The Northern Grand Duke’s Crazy Son-in-Law
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The Northern Grand Duke’s Crazy Son-in-Law

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Synopsis The Northern Grand Duke’s Crazy Son-in-Law

I have to get them to fall for me

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  1. Zzz says:

    Good novel but kinda heavy on some chapters
    Heavy as in it is hard to binge read, i can stomach like 2-3 chapters at max before adhd takes over
    I agree with comments saying magic system sucks it is unique and i guess it is what author came up with to nerf mc. Knight auras are weird too. Idk why author made it like that but it is not the most exciting sh1t for sure.

    50 chapters->
    Plot: 10
    Characters: 9
    Character interactions: 9
    Combat system: 7
    Overall: 8.75/10

  2. Suherman Joshua says:

    Unexpectedly, this is an entertaining novel. The MC who likes to give dry jokes and the heroine who is stiff and cold. The romance part was slow but the MC’s interaction with the heroine was entertaining. I hope this doesn’t become a harem story, because MC previously had a relationship with another woman, which ended in yandere. Just love rival is ok, to make our dense heroine understand her feelings.

  3. Rader says:

    Clear 9.5/10. Nearing almost impossible 10/10 rating for men. But I will reserve it till 100/200 chapters as it’s still too early.

    Again like others 9 and above novels, I will not spoil things. Still, one fact is necessary to disclose here, 1 chapter of this novel is almost equal to 2 chapters of normal novels so Chapters are big. Even 50 chapters have a lot of content with MC powerups, mid bosses, and more things. This is the biggest strength of the novel here.

    1. Rader says:

      *Rating for my novel. Damn autocorrect going haywire.

  4. rob z rob z says:

    OK, surviving poison tester here. It’s not poison, but it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Some light spoilers below – this review is in chronological order, not the order of the novel.

    Background / basic premise: MC is a possessor that was transported into the world of a novel that he read, although it’s not exactly clear (at least from what I recall, although I might have missed it) what his original world is like, whether modern day Korea or otherwise – at one point MC has a comment that he originally thought he might have regressed and not possessed.

    The novel world is your typical magic – fantasy setting. MC is the third son of a count born and raised in the Empire (pretty generic). MC starts out very young in that world with his full adult faculties, although not clear how young – he has memories to at least when he was 3. As is usual with these novels, there is a North, the North is the border with the realm of the demons and fights to hold them back, the people in the central area / capital think the northerners are barbarians, and the barbarians think that the folks in the North think the people in the central area are p#ssies and that mages are weak and/or in league with demons.

    However, MC doesn’t remember the novel all that well – he knows there is a demon king, and that the novel has a bad end with the demon king winning. So from day one he tries to train himself to become strong in magic (literally uses magic until he exhausts all his mana / passes out starting from the age of 3 – it must have sucked to be his parents), and to do whatever he can to try and save the world (including helping the main characters of the novel).

    MC goes to the magic academy, and ends up being the youngest to ever graduate; although everyone thinks it is because MC is a genius, it is really because he worked harder than anyone else earlier than anyone else – MC might have had experience working at a black company in his original world. After graduating, MC joins the imperial intelligence agency, reasoning that work in intelligence is one of the best ways to gather information that may help prepare for the fight with the demon king. Note, however, no one in that world believes that a Demon King even exists, much less that there is one that is a threat – they think high level demons can’t cooperate and are always fighting (certain powers, like the Mage Tower, appear to be suppressing some information here). Thus, MC keeps his actual motivations somewhat hidden (i.e., he didn’t go around the world saying “prepare for the demon king,” because people would think he was crazy). He does apparently mention it to some people in intelligence, and they tell him he’s nuts.

    MC is abused and worked to death in imperial intelligence – apparently all operatives are tortured as part of their training. Lots of stuff happens while he is working in intelligence, but the author holds much of it back and only reveals bits and pieces (e.g., there is a seemingly interesting side plot with a princess that author just start getting into in the 40s). As a result of his experiences, MC at the start of the novel is a smart-@ss – he cracks (not very funny) jokes and brags quite a bit (although he can pretty much back it up – while not OP, he is strong and more clever than just about anyone else in this world). However, author juxtaposes this with an occasional dark, jaded side. MC is also incredibly curious about magic / mana, and constantly trying to study / learn / experiment.

    General Plot Summary: The novel starts with MC being informed he has been betrothed to the daughter of the Great Duke of the North. She is apparently the most beautiful woman in the empire, and an amazing warrior, but basically a kuudere (I will call her FMC from now on). Moreover, she is one of the main heroines of the novel, and has some mysterious power that can kill demons. However, the reason for the MC being betrothed to the FMC is shrouded in mystery; the reader is told one story at the start, but as you get further in the novel, you find the truth is more complicated / hidden.

