The Sub-Protagonist Is Retiring
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The Sub-Protagonist Is Retiring

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서브 주인공, 은퇴합니다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Sub-Protagonist Is Retiring

Possessed by the sub-protagonist of the academy that ends with the Pong Pong Nam ending.

Yes, I’m dropping out!

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  1. Shadow says:

    Novel complete here 😢🥳. Noble thanks and pls update its status.

  2. Wikka says:

    It’s the end, but i doubt i can forget the madness

  3. IME says:

    finally, its end.
    cant wait for author new works, but the sad part is noble wouldnt mtling that.

  4. milky violet says:

    only way I will accept a villain becomes good story is if the MC is forced to be a villain but it’s like:

    [Little Rat System]
    [Be Evil]
    [Rewards: 59,000 evil points to raise a single stat point, Eye of a Forlorn Hawk, Mining Potion]

    and then the MC has to say cheesy… sorry I meant lines that are harsh and hurt people but really cheesy in hindsight to become better or something but the problem is that no one takes evil mc seriously cause this MF keeps cringing at his own performance.

    I’m sorry what? I have to say “NO! I will never leave you alone Lady Marie! You are mine and only mine!” I would die right there, no I would just quit being a noble and live with the orcs.

    1. milky violet says:

      I would only willingly be a villain come good character if I got to say the lowtiergod speech one time.


      “Lord Milky… what do you mean by that? Do you not fear the impe-“

      I’m just gonna stomp you, you’re gonna keep coming back, I’m gonna seal up all my cracks, you’re gonna keep coming back, why? ⚡️⚡️⚡️

      “I will not tolerate this disrespect no longer. Guards-“

      Cause you keep smelling the syrup, you worthless lowlife scoundrel!


  5. Ag Sen Ag Sen says:

    The Main Story has ended, and the author plan to make after story!! Bless this tainted being!!!

  6. Hash 2O Hash 2O says:

    Feels like my IQ is lowering while i’m reading this? This novel show really well how koreans are self-righteous, complacent, naive and overall how they think they are so smart while they are so dumb.

    It make me think about how idols are promoting problematics products and playing the “i didnt know *act cute*” card.

    I’m 20 chapters in and seriously i keep reading because i see its popular but god it’s so boring..

    It’s the usual korean guy coming to a fantasy medieval setting, what’s offending is how he’s complicating simple matters and simplifying complicated matters, as in most koreans novels.

    What was marking in the lastests chapters i read is how the mc is seen by the ego sword for “inventing” torture, while in facts medieval periods were always creative in these subjects and someone coming from nowaday certainly cant compare to them but it’s korean anyway they are arrogant and complacent, making me remember about another novel where the mc got to hunt wolves and was saying “reality isn’t a game” while he was easily fighting the bloodthirsty wolves but the natives were peeing themselves, like a modern korean will be able to fight with ‘bloodthirsty wolves’ easier than natives, of course.

  7. Warning: Incest and debauchery to the fullest… Initially MC might feel like a pushover or beta or whatnot… But the later transition in his character is just outstanding…

    1. World building and the associated humor is also really good. And MCs character is like cherry on top…

  8. Roy says:

    Dropped at 41. I don’t care how they develop her character, I dislike the princess and how forced that bond was.

  9. Ag Sen Ag Sen says:

    Let’s delve into abyss again

  10. Sectancestor77 says:

    My interest in this fell off after 150 chapters, as it got too ridiculous . Comedy didn’t feel that great either

  11. I was on ch 56 last. Gotta continue now ig.

  12. IME says:

    i saw on novelpia but the illust of heroines are damn fine

  13. Wikka says:

    Finally updated dammit!!!!!

  14. Wikka says:

    the rule of this novel’s harem, “one on one session for new member, threesome for regular”

  15. Wikka says:

    Thanks a lot for updating my choice novel

  16. says:

    I enjoyed reading “The Sub-Protagonist is Retiring” and would rate it as a good story. The MC is reincarnated as a sub-protagonist who faced a lot of hardships in the original story, including being NTRed, powercreeped, cursed, and losing friends. To cope with it all, the MC decides to leave the academy, which is the main setting of the story.

