The Monster Aspires to Be a Hero
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The Monster Aspires to Be a Hero

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괴인은 히어로 지망중!
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Monster Aspires to Be a Hero

A society in which monsters appear and heroes who have awakened to supernatural powers have become a daily routine.
I, who was aspiring to be a hero, became a monster.
Even if I become a monster, I want to become a hero.

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  1. amogustimestwo says:

    10/10. No yandere btw like everyone below is talking about lol. Anyway all there is to say is that it’s just amazing. Can’t believe its a web novel. On the same level as The Evil Beyond the Smartphone, I’m Not a Hero Like You, Omniscient First-Person Viewpoint, There Are Too Many Background Settings in The Possessed Novel, and Do You Think You Can Run After Reincarnating, Nii-san?. Although these are all quite different in terms of genre, I believe they are all the most masterful web novels I’ve ever read.
    I thought the concept would be somewhat similar to another novel, “Transformation or Death”, and it is in some ways like becoming a monster and infamy in order to protect others. The character development is somewhat similar too(?) and the way the powers develop are too. However, the MC takes a completely different path from the MC from Transformation or Death(ToD). Also MC of ToD is threatened to move while MC of this novel volunteers. At the beginning he’s a lot like Deku MHA. Although the MTL makes it harder for me to understand, the story is very remarkable and unique, completely going against my expectations. MC has a lot of character development so it’s at least worth a try, even if you don’t like harem. For me 10/10 experience.

  2. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    The story is pretty good. The Mc is a little frustrating at the start, he’s weak but he’s a good person at heart. He slowly changes as he gets stronger. Character progression maybe. He becomes a mo ster while grid, the symbiotic parasite monster slowly becomes more and more human.

    The story is pretty balanced and Mc does become harem scumbag protagonist but the ladies accept it, even if they argue lol.

    The antagonist is.. a sociopath and he’s a crazy guy. His character seems pretty crazy at first but as Mc becomes stronger and stronger, you start to relate to the guy. How boring the world is when you’re so strong you make stronger enemies just to fight them.

    The world building is mostly fine, it gets just a little anti Chinese in the 100s but it’s not too bad.

    I read to chapter 150.

  3. Holy sht, SHUT UP!!!!! I don’t care about your yandere love life, someone just review the novel whether it’s good or not. I ain’t totally jealous of your stories

    1. Sephir says:

      this site is infested with yanderes fan, wonder why there are so much updates about them, noble fetish? Or maybe the readers fetishes in my opinion, BOTH.

  4. rob z rob z says:

    BB – I hear you loud and clear bruh. The worst is that they try to cut you off from any support. They complain about you hanging out with your friends without them, either telling you not to hang out or inserting themselves in an uncomfortable way. They complain that your friends are a bad influence. Then they approach your friends directly, demanding to know what you are “really” doing, telling them to stop hanging out so much. And then they demand to see your phone, emails, texts, etc. Heck, they may even delete your contacts. Dealing with real life yanderes is an ugly, ugly cycle.

  5. Forgotten one says:

    @Big Blackclock I hope she overcome the trauma and sincerely love you. (I am jealous, you have someone love you but i am single from birth. I am became very nervous in front of girls….) Have more faith bro everything will be ok.

  6. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Well I’ve read until chapter 6 and I’m enjoying it. It has some Kaiju No.8 and Parasyte vibes.
    So basically in a world where people awakens to a superpower, a boy awaken a power that lets him slow down decaying process. There is a disease called the psychic syndrome that he can also slow down it with and he’s been helping many patients by slowing down the process(I won’t explain the illness in detail here). That boy wanted to be a hero but given his power, his dreams are quite far away, he was even mocked by his classmates and being called a preservatives. But some part of him can’t let go of that dream.

    When he was working to dispose if monster corpses, he…let’s just say get a piece of that monsters attached itself to him and tries to take control of his body but it didn’t work because of his ability. A lot of spoilery things happens and he resolve to fulfill his dream of becoming a hero again with his newfound monster power.

  7. Shadow says:

    Wow all that, and not even a word of review

  8. Des • Des • says:

    Hell, yanderes! I would love being owned/stabbed/killed by them. Yes. I have a death wish. Hihihihi

  9. Can anyone just give reviews and be done with it?
    Seriously tho if you want to chat just go to discord . Dont make traffic here😑😑😑


    It cracks me up every time I see the thirsty comments in a cover trap novel lmao

  11. Reafan says:


  12. at least the comments aren’t crap like “huge boobs I read”

  13. Oh my, it appears I dropped a nuclear bomb of a topic ☠️

  14. puta madre says:

    @Big Blackclock wtf stay safe there

  15. Sephir says:

    makes it funny so why not

  16. @Louis. Thank you for your kind words. That’s why I love online communities. Especially novel’s comment section.

  17. @Velcon, Exactly. There’s a huge difference between love and obsession. Some people just can’t understand.

  18. I like how almost no comment here is about the novel lol

  19. Velcon says:

    My dudes, yanderes imo don’t love you, they just heavily like the idea of owning you. There is nothing great about having someone stalk you and pretty much ruin your life cause you are not their puppet. And Like Sephir said, pretty yandere’s gonna be rare af, and even then they might already have a target that will never be you.

    In the end, its better to just keep the yanderes in controlled things like stories cause that’s where you get the perfect image of one. Cause a real-life yandere is nothing more than horror itself that is not good for anyone’s health.

