The Time Stop Breeding Uncle Wants To Retire
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The Time Stop Breeding Uncle Wants To Retire

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시간 정지 교배 아저씨는 은퇴하고 싶다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Time Stop Breeding Uncle Wants To Retire

I have become a time stop mating man who appears in Yagame.

But the situation was 5 minutes before the opening, so I saved the world first.

Suddenly, people around me were calling me a hero.

…Whether a hero or a jerk, I just want to retire. Damn it.

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  1. Read until ch 70.. It was a fun read initially, but went bland later on. The entire existence of MC is from grace of plot armour. He should be more of a comic relief rather than a main lead. Misunderstandings are good until a certain extent, too much is always too bad.

    He was a little smart at the beginning, but loses more of his brain as the story progresses. And not sure why is he obsessed with going back. No reason was mentioned nor any background story was told.

    It is one time read, nothing very interesting but not too boring either. Read if you have nothing else.

    Romance? Well, it is quite vague. MC wants to go back to his world, depends on what the writer has in for the future.

  2. Veldra says:

    Lucy is the best character ever

  3. What happened with the chañters 161-200?

  4. Poison tester says:

    Error chapters 183+

  5. k says:

    Cant describe it better than @Joshua

  6. It’s understandable why many couldn’t stand reading this novel at the beginning. The story is a bit slow at the beginning. The main story begins when the MC enters the royal knight in Chapter 24. I think the writer doesn’t plan enough when writing novels. Apart from the heroine on the cover, many characters in the pre-royal knight story were forgotten. The writer was less able to develop the previous characters and kept introducing new ones. Likewise with the villains, only a few get the spotlight, while others just drop by and are easily defeated by the MC. Repetitive plot with the characteristic of few short chapters without story development. There was a problem; MC came; problem solved. Lack of heroine character development in liking the MC. Forced story in the last chapter with the MC who will die against all big boss, then the character A helps and suggests to spare the MC, and they agree, even though they lost three important members. Then the 3-year time skip happened, and the royal knights disbanded again. The story returns to zero, where the MC has to unite the royal knights like at the beginning of the story, which is, of course, boring. The writer doesn’t know how to make a story and force the story to continue because this novel is quite popular in Novelpia. I must be admitted that the concept of the story is funny, but the execution is wrong.

  7. Yeah i couldn’t continue beyond first few chapters eitner. It’s simply boring. People said this was good so i tried but it didnt really work out

  8. Never mind another fault I found with this is that it’s just very boring. I could care less about what’s happening.

  9. The only problem I have with this novel now (as of chapter 7) is that the MC underestimates time stop. Like bro is just uncreative if the only thing he thinks of is using it to one shot enemies and calling time stop bad if it can’t one shot.

    There are so many possibilities that make time stop broken. You could change the environment to play in your favor like setting up something to explode or buy yourself time, target the weak points of the enemy like it’s eyes or knees, and so many different possibilities. It’s just kinda naive to only think of one.

  10. If you like weak characters who pretend to be OP and strategic geniuses, this is the novel for you. Sasuga Hans-sama. All hail captain Hans

  11. Rader says:

    Problem with this novel starts when Heroines use Hypnosis on MC to make him do more work. MC lost an eye, lost one hand, and seriously wanted to retire. He already did enough in reassembling the Royal Knights, you can say Avengers of Power Rangers of the novel.

    In the beginning Royal Knights lost a fight and were massacred. Our MC was cought by the king as he did some stupid predictions and defeated some low level demons. He was tasked to rebuilt the Royal Knights but he took the role for only 1 year and game story will start in 7 years or so on.

    Now in even half a year, MC got back the Dragon Captain of the previous RK. Got strongest elf who was the member of first hero party, got a unique Dwarf which has the ancient power of fire, a unique power only the dwarf of first hero party had, and got many more members including fast growing child who was the Sword Empress in the game. But he also lost many things. In order to save the Dragon he lost one eye. In order to fight a higher level opponent he sacrificed his arm to gain power.

    Whenever there is some high level danger MC has to sacrifice himself as no one in this so called Avenger can help him. Rightly, MC just wanted to go back and leave this mess as without time stop power he is really weak compared to even the 13 year old Sword Empress. But these powerful beings didn’t like it. So they hypnotized him and stopped him from leaving the team. Guy already lost a limb and an eye and is dealing with a Time goddess who want to consume his body and soul but just because this Avenger team does not want to lose MC they hypnotized him to make him a slave of theirs. I really didn’t like this fact, even at chapter 120 MC is hypnotized and whenever he thinks that he is tired his Hypnosis kicks in and he forgets such thoughts.

