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Wizard Reading Patterns

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패턴을 읽는 마법사
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Wizard Reading Patterns

I see mana patterns in my eyes.

Was it around the age of five?
From then on, the world started to look a little special.

A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once.

I am a mage who reads mana patterns.

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  1. Rader says:

    Little advice for the readers.

    Don’t stick to novels you can’t even read hoping that they will get “good”. There are lot of things to do, a lot of alternatives to even read on this very site. If you are not having fun, don’t read it.

    Honestly, it’s like Diablo 4 Druid Class. @Emphat101 is like a hardcore Druid Fan who says that class is good in End Game. Yes, he may be true. But to reach that end game you will need to level up so many times with a super weak character. You will be having a hard time and if you chose other classes you would have fun while leveling up.

    If I had been following this view that you should not listen to someone who have not read even “half” the chapters I would not have been able to avoid so many landmines. Actually, I didn’t even consider reviews with 5-10 chapters but when I started reading myself and found it no fun at all I could understand that why they wrote a review with so little chapters, they could simply enjoy reading something else instead of trying to read something they can’t even enjoy.

    In the end, every review is just a review full of personal bias. You may like it or not like it, no one’s forcing you. No one’s forcing us to write it, I actually write it only if Novels are very good or very bad, provided that I have time to write it. And honestly, in my review I said that you will like the novel if you like Mary Sue characters. There is nothing wrong in liking them as they are one of the most famous types of MC, I can’t understand why @Emphat101 sound so hurt here…lol

  2. Emphat101 says:

    Little advice for the readers
    Don’t give attention to a review when he/she did not even read half of the chapters

  3. Rader says:

    This novel deserve 8.8 or so, not 9.4 score. Anyways I have read around 20 chapters but it’s enough for me. A brief summary and review.

    Story is set in modern world where due to some mutation all the animals became monsters and humans got supernatural powers. A lot of Nations got destroyed altogether and humanity retreated to Zones. Now come our MC, son of Miners who were actually powerful Superhumans. They were eccentric people, they saw enough shade in Supernatural business and didn’t want to get into that industry but at the same time they took jobs requiring months of work away from MC and that too in worst ever situation.

    Anyways, the strange couple died because a strange monster appeared in their Mining operation. Now there is a child hood friend of MC whose parents lived like nobles because they used their Supernatural powers, actually both of their parents knew each other, and friend’s parents also worked as security guard in that operation and died. MC got the money in the will and was taken by a uncle to one of the top scientist or mage in humanity.

    Now it appears that MC has legendary or even Mythic grade power to read the Mana patterns. He is a literal God in some sense as he is able to find faults in the mana circuits of most powerful mage of humanity. And here starts the problem of this novel.

    MC is a mary sue character. And like all such characters it’s one dimensional. He is not shaken much by the death of his parents and after a day or two he is quite fine. He can read 1000 books in 100 days while making notes, something which even a person called Father of Mana, living Einstein, could not do. He has near infinite mana base. He is able to find assassins hidden in the shadows. He is able to find the hidden poison and save people. He is able to do anything while laughing.

    Everyone loves him. Everyone near him are good people. Most of the times in such cases people will try to tame such prodigy or at least get them into their factions but most powerful mage as a backer he does not need that. In fact even most popular research institute like him so much that they gave him sponsorship. A senior girl is willing to teach him things because he called her Noona as per her request. And there are many things like this.

    MC is a child of fate. He is not shaken by death of his parent as after a day or two he is humming and reading books. He is not even hurt when professional assassin targets him because he has OP power. He is the classic mary sue character, he is the prophet or messiah of the world.

    Honestly, there is another novel like this called as Infinite mage. I have no problem with Overly Capable MCs, heck many of my beloved MCs are the ones who could beat Devils and Gods in the first arc of the story but I can’t sympathize with Mary Sue characters who are operating as Author requires them. For example, in OPM we have Saitama a person who reached the final evolution but even then he has many cons, and world does not treat him as if he is the chosen one. In Eminence of Shadow, MC is most powerful person but he is using all this power to enjoy his power fantasies. There are many other cases too, they are mega OP characters but they feel like humans because they have desire like humans and because they act like human in the sense that they change their desires under new events. They adapt as per the World, but in this novel world adapts as per the MC.

    Overall, if you like Mary Sue character you will enjoy this novel. As some one who is tired of such characters, it’s not for me.

  4. Feng says:

    9.4 ? This is on the same level was childhood friend something something on genesis. I am diving in

  5. Greetings Fellow Cultivator , I am the Supreme Elder of The “CELESTIAL PALACE” I have been cultivating in seclusion in both the holy land of “noblemtl” and “mtlnation” for countless years, today I have decided to come out of my seclusion and greet all the fellow Cultivators here, and I hope that all of us can pursue the path of “MTL Dao” with all heart and ascend to a realm which is beyond everyones reach.

  6. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Mc starts off young the story is an old fashioned coming of age weak to strong story. This type of story is no good on noble mtl. These stories rarely get updated so why waste your time reading a boring story of a kid getting stronger? I would rather read something else.

  7. Woo Lee Woo Lee says:

    Finally, i found fantasy novel, no obsesion:)

  8. RealEason says:

    chap 3 – world seems like dystopian instead of fantasy, so far – its kinda meh

  9. RealEason says:

    welp, ig ill try it out

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