    Now, the MC embarks on a journey to various places, inadvertently causing changes to the story at levels he doesn’t even realize. There’s another person who possesses the original MC, but because of the MC’s departure and the changes he’s made, this possessor might not have much significance until later on. So far, they’ve only appeared a couple of times.

    The story introduces three girls so far: a dragon girl, a blind sword master, and a demi-god elf saintess. It’s a fun narrative overall, where we witness the MC grow stronger and unconsciously alter the story while trying to escape from its main events.

  17. JohnnyD says:

    Hey admins, give us some updates, the OG novel is now 184 chapters…… Its been 20 days already

  18. ashy larry says:

    All these idiots that really didn’t even read far enough into this claim it’s the same as everything else and yet………..
    All I’m gonna say is that different isn’t always better. This treads familiar ground but it’s more about the MC and the ridiculous situations he gets into. MC also reacts more like an actual person than others in similar situations so that’s damn satisfying. There are some really dark themes here but it’s juxtaposed with some comedy. This is far better than some other isekai novels like Arifureta and the like so if that isn’t your cup of tea, this just might be it. Avoid this like the plague if you want a serious novel though as the main genre is definitely comedy.

    1. Dootdeedooterson says:

      Arifuerta was great till the very last part and some of the after stories.

      Author accidentally wrote himself into a corner by not progressing the harem he wanted to add till the very end. Didn’t read the LN but I heard author fixed a lot of his pacing issues and made good changes.

  19. Shame that it’s not an update for Fate to Be Loved By Villains 🙁

  20. Enoh says:

    It takes until chapter 102 to see the revenge (Against the OG MC and the best friend girl) and even then it’s just a couple of paragraphs within 2-3 chapters. Even though we get multiple chapters and paragraphs explaining why the MC likes the sub-protagonist over the og MC and how his sub-protagonists life was ruined in the storyline.

    It also went from serious side quest adventures and doing things outside the main storyline to ensure the safety of the world and its characters to super comedic tones that kinda pull you out.

    I think the author didn’t know what to do after a good start. Started thinking his comedy was funny and just kept trying to go that way even though it really isn’t (The gender reverse elves, females looking masculine while males looking like kpop guys, an undead subordinate who becomes an idol vtuber, etc..)

    When you start noticing that stuff it’s just a dropoff.

  21. very good the plot is amazing the main character I like him a lot and his personality laughs a lot, the heroines are amazing and their personalities are very good and they are improving a lot, I highly recommend

  22. Ag Sen Ag Sen says:

    still waiting some chapter with –.5

  23. “Yes, I’m dropping out!”

    And so am I..

  24. This is the only Korean academy novel(as much as I have read, ‘Villian changed the ending’ as well to some extent) where the transmigrated MC absolutely does not care about the shit like *I have to follow the plot*…. Just him living a selfish life I would rate this 10/10…

    He totally doesn’t care about world or plot or whatever…

    Frankly I felt it very satisfying (bcoz of personal preferences)…

    Bcoz usually every MC think as if it’s their sacred duty to sacrifice and follow the plots and whatnot.. Here he lives an entertaining and fulfilling life, *TOTALLY* outside the main plot…

    I would definitely recommend this if you are tired reading pushovers and hero wannabe’s…

  25. Ag Sen Ag Sen says:

    Threesome is a must
    that’s all i can says

  26. rrobz says:

    Please ignore my post above – just got to Chapter 43 which answered the question.

  27. rrobz says:

    Can someone tell me if this story stays with the same bullsh!t ambiguous harem where the original MC is bangin’ females like crazy and the real MC is a lame @ss Japanese style beta harem protagonist?