    Overall, if you are fine with 5-6 Heroines, each more powerful than MC, hypnotising MC and making him do all the dangerous things he is not made for then this novel is fine for you. Here MC is not a fighting genius, he is only using Time power and most of the big fights ends with him losing his limbs or getting internal injuries he accepts in bargain with the Time Goddess. For me, this novel is just some powerful beings bullying a weak person to such a level that their lifespan is depleting every single day.

  12. Common Bandit says:

    Gem. 10/10

    Good misunderstanding Novel.

  13. Eshya . Eshya . says:

    Despite the strange title, this novel has a good plot. And trust me, the ratings don’t lie

  14. J’ai testé et passer votre chemin de cette lecture pour le bien de votre cerveau

  15. Myaha says:

    A hero Japan and other countries with low birth rate needs hahaha

  16. RealEason says:

    bro is called the breeding uncle 💀💀💀

  17. Forgotten one says:

    The breeding uncle became hero…
    He comes to populate Korea in single second…

  18. Mista says:

    Stop laughing at him, kids. It is a respectable job.

    He breeds. Korea needs him to breed for its population issue. So stop making it sound like a joke.

    It is a noble call even if isn’t attractive.

  19. Padre damaso says:

    I still can’t get over that he’s called a breeding uncle

  20. matachi says:

    damn scamaz synopsis, the mc not going back 5 min before the story. he is going back when the heroines are still a kid! im reading this and feels like its a lolicon novel wtf.

  21. kk77 says:

    welp, i actually went and read it – no idea why – but anyway. the MC is… very annoying; honestly pretty stupid as well. as far as powers go, time stop is pretty much as OP as you can get, so in a way it’s quite an amazing feat for one of its holders to be able to whinge this much. dude cannot be stopped from preaching with a megaphone to anyone watching on just how “””weak””” he is each time after overpowering the strongest individuals around. it’s not like he doesn’t have a cause but holy shit. almost enough to make me drop but it gets slightly bearable ~ch20. after that it’s a passably decent enough read i suppose – other than the aforementioned stupidity. you can easily have a great misunderstanding novel WITHOUT making the protag double-digit-IQ, or less, and it’s very upsetting that writers dont bother to.

  22. rrobz says:

    I read up to Chapter 62, and enjoyed the novel so far. The ugly bastard part wraps up in about the first five chapters. Think of this more as a transported to a game world novel where the MC is generally weak but has one cheat skill and tries to overcome the big bads based on that skill and a whole lot of bluffing.

    Also, there is clearly obsession, but no love or romance to date.

  23. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Meanwhile japanese novel have the opposite problem of explaining far too much of the story in the title to the point that it explained way more than most of the synopsis in this site. A lot of their titles are basically a paragraph.

  24. L says:

    Breeding uncle💀💀 either translator high on crack or kr author don’t know english

  25. Milf Lover Milf Lover says:

    Please translate “I’m Inside An Academy Adult Game!” 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  26. Blue Shadow says:

    Me : Sees the famous uncle so i say hi while waving my hand
    “Hello, Uncle breeding. Hows job? ”

    Uncle : Forced smiled, waving hand awkwardly, and looking left and right checking if there’s people
    “Well you know same job as always, BREEDING”

  27. baka says:

    hey add Transcension Academy in this website

  28. Extra Extra says:

    Lmao… These titles, man.

    So is this edible?

  29. kk77 says:

    …is anyone else tired of having to try and parse WN/LN titles or is it just me

    i feel like universities should start offering degrees for this kinda stuff. no rly, go to like say, the front page of this site for example, and see how many titles you could actually understand with zero context. imagine being an actual normal person, and attempting to figure out even one thing about the novels from their titles. it’s not even an mtl thing at this point cuz some of these are official EN titles….

  30. SenatorArmstrong says:

    “Yo Mr White I think we’re on the wrong site.”
    “No Jesse, its just Korean Titles being weird as usual”

  31. Jack Silver says:

    Damn just imagine you’re walking and somebody says hey breeding uncle and everybody looks at you weird😂🤣🤣😭

  32. Rone says:

    Anyway, this is more like chinese martial art novel tbh rather than the usual japan or kr style, at least in term of misunderstanding things. And yeah, don’t forget there is obsession there, as usual.

  33. Dawg what, just call it ugly bastard 😭😭

    Mfs really trying to find different ways to say ugly bastard

  34. I think bree uncle is term for hentai ugly bastard

  35. Cyra says:

    So what is a Breeding Uncle?
    Is he like someone who NTRs or he’s like a s*x sl*ve or smth similar??💀💀💀

  36. Miai says:

    I will go test it for you guys, give me your blessing

  37. Rone says:

    Yea what the hell is breeding uncle 🗿🗿

  38. Jackysito says:

    bro is called the breeding uncle 💀

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