Werewolf Survival in Apocalypse
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Werewolf Survival in Apocalypse

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아포칼립스의 늑대인간 생존기.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Werewolf Survival in Apocalypse

ruined world.
Winter reincarnated as a werewolf.

You have to fight and be strong to survive.

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  1. Jack says:

    No update after 10 months??

  2. Zzz says:

    I got scammed reading this
    It is a tagsn’t case

  3. Abs says:

    It was nice, I’m waiting for the sequel

  4. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    Somebody give milky the obsession fix or milky will lose it

  5. Yeah I’m like 60 chapters in, he’s still a child. Bro I want to see the obsession, I don’t care about “ohh this is how strong I got!!” bro just give the obsession.

  6. mr joster mr joster says:

    i want more chap, everything so random, (spoiler) he get a child from some lab or sth, and he after a few chap he in a gate, but ye, i still like this

  7. mr joster mr joster says:

    the pure love is actually mother love, i really like this tho

  8. Layios _ Layios _ says:

    I think there may be many reason for why MC got kicked.
    First, foreshadowing since many chapter that he might have a king fate so his mother might want him to live on his own, explore, grow and become a King.
    Second, sometimes when there’re too many member in a wolf pack then some need to leave their pack and go into a journey to form their own pack ‘cuz if not it’ll be a big burden and not many will be able to eat til they’re satisfied.
    Still I understand that it was way way too sudden of her mother to “kick” him out of her pack without any notice or explanation. It can maybe be explained by their lack of advanced languages/communication so they can’t properly convene difficult phrase. But since MC seemed to know he should have just made a inner monologue to explain too.
    And later sigh… It’s like they said earlier, it’s so slow and since the premonitions dream he’s still not in hurry and is lazily taking care of his pack. Even more so he took back a “burden” after he explored some laboratory that need 3 meals per day, sleep in a warm room and so on… Yeah maybe she’ll be useful for MC against his enemy but still, she’s a burden.
    Also about his system, it’s so useless and we know near to nothing about his function. We know that each time he eat one new species he can buy their special characteristics with shop point. But how do he gets shop point you ask? We don’t know, maybe by eating monster? Not sure ‘cuz once her mother said that MC behavior is weird and wasteful’ cuz he just take one bite then doesn’t eat anymore (she said that this behavior is wasteful ‘cuz she’ll need to hunt again for him again and again and it may destroy the ecosystem, she does since she noticed he got weird power after he eat a new monster).
    Btw I’m also weirded out by the fact that he doesn’t mind to have antenna on his head due to one of species characteristics he bought. Later he won’t even be a wolf tsk tsk.
    Anyways I’m at chapter 147 and still nothing interesting, maybe you’ll be since there’re naked women here and there at first but u’ll get used ‘cuz that’ s all about it and nothing more. Plus MC mother issues tsk, she’s like his god no kidding, he’s licking her whenever he cans like when he’s in a formation with his new pack he compliment how good it is then add after that it’s cuz of his mother teaching cuz of how great she is and so on. You’ll have that many time later even more so before he got kicked. I can’t understand that even if he didn’t have mother before but why he’s not that obsessed with his sister hn?
    Anyways this novel for now is only good if you have way way way too much time to waste.
    There’s no love/romance yet nor pure love.
    Maybe love is about family love, Pure love may be about his love towards his family, so it’s pure? Hhh no kidding idk what I’m thinking.

  9. kk77 says:

    yeah idk about the tags on this one… reverse gender? pure love x Harem? gonna need some citations on those ones G

    um, rather atypical of KR novels — this is actually a ‘monster evolution’ type story – with minimal litRPG elements. there’s heavy focus on ‘slow growth’ (emphasis on SLOW) and ‘trait hunting’ for power progression; and story is just literally wolf life documentary – there were multiple points where NatGeo commentary started playing in my head unprompted. basically, a survivor of a gate-apocalypse where humans lost, dies, and gets reborn as a rather high-level field monster – that’s right, you guessed it, a werewolf. a ‘true’ rebirth as well, so imagine commushou or mushoku tensei for the early parts, but without the lewd bits (+?/-?). after that it’s just slice-of-life learning to be a wolf in a wolf pack. not even a werewolf because dude can’t even unwolf, period. pretty sure the only reason they’re were and not simply wolf is that author wanted to write a wolf story, and a harem story, but didn’t want the bestiality tag — snff……


    Anyways. it’s not the gritty post-apocalyptic op werewolf harem adventure the tags imply, instead you get The Animal Planet Special – “Wolf Pack II: Electric Boogaloo”. Although the progress is- as myself and others have previously stated – **glacial**, if you’re into it this stuff, it’s pretty good.

