Unsold Slaves Returned as Heroes
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Unsold Slaves Returned as Heroes

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안 팔린 노예들이 용사가 되어 돌아왔다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Unsold Slaves Returned as Heroes

Unsold slaves became heroes.

Thanks to this, he is misunderstood as a legendary teacher.

It’s nice to be a professor at the best academy on the continent, but

what are you guys doing here?

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  1. Luis says:

    El emperador es hombre o mujer? Tengo problemas con la traducción xD

  2. Extra Extra says:

    Another good read.

    Aisha is fun and I’m rooting for her to be a future heroine.

    Hoping for more updates in the future.

  3. rob z rob z says:

    I won’t do a real plot breakdown on this one, but will just say I really enjoyed it – plowed through what’s available in one sitting. Chapter 32 was a bit emotional.

    Suherman covers the basics of the plot well, but has one big error – MC is NOT an ikemen. He is older and tarnished by the stigma of being assigned the role of slave trader (and in this world your job title is listed above your head like a status window that everyone can see), which role receives universal hatred and is the reason for many of his difficulties.

  4. Noble needs to translate the Sephir and Louis love story immediately

  5. says:

    Age gap is killing me.

    1. somane says:

      what do you mean “AgE GaP”? nothing strange happened when they were young, and they are all adults after 13 years.

  6. Sephir and louis love story!? “Obsession in mtl movel site”
    Synopsis: I just keep commenting things on an mtl site but suddenly a yandere gets obsessed over me and now she stalks me wherever, whenever I go?!

  7. says:

    I researched the meaning of “ikemen” and found out that it refers to perfect and good-looking guys. I would have never discovered this on my own, so I must say thank you, suherman?

  8. DadgeSadge says:

    Can you mtl novel ~Incompatible Interspecies Wives~?

  9. Already read this in novelpia, the story begins with the MC who enters the body of a slave, the MC accidentally enslaves 3 girls who will become villain boss in the future, but the MC twists the story so they become heroes. The MC didn’t know if they are heroes because the MC parted ways with them due accident. MC has the objective of removing the slaver tag because in his world everyone who is born has their job assigned. 10 years later MC become Baron nobel and ends up becoming a teacher at the academy and meets the three girls again. The story starts from there, the prologue is rather long. The story will cover the efforts of the 3 girls to make the MC love them as women. MC is typical perfect ikemen. Honestly it’s a bit boring.

  10. Q D Q D says:

    I thought Korean author have some fetish about teacher/trainer

  11. finally a new novel with obsession

  12. Sephir says:

    i missed seeing Louis comments this sounds strange

  13. Tabibito says:


  14. Kirill Popov says:

    👴🏿Just like that?

  15. says:

    Also, I will read this since it has obsession which I like and I am going in hope it is not bad.

  16. says:

    I would like to do some racist old man stereotype, but it would probably get deleted wwwwwwwwww.

  17. Salty1 says:

    A scammer again ?

  18. Irumachi says:

    Umu! I came before the chapters

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