The Strongest Person in the World Has Been Summoned
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The Strongest Person in the World Has Been Summoned

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세계관 최강자가 소환되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Strongest Person in the World Has Been Summoned

The best swordsman in the world

Swordsman Chen Yuhuan

“You have been summoned to the Yggdrasil Continent! If you don’t want to die, do as I say!”

“Hehe… What an arrogant child.”

Chen Yuhyeon thought to himself as he placed his hand on his love sword.

I’ve been summoned to the Fantasy Continent!

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  1. Misib says:

    My fellow poison testers from chinese came here, i am happy now pull tosang.

  2. Feng says:

    Bruh mofos actually summoned a dmn cultivator 💀💀💀

  3. Fellow Daoist Reafan makes a valid point about the shortcomings of this novel. The rapidity with which the main heroines develop feelings for the MC is indeed somewhat implausible. Their instant infatuation, exemplified by the first-sight romance and the quick attachment of the pink-haired cover girl after only a week of interaction, feels forced and lacks depth. I am still perplexed as to how the MC reciprocates and engages in intimate relations so quickly with the pink hair girl.

    Moreover, the presence of yanderes within the story is undeniably intriguing, perhaps constituting the most captivating aspect of this novel *ahem. The abandoned disciple and the previously mentioned love-at-first-sight character add a touch of madness and fascination to the narrative- which is to my delight. However, be warned as even as an avid reader of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean machine-translated literature, I found this novel’s translation to be on the more challenging end of the spectrum, not suitable for beginners. Despite attempting to suspend disbelief and embrace the insanity of the obsessions and yanderes, the irregular pacing and nonsensical characterizations hindered my full enjoyment. The characters could be described as two-dimensional, but even that would be an exaggeration; they seemed to exist on a mere 1.5-dimensional plane, lacking the depth and complexity necessary for a truly immersive experience. As such i conclude that this is poison and is a waste of time 3/10.

    PS: For those who have made it this far, I appreciate your prudent approach in seeking out the opinion of a “poison tester.” However do be warned that sometimes a novel is best experienced blind so yeah, *ahem we need more poison tester in this site take this as a recruitment post

    [Poison Tester Wanted]
    [Requirements: Intermediate Poison Resistance Level 3]
    [Reward: Pioneering the reception of new novels, mild gratitude from readers, the opportunity to enhance critical thinking and skepticism, a satisfying sense of accomplishment, and a healthy dose of dopamine]

    If you possess the necessary poison resistance and are eager to embark on this literary adventure, join us as a poison tester! Embrace the thrill of exploring uncharted narratives, contribute to the evolving landscape of literature, and indulge in the gratification of analyzing and evaluating stories with a discerning eye. Your efforts will be met with appreciation from fellow readers and the satisfaction of honing your critical thinking skills. So, are you ready to take on this exciting role?

  4. Reafan Fa Reafan Fa says:

    Already read until chapter 62 (this my opinion)

    It was poison,
    Despise mc was 125 years strongest and have many experience as author say, what i read is just 17old man who have no wisdom and firm character, there was no threat/Main villain that make it doesnt really fun to read , and since mc most op character , most story only About character interaction , And some time you can skip it since it doenst really affect the story at all (yes filler for fck 3 chapter about something usseles)

    I already Wrote long comment about warning, but cannot be send maybe because i curse to much, only this my message , i hope you understand

    (Pss pss chp 28 are only r18 for you hor#y)

  5. Rin says:

    Good novel

  6. Driz says:

    I want moree

  7. Tabibito says:

    Pink hair..

  8. Ugh but then I think back on the many chapters spent in cultivation novels where it’s just like “hehe yes I have finally ascended from the golden apple realm to the Phoenix ice dragons turtle realm, if I keep this up I can get to the Phoenix ice dragon snake realm in 4 months! Ah snickerdoodles! The heavenly demon is invading our sect again for literally no reason! Time to seduce her by like idk going back in time when she was a child and being friends with her with the power of my cultivation style ‘SYSTEM’ or plagiarism for short. Going back in time will knock my cultivation down by 5 levels which means I’ll be at the jade celestial fox realm but with my cultivation efficiency I can recover that in 2.6 days and still reach my desired phonetic ice dragon snake realm in 6 months!”

    Ngl that crap gets repetitive after a while , well i guess most novels do if you read them long enough.

  9. Dang it’s close to cultivation murim bs… good enough I’m gonna read it.

  10. Reafan says:

    Oh okay, lets dig in~~~

  11. Reafan says:

    Damn release the capter already , i have been waifing for 10 minute, my cofi going cold

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