

    bro,i can’t with this platform commenter so entertaining to read than the actual mtlnovel itself😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Missiperfectlive24 says:

    I’m starting to miss Young Master Cale Henituse … And Raon…

  5. Lao lin says:

    This maybe a harem one. There are three women who has crush on mc but he does not stop their advances even after knowing their feelings. Story development is good so far at chap 160

  6. Len Len Len Len says:

    it’s generic. MC is jack of all trades, can do anything and all around him seems incompetence. generic korean fantasy novel theme. there’s no character development that interest my eyes and feel blatant, so i just skim the chapter and get a grip what’s going on with the story. there is no engaging feeling in this story as you can read it from any other korean fantasy novel, it’s figuratively the same story development with different name and world but still with medieval theme where MC friends are all females. i can’t continue because it’s getting boring the more i skim it, the easier i understand the story author wrote.

  7. Insufferable says:

    To add to this, the martail arts thing in the title and sypnosis as far as I can see the only semblance of it’s existence is his cultivation method, poison, and footwork. It would have saved it from the pacing if it had focused on his Tang martail arts cheat but no, just has to force him to learn swordsmanship of Knights. The point of having a unique power system different from the world is to become stronger without relying on the worlds power system. It’s just too disappointing.

  8. Insufferable says:

    I’m at chapter 40 as I’m writing this.

    Pacing is all over the place. He makes nonsensical decisions that would’ve been readonable had it been explained, but it wasn’t. I also thought that Tang poison martail arts was all he was gonna get and I was excited for it because I love hidden weapons and poison. Here comes the deus ex machina bs marbles that gives him stupid rewards and now apparently he now has to collect 16 swordsmanships to complete a cringe sounding art. He also gets a shape-shifting weapon with an ego, fine, that’s too overused but its fine. But the progression of his relationdhip with the ego is totally nonexistent. The family conflict plot is nowhere to be seen anymore. And the enemies that were introduced haphazardly is also now ignored haphazardly.
    In fact, a lot of exposition is left partially unexplained due to the stupid pacing. Which makes for an amateurish work that contradicts many setting it has placed and doesn’t give enough exposure and personality to the characters for us readers to care about them.
    His goldfinger is all over the place and it’s making him stronger in a pace that’s too fast and uncomfortable. Not to mention the lack of focus on one power and ability and just giving him another one and then trying to balance the two which fails miserably.

  9. very standard plot development.

    FL hits MC’s body to the point of death causing the MC to transmigrate into that body.

    After MC loses weight, he is met by FL who is having second thoughts about their marriage breakup as the possessed was kind when he was a kid. When she sees him all thin and handsome, she decides to not breakup, knowing that he is neither the once kind kid nor the ahole adult.

    MC also does absolutely nothing to find out why the possessed had become an ahole.

    The story goes further by the MC taking opportunities that the original MC in the novel should have gotten.

  10. ali dd ali dd says:

    Good novel because it is not from Novelpia website

  11. Young poison testers are not coming back?, friends, we need a high-ranking poison tester who is able to withstand this!

  12. Hash2O says:

    oy oy.. We need someone to sacrifice himself FAST.. How else are we supposed to know if this is poison? A necromancer to summon the dead souls?

  13. frytogles says:


  14. No way.. I will forever remember you Loki. Now who’s next?

  15. Salty1 says:

    Nvermind its different in a good way
    I read up to chapters 10 and its really different from the usual

  16. Salty1 says:

    Its your basic “i reincarnated as a pig that assaulted the fml of a novel and his fiancee who will brea up with me but i will get op in no time to beat the crap out of anyone standing in my path”

  17. Hash2O says:

    Sir poison tester did not make it back…

  18. Loki says:

    I will happily take this sweet poison

  19. No chapter yet but who is our poison tester for this one?
    Looks like synopsis is going back to short ones

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