The Necromancer Who Was Despised
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The Necromancer Who Was Despised

Read full chapter The Necromancer Who Was Despised, Light Novel The Necromancer Who Was Despised english, LN The Necromancer Who Was Despised, The Necromancer Who Was Despised Online, read The Necromancer Who Was Despised at Noble Machine translations.
Status: Completed Type: Released: 2021 Native Language: korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Necromancer Who Was Despised

When I opened my eyes, it was the day I first came to this world.

“A world that’s like gruel.”

Power, status, money, connections, talent.
I had none of them.
Well, I did have talent. I just discovered it too late.

“I will never live like that again this time.”

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  1. Birch Hero Slayer says:

    nice read, but has some problem like: long monologue and naration.

    also mc plot armor too thick like : if only i have jewel, jewel can do bla bla bla. few chapter later somehow he got jewel.

  2. Ren Nova Ren Nova says:

    I mean illustration

  3. Ren Nova Ren Nova says:

    Hey guys where can i find illustrator

  4. Ayato says:

    This is nice

  5. Ag Sen Ag Sen says:

    Would the rest of chapters be updated as well?

  6. Ag Sen Ag Sen says:

    I forgot to blink while reading chapter 169

  7. The skills of necromancer are almost same of the skills of necromancer from diablo immortal game lol. Like bone wall, bone armor, corpse explosion.

    1. kk77 says:

      “–necromancer from diablo immortal game lol.”

      -I -I just-
      I literally can’t even right now 😐

      I can’t fathom if I’ve ever felt >>THIS<< personally indignant ever before in my life. I mean, sure, mayhaps deep down I'd always the awareness this day would inevitably come — but faced with this reality in the flesh… firsthand… it's as though I've forever, irrevocably lost a piece of my soul. Perhaps it was a blessing all along that Cain was laid to rest before he could be entangled in any further atrocities… shame it couldn't be said for the rest of you pitiable souls (though I've half a mind to make it otherwise).

      1. Daver55 says:

        Really good game. The only bad thing about it is the lack of diversity. That’s why I love Valorant more. Imagine this, being the first FPS game ever made and still get right the diversity and stuff to represent our reality so nicely. It’s quite weird how the ones that came afterwards like Counter Strike removed such important part of the genre identity. Maybe they wanted to distinguish themselves from the original or something?

  8. Wikka says:

    This one can be said to be a good one, might be the most realistic view on medieval fantasy


    1. simplethrone says:

      Realistic? How? Bad living conditions,overly bumbling nobles,evil religion and a little bit of fantaasy racism aren’t realistic, that’s cliches. They’re all barely a character due to story pacing, so we never got any understanding of how things works. The worldbuilding were all cut.

      1. Ag Sen Ag Sen says:

        What do do you mean fantasy racism isn’t realistic? Even nowaday so many radical racist based on religion and skin color, how badly it will be if there are really another race beside human

        1. simplethrone says:

          It doesn’t depict complex racism, and despite it’s being mentioned it’s all background noises, our MC didn’t encounter that at least often enough. Even when the plot says that being an orc was ostracized by humans whenever MC met them they didn’t have any problems regarding other races and they all held hands. Even the new religion seems to be fine, and they all worked together alongside its paladins. Where’s the racism then?

          Heck, the plot was both humans and beastman+elves united fighting against religion. It was ony that one religion being enemy but that’s because they hate everyone.

          In short, it’s just like the title. Despite it was about “necromancer who was despised”, our MC was never despised by characters that are important to him as it was only the enemies or minor characters who do so. All turns into triviality mainly due to how short the story and how OP the MC is, and much of it feels like we skipped something somewhere so development of characters and worldbuilding feels like instant magic.

          It’s there, but didn’t have enough “bite” to be relevant.

        2. simplethrone says:

          How badly it will be? That’s a good question acually because this novel here didn’t depict any of it.

          I read all of it til the end though. If you want a quick fix of forgettable power fantasy munchkin stories this is for you. Enjoyable for some people. Just that saying it’s “the most realistic view” might be a stretch because all problems was solved as quick and as easy as snapping your finger.

  9. Uling is life says:


  10. wiseguy says:

    This one is one of the better necromancer novels I have read

  11. IME says:

    This turned out great. 6/10

    the story is about a warlock who slowly becomes stronger and gathers her beautiful companions

    damn and there is a SESGHHH scene, this aint novelpia but it has in it, I wonder where the raw source of this novel

    seggsg starts in chapter 48, after the MC fixes the heroine problem.

    The MC doesn’t force HS with the heroines, but most of the heroines invite the MC after they fall in love

  12. Dagonsuznyz says:

    I hate necromancer crap. Why is so hard to write a genuinely interesting power for your MC

    1. Daver55 says:

      You heard about fire, water, earth and air benders…. Here it comes the gender bender. Kon Marik, a pretty normal dude gets reincarnated in an otome game his OF GF plays, there he will use his chest skill to bend the genders of all males in the world, until one of them will look like his OF GF! Why that and not just go back to his own world with the real her? Discover it in the next episode!

      1. Daver55 says:

        Spoiler: Kon Marik is maricon.

  13. Booom says:


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