The Villain is Too Good at Sniping
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The Villain is Too Good at Sniping

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Synopsis The Villain is Too Good at Sniping

There was a villain who helped the main characters from the shadows.

By chance, he ended up living a second life.

He thought he could live peacefully and quietly, but he became a member of a heinous villainous group.

“How am I supposed to live a normal lifespan after being possessed by a villain….”

A world destined for destruction.

To continue the life he couldn’t finish here, he first had to raise the main characters who would prevent the world’s destruction.

Zion aims to help the main characters from the shadows.

Hiding his name and identity, in the body of a villain.

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  1. This novel has similar plot progression to “The Novel’s Extra” with the exception that the MC here is a villain. Is it well written? It’s below average strictly speaking, since i feel like it’s rushed considering it ends in 135 chapters. It’s good for passing time or if you’re bored but certainly unremarkable and you’ll be forgetting about the details after a few days.

    Is it garbage? Not really. Though if you dislike munchkin yet dense MC then you might not like this. He’s pretty smart though so you might like his schemes.

    All in all, this isn’t my cup of tea but I read it once cause I was bored. I’ll give it a 6/10 since it didn’t give me cancer while reading.

    1. P.S. Do take note there’s no romance tag here so don’t expect any romance. MC doesn’t make any romantic advances against heroines and the harem element feels non-sensical at all. I’d rather read The Novel’s Extra again. It may have not given me cancer but it sure as hell that this novel somewhat fried my brain for trying to understand it.

  2. Suherman Joshua says:

    This novel is somewhat average, but it’s good for passing the time. The main character is a possessed child from an assassin family. He acts more like a shadow, helping the original protagonist grow. His weapon is a gun, and he prefers to snipe. I appreciate the author’s effort to develop other characters and provide multiple points of view. As shown on the cover, there are three heroines interested in the main character, but they lack the desire to pursue him. On the other hand, the main character also lacks interest in romance and just wants a relaxed life, so the romance progresses very slowly.

  3. Laki says:

    Read 50 chapters. 8/10

    Not much to say. Pretty on par with other academy fantasy stories.

  4. Rizqi The Extra says:

    Well its has a pretty bad ending and i think its not harem (i dont read whole chapter) bcz the ending its like “The novel extra”, yap everyone will forgot about mc (except rebecca) yah just a cheap copy “novel extra” ending and story. Overall 5/6 – 10

  5. Rader says:

    Not bad, not the best one too. If there are 1000 acedmy novels it will be in Top 100. Does it means that it’s good?

    No, it means that it has tropes and writing elements from those top 100 novels. It’s not the best, not the worst. But a good one. Clear 8/10.

    It can never exceed 8 point because MC and settings are just too predictable. There are better Academy novels to read besides this one, but if you don’t have anything better to read this is a good one.

    Focus is not much on the romance or training, it’s on Main Story of the game and it’s always moving forward, not creating a dull moment. MC is always moving from one heroine to another because events are different. Story itself started because he was killed off and then sent to Game World the Angel managed.

    For him this story is like a Labor, he need to complete it to get entry into Heaven or just to avoid hell. He was promised Heaven if he can survive for few decades and complete his original 60 years of life. So MC just want to survive. He was given Master Marksman trait by Angel and leter got talent from previous body to use daggers, so he dual wield those weapons.

  6. Shadow says:

    Well mc doesn’t lack common sense and the plot isn’t braindead

  7. rob z rob z says:

    I will wait for more detailed reviews / other poison testers. Once I got to the crap trope of “I’m the one guy who picks a gun and can make it useful in this setting” trope, I knew this was unlikely to be my type of novel.

  8. Moonlight Walker says:

    I wasn’t first 😭

  9. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    Maybe I’ve watched one too many Hololive cuz all I see is mc with Miko-chi and Suisie-chan

    1. Laki says:

      It can see that. Miko has different colored eyes though.

  10. Louis . Louis . says:

    I hope this is not a poison like damn I created whole new another account since I deleted the other one just to get blasted with posion again and also need to fill my bookmark again (*T^T).

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Yeah, it’s been tough with the no novelpia novels. I am basically surviving on the updates.

  11. IME says:

    ohh? i already read this.

    such a good harem novel.

    1. Shadow says:

      Where did you read it?

      1. Rizqi The Extra says:

        Not harem? Bcz everyone will forgot about mc (except rebecca)

      2. Luckyzero says:

        It was completed in kakaopage

  12. El MIcah says:

    Any poison testers? Please be my guest

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