    however i’ll have to drop it unfortunately ~ch120 in spite of being fairly into it


    the mc is living a soft and sweet life with a very affectionate mother and cute sisters (one of the main draws for me), and then OUT OF NOWHERE he’s just…. kicked out?? of the pack??? or let go i guess, with his sisters and a couple b**ches to make his own clan or something??? and when i say out of nowhere i MEAN out of nowhere. literally he’s chilling at the end of one chapter then the very start of next chapter everyone’s having a heartfelt goodbye, inc. his clingy af overprotective mom who’s just like ‘cya bro’, and the mc that straight up *died* died to protect the pack, is just like ‘gtg ig’. i can think of maybe 1 thing foreshadowing any of this in retrospect, but absolutely nothing that justifies this “transition”. it really felt like i just skipped 20 chapters (or i guess 80 by the novel’s pacing). i genuinely thought it was yet another future sight dream sequence and read an additional 2 dozen chapters in a momentum of staggered disbelief. like any of u could troll me rn by saying that it really was, or that i really did skip 80 chaps by accident, and i would instantly believe you sick fks without a question. the craziest part is that i didnt even hate the post-pack stuff by any means, it’s just that the whiplash i received from the belated realisation that all of this is actually happening for real left me thoroughly physically and mentally incapable of continuing any further.

  10. 40 chapters and nothing really happens. Like, the start is interesting, a good concept, it isn’t a gender reversal world but just that his tribe is full of women, and he is the first male born, so they treated him like a treasure but not to the point of the delicate damsel. The problem comes with too few details about everything and plot holes. Like, the background is ”Humanity had too many people so apocalypse came” But you can only know about the status of humanity by bits of details the MC gives when talking about monsters, if it wasn’t for that, one may even think that from one day to another all humanity was teleported to a wasteland to fight for recourses.

    The next problem is that the novel goes too slow, 40 chapters and he is still less than a year old cub…? Werewolf? That’s another, like, they can go from wolf to human but they remain as humans when every single part of their lives is beastly behavior like they are only in that form so the MC can remark how beautiful and big-breasted they are… Also, the image of the werewolf is too vague, it’s just a wolf that can go to human form? Or a true humanoid wolf? No one knows, at some point, it can be one or the other.

    In the end, the worst is the ”Cheat”, like, he has a predatory system, but even hentai is more detailed, he eats and gets(?) two skills of the prey to buy(?), the system says that he needs to buy them, but he appears to have one of them as soon as he eats. Then, how to get points? Never explained. Fella has had this cheat for half a year yet only two or three skills, even when saying that his mother brought other kinds of prey and the system went M.I.A. There is also a thing with elements but its only more confusing as you ask yourself ”Wasn’t a predatory system? How is it that he got a skill by swimming? This had more potential.

  11. jkhr jkhr says:

    What is ur discord ?

  12. Gwyn Grim Gwyn Grim says:

    After reading about 12 chapters of this I’m gonna drop it. The MC is a child so the story mostly focuses on on his Mother. With the scenes involving the MC not being that interesting at all. I was able to skip 2-3 chapters and still fully understand what was happening. You van just skim through because I get the feeling nothing interesting will happen till maybe around chapter 30.

  13. Byul Yi says:

    For those who are looking for the raws of ‘Stealing the Yuri Protagonist’s Harem’, you can DM me on Discord or maybe just tag me directly on the server to ask for link, I have it.

    Anyways, poison testers please.

  14. Sephir says:

    poison testers pls i’m not willing to go past ch1

  15. Insufferable says:

    Raw is paywalled.

  16. Reafan says:

    Why not read the raw? Theres plenty website that Post the raw source

  17. ganashi says:

    sadly i couldn’t find any

  18. Insufferable says:

    @ganashi I read your recommendation and it’s quite good. But I can’t find an mtl of it nor any complete raw I can mtl on my own.

    Do you know where I can find the mtl or the complete raw if there is any at all?

  19. ganashi says:

    have you guys read stealing the Yuri protagonists harem (Xianxia) it pretty good

  20. Dwag says:

    Louis your profile picture is very cute

  21. says:

    Aight time to read this, and I hope I’ll not pass out because of too much poison like last time🍷🗿.

  22. Why the hell pure love is with harem?

  23. Insufferable says:

    Apocalypse as a werewolf in a reverse gender roles world along with obsession and pure love genre mixed with harem…

    What can go wrong?

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