  20. Khuê says:

    Parasyte vs Monster #8 ????

  21. DONKEY says:

    I wouldn’t mind being stabbed if someone would love me for once…

  22. Sephir says:

    having a yandere being obsessed with you is less than 0.01% and even if she were, the odds of her being a beauty is 0.001% (coming to the conclusion that ur pretty handsome if not 0.00001%)

  23. Someone who has 4 elve daughter says:

    Dear @big blackclock bro may you find your happiness. Though my first time seeing a victim of yandere in rl. Still that was a strange name

  24. Luckyzero says:

    Wha… Does a Yandere really exist… I thought It was some kind of an extinct species that only exist in fantasy…and novels…and documentaries…or something…

    Anyway people around (probably almost anyone in my country) me is just so cheerful, emotional and optimistic… guess that’s why I who have a talent to be hikimori and NEET is still living a normal life…

  25. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Oh just in case someone misunderstood, I meant the novel not the comments, I already read the comments and I’ll just say good luck and hopes it gets better for you in the future.

  26. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Well, this comment section sure is something. This seems interesting, maybe I’ll read it later.

  27. This novel is similar to parasyte where the mc here has an alien parasite in his right hand

  28. ank says:

    I guess after tasting so much poison they lost gray matter, there are more and more ***** commenting on things that aren’t relevant

  29. Carrot King says:

    Finally Someone is seeing the light!! Its still good if it just in your head imagining having yandere Gf,but wishing it having one in Real life, damn! Something is wrong with you! Or maybe just your taste, but still 🫡🫡 Everyone has there
    Preference and i will respect that, 🧐 have experience meeting a yandere i think,
    ( tendency of being one) this one is on my friend side 🙂 every time we plan to go out and have fun ,she will always be there, like really (Guys night) 🙂 and the way she stare at us everytime is strange, so we distant our self to him(friend), still have communication tho

  30. says:

    @Big blackclock Hope you escape her someday and have a nice life after that good luck man.

  31. @Wok_Fuccboy. Most of the poison testers in this site only taste the poison called yandere, obsession and regret. They are not interested in normal novels(I think)

  32. mr joster mr joster says:

    parasite but in a superhero world, also in korean

  33. …I am not dealing with a normal yandere, bro. I am dealing with a traumatized psycho-like and sadistic girl…

  34. Wok_Fuccboy says:

    No decent review so far

  35. And I managed to learn how to enjoy the suffering. It kinda feels…good to see those protagonists suffering the same(way worst than me) way like me

  36. says:

    Bro, you know why I like love yandere? It’s just nice to have someone interested in me, plus ironically, because I have extreme trust issues. I’ve built up such a wall around myself that only a yandere or a very very obsessive person would have the patience to somehow make it over and allow me to feel love other than my family members and finally that a girl could be obsessed with me more than anything in the world. That she doesn’t see me as somebody to string along, or as somebody to just settle with. That she’s not just playing a joke on me and to toy with my feelings but she’s dead serious then again it is my experience and me talking others in the Internet on why they love yandere so I can’t force my opinion on that matter on other people throat so bleh wwwww also this is not a rant maybe just my personal thoughts and feeling.

  37. Fix her? Bro, I tried. She is my childhood friend, after all. My parents even called therapist for her. But she didn’t utter even a single word when therapist asked various questions. Oh, and she is not stabby stabby(Probably)

  38. Nah I can fix her dude! (I will get stabbed 17 times because I interacted with a woman I met while walking down the street)

  39. You guys might think having a yandere girlfriend is good irl. But trust me it’s the worst. Most of then need to be sent to mental hospital. Stalking, threatening you if she knows you embarrassing moments or traumatic moments. You can’t make any friends. You have to deal with constant bickering and clinging every fkin day. Lies to make you feel happy. Overprotective, It might sound good but imagine your best friend getting insulted and harassed just cuz he made fun of you…(yk those jokes that happens between bros) If I misbehave with her, my parents and this disgustingly blind society blames me. If I try to tell them how she behaves, then they just say, “Its because of her trauma. It’s her love for you. You should just accept her. She is a kind and nice girl.” If I just ignore her, then society sees me as a trash who ignored his own traumatized friend and I get scolding from my parents..

  40. of course the other option would be: “oh my how cute~” and then stabbing me to death but hey, I can only imagine when it comes to yanderes.

  41. i would love a muscular yandere, ahhh I think I would just give up and allow myself to be locked up- alright too far I’m not that weak, I’d still fight back and then she’d go “oh my how cute~” and then smother me with her muscles

  42. noble mtl readers try not to be tempted by lust (CHALLENGE IMPOSSIBLE!!) *GONE WRONG!!!*

    Had she have some abs, be 6 ft tall giantess, and be a dommy mommy then I would 😫

  43. Kanyai says:

    Honest review! pls without spoilers

  44. The premise sounds too familiar. Wondering how this one stands out from the crowd

  45. salty1 says:

    bro you need to seek medical attention
    i suggest that you do not poison test this

  46. says:

    Bro the cover has huge real set of badonkers. packin some dobonhonkeros. massive dohoonkabhankoloos. big ol’ tonhongerekoogers. what happens next?! Next novel that nobel has posted will shows up with even bigger bonkhonagahoogs. humongous hungolomghononoloughongous.

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