    As MC is taken to the North, you learn that the Northerners HATE magicians. Apparently, the original mages were humans that sided with demons, and that “magic” really stems from demons’ power (I won’t get into all the stuff about mana theory), but the mage tower is deliberately trying to suppress that information. As MC proceeds North, it becomes clear he agrees to go really to further his mission to stop the Demon King, and in so doing, plans to help the FMC get stronger since her power may be able to stop the DK. He also does appear to want the betrothal to move forward, and works towards that goal, but keeps his true feelings hidden (even from the reader).

    MC discovers, of course, that not all is well in the state of the North. Certain forces, like black mages, are stirring (he worked to suppress them while in intelligence), demons are doing some odd things, there are traitors everywhere, etc. So the novel develops from there – MC is in a region where almost everyone hates him, trying to win the affection of the beautiful FMC who at least at the start has no interest in marriage (although it is not clear what his true feelings for her are either), working to overcome political machinations of his enemies (which include the prince, who was jealous of MC, and tried to seduce FMC but failed), and trying to basically save an uncaring world that doesn’t even know there is a threat, including figuring out where is, and how to stop, the demon king.

    So now, the magic system. The author spends a LOT of time on this, with the MC basically being an investigator studying the principles of magic. Author tries to apply some pseudo-scientific laws to his magic system (e.g., mana flows from areas of low to high density, until it reaches some equilibrium with differing high/low mana regions). Much of this study is in connection with demons, because of the mana they possess in their bodies, and the heavy concentration of mana in the demon realm. To be honest, this is the worst part of the novel for me – it’s dull, and the MC repeatedly does really stupid sh!t while he is investigating magic, with the author liberally using plot armor / deus ex machina to protect him from the consequences.

    So where does that leave one? None of the awful tropes are here – no dense MC, no beta MC, no generic harem garbage. MC does have some solid moments. The relationship with the FMC is interesting – maybe it is a slow romance, maybe something else. But the magic system stuff just drags, I can’t stand the plot thread with the Egg of Agony (or whatever its called – won’t give any more details ’cause spoilers), and it has been too focused on mind control demons so far (note that these demons are really powerful, and mess up the MC a few times). The saving grace for me were chapters 45-50 – less stupid magic investigation stuff, more plot and story reveal. So for me overall it’s a “will keep reading for now, but may drop at some point” out of 10.

    1. Suherman Joshua says:

      From your description, I think I have read this in novelpia. I hope noble continues upload new novel from novelpia

    2. D_D says:

      Somehow the plot seems similar to husband of northern princess its an npia novel

    3. IME says:

      damn, no generic harem? im out.

      thanks for the review.

  5. Laki says:


    This is really bad. There is a lot I could criticize about this novel, but I will mainly focus on the combat.

    As a mage, the main character struggles to deal with demons due to the high concentration of mana in their bodies. This should incentivize other methods of attack right? No. The only thing that matters in combat is the concentration of mana.

    How do I block this attack? Concentrate mana.

    It failed? Concentrate harder.

    The demons resist magic? Higher concentration of mana.


    He litterally blew himself up just to get closer to the enemy. As if there weren’t any other options besides putting himself on the brink of death.

  6. Laki says:

    Galahad, a knight of King Arthur’s Round Table, was known for his achievement of reaching the Holy Grail. He was the epitome of knighthood.

    The last time I’ve seen that name was about 8 years ago. Interesting.

  7. simplethrone says:

    Imma try

  8. Girthy Nose says:

    What’s wrong with SouthKorean and their obsession with Northern territory and Duke position?

    1. Maybe it’s because they don’t have North Korea under their control.

      1. oneautumnleaf says:

        F that’s valid point

    2. Atra says:

      It’s always like that, honestly most of KR novel have lack of world building. They tend to not have their own world map (as they are use the same thing despite being a different world).

  9. I wanted the poison tester but I’m going to risk it first hand.

    1. Luis says:

      Suerte soldado, entraría contigo pero aún no me recupero de la última incursión

  10. reii says:

    Lie like voltigern…

    1. TheSinglesLord says:

      Roadless Camelot

  11. amogustimestwo says:


  12. Luis says:


  13. Pure candy says:


    1. Daver55 says:

      As she said, no.

    2. amogustimestwo says:

      wait is it just me or ur pic stretches?


        It’s just you what are you talking about

      2. Luckyzero says:

        It stretches for me too

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