The Villain Professor of Heroes
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The Villain Professor of Heroes

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히어로들의 악당교수님
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Villain Professor of Heroes

A retired former hero professor.

To graduate my students safely and make them an S-class,

He is willing to do evil and struggles.

However, even if the disciples are shady, it is too shady.

Are you guys thinking of graduating?

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  1. So MC aren’t actually isekai’d to the novel world?

    His mental barrier is erasing his memories and making him think he got isekaid to protect his mind from guilt and ptsd from having his teammate dies.

    The novel setting is actually his teammate novel that he always shown to him.

    The system mission “make this kid into S class” Is actually his oath to take care of his death teammates before he lose his memories.

    1. Why did I read the comments?
      I thought the scenery was incredible, but now I don’t want to read it…

  2. Beware of ending and it is quite disappointing. Look like MHA with teacher X students.

  3. Great! Enjoyed. Established Heroines and not even that Yandere. Just young girls testing their youth. Really enjoyed. Probably the first novel on this site which I enjoyed

  4. SenatorArmstrong says:

    I mean, is the plot horrible? Are the characters horribly written? Is it so predictable that it can make an insomniac fall asleep out of boredom? If it’s just heroines being batsh*t insane yanderes, then that’s eh.
    Personally though, real life is more unbelievable than fiction. There were Korean women who gave their menstrual blood to their favorite K-Pop artists as “gifts”, and took videos of themselves kissing cardboard cut-outs (one of said cut-outs having interesting markings in the crotch area).

  5. sandwitch says:

    bro why did they update this one over others this one like one of deadliest poison in this site 💀

  6. Rommel says:

    Poison Alert! Only read this If you love obsession as the heroines are really… unique ugh.. no I’m dead!

    1. Shiin says:

      Broo wake up 😭😭😭…
      We need you..
      we need you to test another poison …

  7. Shazami says:

    Noooo i will not read i hate it 😭😭💔

  8. Sephir says:

    i dont know if i should read it, the comments above are talking about the heroines obsessions but is the plot good

  9. I’ve never seen such crazy heroines. Up to chap 102, there are three main heroines, all students. One is obsessed but hides it (she uses the mc toothbrush to probably masturb*te), another one blackmailed the mc into kissing her, while the last one straight-up reverse-raped him while he was drunk/unconscious.

  10. Kirill Popov says:

    I’ll just recap the moment. One student used an MC toothbrush for personal gratification, and he is then surprised by the taste of the brush when brushing his teeth. 😂

  11. NeverTalks says:

    MC with hidden past thought he got isekai’d into novel world with a mission to raise a certain student to S class but to his surprise he have no recollection of that character.

    Then there’s that heroine who he thought as the mc which immediately shows an unusual interest to him.

    As for romance here it’s kinda hard to describe. So far there are 2 main heroines but only 1 shows interest which I think its not quite love yet but more of a weird possessiveness.

    There were some side characters who shows interest but as a side character they were just there as background can’t really count them at the moment.

    Last chapter read: 40+

  12. NEAT says:

    These obsession novels are the ones that make me want to live

  13. From what I’ve read so far, the mc is transported into a novel world as a professor who was meant to act as an advisor for the heroine of the story. However, after meeting a certain someone, he is instead tasked by the novel to make that person an S-class hero to return to his home world. The heroine of the story is the one who is obsessed with the mc, and is suspiciously close to the mc despite them meeting for the first time within the first chapters (this might be signs of a person who regressed maybe). A few wrong pronouns are used from time to time (but what did you expect, its a mtl), and the story is a bit slow-paced. Other than that, it is a pretty good read so far, try out a few chapters and see if you like it.
    If I missed out on some bits of information please do add on to this early review.
    Take this review lightly because I suck at reviews.
    Have a nice day!

  14. Aria says:

    poison testers?? anyone?? is it ok to go dig in?

  15. 一个人 says:

    It has been 7 hours since agent Pots has gone into unknown territory and no contact has been made as of late. I’ll go on a retrieval mission.

    一个人, going dark.

  16. Nay says:

    Poison tester, are you okay? Come back! Tell us what you think!

  17. Pots Potato, going dark.

  18. Extra says:

    Scouts! Are we good to proceed?

  19. I raised EX Class says:

    F*ck, obsession is too disgusting.

  20. Lex henituse says:

    It has harem tag on novelpia

  21. Blue Shadow says:

    How is it?

  22. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    The cover is cute ngl, now let’s take a look on the story

    1. Warning: I think they changed it

  23. _ Izanami9 _ Izanami9 says:

    Wherever i go, i see you…..

  24. willianpk1 says:

    por favor traduz as versões mtl dessas novels re:life player e i became the tyrant of i become the tyrant of defense game ambos tem também manhwa e são muito bons vale pena traduzir mtl as novela tem mais de 300 capítulos merece ser traduzido não consigo entrar no discord se alguém poder por favor poste isso la por favor traduz as versões mtl dessas novels

  25. Jajaja says:

    Welp time to poison test this

  26. Shadow says:

    Lol, our admin is the best, obsession tags everywhere.

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