The Only Swordsman of the Magic Academy
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The Only Swordsman of the Magic Academy

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마법 아카데미의 유일검성
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Only Swordsman of the Magic Academy

The story of a man who aims to become the only sword master in the world of wizards, in an age when the word knight has become a vulgar joke.

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  1. RealEason says:

    thank you all for the summary and synopsis

  2. fr0t says:

    Despite being quite generic, I think the author manages to use the formula well and so far I personally had fun while reading. From what I saw on novelpia, there are only 55 chapters released and the author releases chapters in an interval of 1~3 days… it should take a while until we see an update here.

  3. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Novel would had been better if it focused more on the skill-gaining and fighting aspect, with romance on the side. The ultra dense interaction of the MC with his harem made it a bit annoying. But still a good time waster if youre like me who can ignore the supermassive blackhole density moments.

    And the MC is not the bone of his sword, sadly. MCs King of Knights ancestry is pretty much Arthurian-based.

  4. NEAT says:

    I actually enjoy the story so fay and I don’t enjoy that many stuff nowadays like my life but the story is kinda generic I guess but it’s a fun read

  5. Sky That Gathers Screams says:

    A derivative version of flashing genius, with a much more dense main character who rizzes up everyone and then thinks theres no way woman would fall in love with him.
    Starts of with him knight choosing traits for a game to gain achievments and then in classic korean fashion, the game eats him and he gets isekai’d.
    Basically him being the only knight descendent in a world where only magicians exist, rate it a 6.5-7.25 out of 10, isnt bad but isnt good either, seems like author was inspired by baek yu-iseol tbh.
    also harem?, bro is collecting one lady every 10 chapters like pokemon and then refuses to accept them

  6. matachi says:

    noblemtl need to add dense mc tag so i can ignore this kinda poison.

  7. sirareda sirareda says:

    read until chapter 50 here is the rundown

    MC fallen into the game world( parallel modern earth) where everyone want to be a wizard but the character he made mainly focus in physical field rather than magical field

    MC already accepted his reality and trying to build his strength by using his traits and while doing this he meet with three girls ( one is best friend, second is the girl he steal the opportunity and last one is half dragon from rich family)

    while these three are trying show their feelings to him he thinks that they are only respect him as their teacher ( he became their teacher after interacting for awhile with them)

    then he get into the academy then there he had his first boy interaction and he beat his in admission match and make him his subordinate


    MC keep rejecting the feeling of girls while you can definitely see that they are clearly expressing it. One girl also said I like him in his face in he thinks that she’s joking WHY BRO WHY ( I hate this type of character very much)

    plot line is very simple and it is predictable it feel like author just copying the trend

  8. OnlyTruth says:

    This my favourite type of novel based around physical attack based mc and if has system then what are waiting for

  9. @chubby chicken that’s a pretty long passage for the words – ‘its poison’

  10. wkwkwk says:

    Smell like poison

  11. Read until chap 8 here’s the rundown. Firstly before you read my comment i would say that against all odds its really not that poisonous, prove me wrong. Just a bit bland and generic, power-leveling overpowered, fast growth harem academy life. Nothing new, and not that bad, overall around 7/10 from just the first few chapters so without further ado here ya go lads.

    first main character is rank one in some popular game that is very hard that need try 10 times to succeed *yada yada yada* he tries to get achievement and one of them require him to go the knight route? instead of the wizard route as such he work for 3 moths grinding for ‘reincarnation points’ to make the greatest, most bs knight talent, atributes etc and make the character. He also add major debuff to himself for more points to spend on more favourable talents such as reduced affinity for all magic (except non atribute and creation) PS: this is suicide as this game is very wizard-isque and everyone is a wizaard. Then Lo and behold he got transmigrated into this game.

    He got transmigrated into a 17 year old body, and have a mixed memory ish situation, but it only lasted about 1 or 2 chapter where he got his shit together and AWAKENED some bs evolutionary legendary personal trait of the king of knight decendant or something around that note due to the fusion of two unstable sould that…… you get the gist of it. Furthermore did i mention that there is a Hidden skill system here? Main characther JUST happen to pick the Most Perfect skills that happen to create 2 overpowered hidden skills back when he created his characther. [yes there is a status system like any others.]

    Mc in this world lost his parents and is taken care-ish by his neighbor, a 155 cm girl with black eyes, waist-length hair, and black-turn green eyes due to wind magic, show some signs of obsesion-AS A SIDE NOTE, another one, since when does Korean novel is generelised with these traits: Academy, Golden sun, Porter, Transmigration to a novel/game, Obsession, Obsession, Yandere/Obsession, HAHA, as someone with a huge research in Chinese novel culture i would spread important knowledge, 重要的事情说三遍(zhòng yào de shì qíng shuō sān biàn)=important things need to be said thrice. Do note a quote from fellow daoist Thrice Reckless Mad Saber do not try and seek death three times in a row, which serve as a daily reminder to stop consuming these obsession novel and do somtin else.

    Ehem a bit distracted here, i do have to mention that the girl here have a ‘good plot’ *ehem oppai loli…. God have mercy on this degenerate.

  12. Poison Tester says:

    without spoiler

    The protagonist is cliché, the harem is really forced, the mc does meaningless things completely stupid, and what’s this talent parameter? If anyone we meet by chance has the best talent in the world that we only see every thousand years, what’s the point of bugging us by insisting on its rarity?

  13. Poison Tester says:

    I’m here

  14. Q D Q D says:

    A complete synopsis in just one sentence? So unusual!

  15. Reafan says:

    Hear my call the mighty all poisen tester, we need thou wisdom

  16. Julio Abel Julio Abel says:

    so that offers to test?

  17. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Is MC the bone of his sword? If not then Im out.

  18. Kirill Popov says:

    Harems were fcked up.

  19. Coffinman says:

    I have mixed feelings about the UBW background

  20. Extra Extra says:

    Please don’t be poisoned.

  21. Translate dude says:

    Why are these Koreans so hostile to magic? In most of the novels, they use either swords, daggers, or fists instead of magic. I understand it’s hard to write a novel about magic. But why write a story that takes place in a magic academy and make the main character use a sword instead of a spell? Without reading it, I can guess that the main character will kick the ass of the people who can teleport, fly, and shoot area damage from afar with the piece of iron in his hand. You know what this looks like, stupid author? To draw a sword against a fighter plane.

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