The War Hero Raises a Demon Slave
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The War Hero Raises a Demon Slave

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전쟁영웅은 마족노예를 키운다
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The War Hero Raises a Demon Slave

Einer, a former slave war hero,

meets Ael, a runaway slave demon,

and decides to raise her as a cook.

Not a wife, but a cook!

No, do you think it’s okay to be good at cooking anyway?

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  1. milky violet says:

    I’m cooking!

    A protagonist and heroine. The protagonist is really resigned, fate goes y’know, and the heroine is super explosive! Like a tsundere and a yandere!! Mhmmmm white hair… but anyways the MC is a summoned and the heroine is a native, and since the protagonist is a summoned he’ll naturally have some special ability given by the goddess.

    The ability he was given was to subtly predict the future/know fate. Anyways this all ties into his resigned personality, in every future he thinks of, the MC dies while defeating the DK so he’s like “there’s nothing we can do” and accepts his fate. So now he’s really reserved. Probably cause of some traumatic backstory as to why he’s this it is what it is.

    The heroine though?! None of that! I WANT TO LIVE!! She’s going to make the MC say that one day once he realizes fate, while an absolute, does not mean it cannot be broken or something deep like that.

    Happy ending bc I, Violet de’Milkiorias, believe it is obtainable no matter the circumstances befell you! Jk, MC becomes very frail because he broke his own fate and then the heroine… ❤️

    Alright I’m kidding, happy ending! No edgerunners, no stupid regression plot, just a simple plot about living and idealism. I hate cynical gray “the world isn’t so good” stories because I love ideals, I want to be the best like no one ever was berm berm bum to catch them is my real test

    I became the Academy Norn or whatever.

    1. milky violet says:

      Speaking of I wanna be the very best like no one ever was guitar to catch them is my real test to train them is my call, I want a Pokémon parody novel with white hair obsession already

      I don’t do stupid Pokémon too, I want full pseudo legendaries but MC only uses his starter Pokémon because he’s 30 levels above everything

      1. Poison Tester says:

        Here some free therapy for everyone


    2. amogustimestwo says:

      bro everytime i see DK i think Donkey Kong lol

  2. you cant corrupt me! i am already weird to begin with!

    1. Chaitanya says:

      That’s funny

  3. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Fmc was a cook in the demon army so she’s good at cooking. Mc buys her and starts a restaurant. Mc is a retired war hero/knight. He bought a restaurant and lives there. His future plan was to save up money working as a poet security leader and open the restaurant. He buys fmc after some dramatic adventures and hires* her to be the chef. Now he can keep his steady salary job at the docks and his *salve* can open the restaurant and cook. Lol

  4. rob z rob z says:

    Brief summary as requested: MC is a former war hero made noble, who left behind his country (due to its corruption), and created a new identity – specifically, he became a security officer for a large port. FMC is a demon slave that is brought to the port on her way to being sold in the country MC used to work for. Adventures ensue, and he buys her – among various reasons, he felt sympathy for her because he and his mother had been slaves, and thought she would be abused and ruined if sold to that other country. Apparently FMC has a gift for cooking, MC also has an interest in cooking (he and his mom did some cooking when they were slaves), so they open a restaurant.

    Proceeds like a typical slice of life, pure love story. MC is a little dense and FMC bottles in her feelings. Nothing poisonous. FYI, there is an R-18 chapter in here (that does not involve MC, at least directly).

    1. R18 not directly with the MC? How does that work?

  5. Xiao N'inger says:

    I have walked all of Reincarnation solely to meet you.No matter what, no matter how great the cost, even if I have to ascend the heavens or descend to the depths of hell,I will bring you back

  6. says:

    Woah, woah chill guys we are just screwing around Jesus Christ. Also chill mythical like damn you having a bad day?


      What did bro say 😭

  7. kk77 says:

    Feel yourself immune and removed from the corruptive influences, do you brother @Gladiator_02? Why not look upon your past self in a mirror – not oh so far back even; proceed, then – to look out from his eyes unto yourself, and you may not find the ‘reflection’ as familiar and untouched as your current self-visualisation. Do you dare to ask, whoever was Gladiator_01, and what fate truly befell him before Gladiator_02 found themselves here today?

    …i mean like, no one normal or well-adjusted would be reading mtled asian web novels to start with u fkn weirdos

    1. Lmao. I remember laughing a lot to this comment. Now we can reply. Time sure flies man… Btw 2 is my favorite number, idk if Gladiator_01 exists. But there was this one guy who changed his name to that just because I said this lol

  8. Sephir says:

    They’re not becoming weird, it’s adapation

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Bro says:

    Yeah and now It makes me wonder if I would start talking like that someday

  11. ^I feel like the people we’ve seen on this site over months are slowly becoming different because of weird web novel influences

  12. says:

    You dare juniors! Are you discriminating my race? Are you courting death with me? I am a beastman who reach revolving core in 400 years and going to next cultivation stage that is life destruction. And you know what is the difference between both of it? Heaven and earth, I say. NOW Kowtow and I will be so merciful that I will just cut off one of your legs and feed them to the pigs.

    1. Another seriously mentally ill…
      Disciples I leave this to you, I reached my quota today.

  13. Mikelitoris says:

    Brief sum plz

  14. Kirill Popov says:

    Well, the cover is a complete failure.

  15. kk77 says:

    people like you are the reason why we end up with Demon Kings on every single multi-raced fantasy plane and why completely innocent, uninvolved, own-business-minders from our world keep getting abducted to defeat said (allegedly) evil monarchs. shame on you and your like-minded kin; in fact let me muster up the darkest possible curse i can cast on you.

    I hope you win the Isekai lottery milkyviolet! 🙂

  16. says:

    @Milky violet You should cook more of this to be honest, but anyway I’ll pass since I don’t like his/her past work to be honest.

  17. idk bro, not modern ages. but then again, you have mages and monsters that can do 10x the amount of work a weak slave can do for less the energy. But then again you can give slaves some magic power and then have them do half that amount of work for free, but that’s inefficient. That’s why I, a human supremacist, advocate that we use monsters and beast men as slaves. There is totally nothing wrong that will happen ahaha I guarantee it hahahahaha I’m totally not starting a centuries year feud between humans and everyone else hahaha and ushering an era of destruction and poverty inciting a new demon kin- who am I kidding we already use beast men, monsters, and literally everything with sentience as slaves silly! Idk I haven’t read the novel, i just like deluding myself into an fictional event.

  18. Food0042 says:


  19. ali dd ali dd says:

    I can’t understand their love of slavery

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