  28. Prettyboy099 says:

    Thanks for the update….😉😊

  29. puta madre says:

    Classic Korean authors and their borderline cuck story

  30. Ayush says:

    It’s good for the chapters at the start but later it gets bad…read at ur own discretion…

  31. GoDofNovel says:

    I just caught up to the latest chap
    well it’s still too early to judge because it still on 50 chap
    But this novel just one of the best I hope to see more
    I really like leeway/reeway idk his really name spelling
    But his been just the best wingman and the regression background/story is just nice
    I hope u guys try this novel it’s really good and funny

  32. GoDofNovel says:

    When will the mc grow up dam im on chap 28 and he still hasn’t made a move on any of his girl, ye he’s not dense,but the og mc (other possesor) already made a move tho im glad it on that pink haired b*tch, Claude is right all along pink haired + childhood friend = b*tch

  33. @Blanc How is this a “plot alway same like every academy isekai”? The mc doesn’t even go to the academy, at least until the latest chapter here.

  34. Rader says:


    A good wish fulfilling novel. MC is an OP character and get decent power ups in every 20 or so chapters. He seems to be the possessor but it feels more like Original one repeated his life again and again and then went to Earth only to come back as a possessor. Why I am saying this? There is a regressor who have repeated his life 20 times and even he thinks that even if they are different egos the innate character is same. Both wants to good but not associated with fame, MC because he wants to live leisurely and original character also did that because he was cursed and didn’t want people near him. Both of them but still have same level of goodness.

    Anyways, there are lot of gag moments but still novel is quite readable. There are some novels which I can’t stop reading once picked, this one is not like it but it is not as bad as some which are totally brainless.

    In hindsight, characters could have been written better. Too much focus on the MC, his wives are not given enough screen time and space to grow as characters. They almost feel like copy of one another with almost no weakness and differences because Author didn’t focus on them. Even MC does not seem to have any Curse or weakness now, it will not be strange if he fights a demon king in 30 more chapters before fighting some god or what not, that much of a growth rate he has.

  35. Currently there’s 2 possesors (Novel Mc and Game Mc) and a regressor that returned 20 times I think (sibling of a heroine/ blind swordswoman) and thanks to insufferable for pointing out the real meaning

  36. matachi says:

    quick warning: theres 2 possessor in this novel, the mc possess sidecharacter and another person possess the og novel mc.
    i dont really like this kinda genre but its still interesting enough to read.

  37. Junko says:

    Bro basically said fck all this shit and dipped

  38. Prettyboy099 says:

    Well, it’s true that there’s some cliches but doesn’t feel boring due to some comedy….
    And finally after some time, an mc who is not dense…. These dense MCs in harem novels were irritating….

  39. kk77 says:

    mm, it’s not a bad read – but the development is rather fast and loose. basically feels like a speedrun of isekai harem cliches. can be considered entertaining if you’re into it, lazy if you’re not. it might improve later; feel free to take a look either way

  40. Valex says:

    This is a light version of the “Madman in a fantasy world” novel.

  41. Misib says:

    Okay early review, protagonist wreck the story from the beggining,[deleted cuz spolier]

  42. Ping Pong says:

    damn, that’s tuff 💀

  43. Insufferable says:

    So basically pang pong nam ending is being married to the heroine who had a fling with the game protagonist and still eventually enters a loveless marriage with novel mc while still being in love of game protag

  44. Insufferable says:

    I found out what pong pong nam means in an article

    “In Korea, they had a gender war recently about seolgeojiron or “dish-washing theory” and pong pong nam (Pong Pong is a dishwashing brand and Nam = guy). The argument being, women, being more independent now date attractive males in 20s or even early 30s and then marry a stable but boring dork later which makes a loveless marriage. So the stable husbands are basically “cleaning up” the mess of the woman’s younger flings. (Their words not mine)”

  45. Oh yeah the game mc is also someone like novel mc /bern although he’s gonna be weak asf because in the story bern had reached him on how to become strong

  46. Forgotten one says:

    Please add a tag as (mob protagonist)

  47. Ace says:

    Now this is the synopsis i was waiting for..!!

  48. Blanc says:

    But ya Mc is fu*k it all boy I kinda like at start well novel is just a start

  49. Blanc says:

    Plot always same like every academy isekai novel
    Well good for time pass

  50. Luckyzero says:

    Heck… There was a role like Sub-Protagonist…

  51. Feng says:

    Bruh what’s a pong pong nam ending 😭😭😭

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