Villain Awakening after Divorce
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Villain Awakening after Divorce

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이혼 후 빌런 각성
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Villain Awakening after Divorce

I thought good days would come if I lived kindly,

but all that came back was betrayal and scars.

Now I will live like a villain.

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  1. Greeting my friend… I’ve just taste it and it’s not poison but actually elixir. And the demonic one. Mc just blooming at. Ch 2 so read it as please

  2. Miryuu says:

    ah I need the next chapter

  3. All Night says:

    Sounds like a regret novel, but I see no regret tag.

  4. Miryuu says:

    before being betrayed mc was a hogu and he changed completely after his awakening

  5. Miryuu says:

    I have read up to chapter 66, and so far there is no excessive drama, and the aim of mc is to take revenge on his wife and mistress. I don’t know why the author gave the title villain because so far mc has only killed a few hundred bad people, well from me it’s pretty good 7.5/10 because the story is light

  6. Yusun says:

    Diyorken/regret/betray is love by korean authors because they love drama

  7. Ali 99 says:

    I hate this novel. It always encourages negativity. Makes you love divorce

  8. Q D Q D says:

    Why Korean authors like divorce/regret/betrayal… a lot? :/

  9. wkwkwk says:

    Another idiot novel

  10. Kim Party says:

    Basically it’s the same dynamic of the “sleeping genius” who is weak until he returns, or as in this work, leaves his wife (💀). Well, it’s a world with portals/dungeons, it has rank hunters, class divisions, rank weapons… It’s just like other novels. Mc was a young promise, but because he couldn’t acquire any skills, he couldn’t overcome the barrier of Rank C. As it says in the description (Fortunately it’s not “it’s X”) Mc leaves his wife and wakes up (I forgot to mention the system, Mc has an “awakening” that they can unlock, but it doesn’t say how). After it’s the same, Mc unlocks new skills ~> Will level up in the dungeon ~> Impress Npc ~>. Give to pass the time 7/10 as far as I read

  11. Is the novel so poisonous that even people asking for help from poison testers died before they could even comment?

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