The Reason the Manager Left the Hunter Guild
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The Reason the Manager Left the Hunter Guild

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그 매니저가 헌터 길드에서 퇴사한 이유
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Reason the Manager Left the Hunter Guild

I resigned from the sh*tty Hunter’s Guild I was in to save my sister’s life. Now that I don’t have to.

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  1. zorrow says:

    Its weird if skill of skimming achievement is not achieved after finishing several MTLs

  2. BrJ says:

    Got to around chapter 50 and holy does this novel spiral. It started off fine and normal (standard OP protagonist with friends coming back to save a relative), with pretty good story progression, and suddenly around around chapter 48 the novel goes completely past moral lines. The author expresses extreme anti-Chinese sentiment (common in Korean novels and normally not a big problem) but he pairs it with literal slurs. On top of that, the novel goes from wholesome (with some dark twists) to basically an extremely dark super descriptive torture scenes. While there was a “warning” at the start of the chapter, it does nowhere near enough to warn about the extreme torture a character is out through. Instantly dropped the novel after that chapter, and I recommend avoiding it or stopped before Ch 48.

  3. says:

    I’m surprised there are people who haven’t learned to skim read yet, truly, since you mostly use it every day if you are a student or an adult reading some paperwork, but oh well it is my only experience not multiple people hahahaha.

  4. RealEason says:

    This is why you need to master the skill of skimming Bob

  5. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    Now that’s a wall of text I didn’t read

  6. Concerned Person says:

    Kinda weird that you are trying to justify Korean novel being racist with “Chinese novel is more nationalistic and racist!” as your argument, and kinda weird you are trying to argue that “this novel is only racist against the chinese so it’s okay!”, wtf?

  7. Mind that this is my opinion as someone that had read Chinese novels where they call ”Japanese women are the best slaves”, where an MC can beat up a short Japanese in an elevator without the novel giving it a good reason more than ”He is Japanese, and he said something that although the MC couldn’t understand, he got pissed off anyways.” Or a novel where an MC and his spy mother ordered a terrorist attack filled with explosions and said ”for the country.” Not to mention those dozens of novels starting in Korea and treating every woman like a toilet while saying ”How oppressed our people are in foreign nations!” Naturally, these novels I mean, I read them in raws, on Chinese websites. So, if someone calls the novels that actually got MTL’ed nationalistic, it is actually the screened-out novels that got from the filter.

  8. I can’t call this novel ‘Nationalistic’, more like a novel burning with rage and hatred. Explaining myself, I don’t defend this novel in many parts, but at least I can tell you that a really nationalistic novel is far different. Like, in those ones you see the background exalting the strong parts of its country, the weakness of other countries, and how they are victims of the world that everyone wants to see it sink. This novel only mentions one country and signals what doesn’t like about it. While the novels from that country make a complete drama, full of manly tears, blood on feet, and how they are working for the future of their children! While calling other people’s countries barbarians, emphasizing the size of their territory, its short history, and how slutty are the women there. If anything apart from chapter 50, I can laugh at everything this novel says and applaud it for good revenge.

  9. Honestly, I didn’t expect anything from this novel, regret novels are always so cliche and forced that I can’t finish them. But I had free time having read all my reserves so I gave it a try. Then by skipping most of the content, I found that this one went to the revenge route, so I keep reading, this time with more care. While that, I noticed quickly that this was going to be a short novel, just the revenge, happy end and that’s it. But the twist at the middle end was so unexpected that it blew me and I couldn’t endure the sinister smile coming to my face. Like, I was really laughing and asking no one ”Haha, Are you angry Author-kun?” Everything went from 70 to 1000 in just a few chapters. So, all I can say is, if you want spoilers, read the chapter’s titles, and while I’m also a bit fed up with so much hateful trash, coming from ‘there’ I can’t say that I approve part of the content in this novel. But having said that, it was a revenge that I can empathize with. Remind you, this is not a complete ‘novel’ just a critique coming from the author that went and read some of the trash and got angry.

  10. Yolanda says:

    Idk if my comment gone from awaiting moderation here, but tldr : series becoming extremely nationalistic, literally anti china novel, and i’m not exaggerating it

  11. says:

    I’ll pass since I don’t trust novels that have little sister since most of it in my experience reading korean novels for years are inseki or in*est🤮. But mostly inseki which is still disgusting🗿. Then again it is my taste so can’t judge too much or look down on others ‘weird’ taste.

  12. puta madre says:

    Not all people have the same mindset as you

  13. Wait your sister might have an illness but that doesn’t mean you should only work for them and take it lying down. Work three jobs for no reason at all and die from exhaustion to give your sister the protagonist aura, then she will- dang we’re already on the path of regret nevermind.

  14. Ravenpeko says:

    Damn another obsession and regret novel.

    Guess I shall await for the brave poison testers to appear.

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