The Character I Created Is Obsessed With Me chapter 83

83 - Ruse and Conspiracy (7)

83 – Ruse and Conspiracy (7)

Unidentified black smoke and reanimated corpses. It must have been necromancy.

There weren’t many necromancers in the game.

And the necromancers were all demons belonging to the demon lord’s army.

That’s how easy it was to identify an enemy who used necromancy.

‘Among the necromancers, there wasn’t a single one that was easy.’

The power of the necromancer was remarkably low, but the magic to manipulate the corpse was a problem.

It was difficult to deal with as it hides in a secret place and casts large-scale magic.

But a necromancer appeared in Helen Village. I didn’t expect it at all.

If you’ve ever dealt with such unusual magic, it was normal to only work in the Demon Realm.

I thought there was absolutely no chance of encountering a necromancer in the village of Helen, far from the border.

However, unexpected things started to happen again.

‘First I have to go back to the village and let them know.’

They hurried their steps, trampling countless silver grass.

I heard the sound of heavy breathing from behind.

Celica was struggling to catch up with us, but she couldn’t do it.

At this rate, we could have fallen behind. She couldn’t help but stop her and held out her hand.

“First, give me the wand.”

“Yes? Yes!”

His expression seemed to be incomprehensible, but the answer was quick.

Celica obediently passed the staff to me.

I immediately turned my back to her Celica and bent her knees so that I could ride on her back.

“Get up quickly.”

“Yes… !?”

“I have to hurry now. Hurry!”

I didn’t have time to be considerate of Celica right now. She had to return to the village as soon as possible.

Before Celica could answer, she forcibly grabbed her hand and put it on her back.

Kyla, who was watching, immediately joined in.

“I will take care of the backpack.”

Kayla picked up Celica’s backpack.

She had to return to Helen Village as soon as possible and inform her.

The necromancer must be hiding in a place where you can’t easily find him.

In order to find the necromancer, he needed help from the guards and knights of Helen Village.

There was a possibility of finding it only after searching the plains with a large number of people.

Above all, the necromancer’s purpose was obvious.

Occupation of Helen Village. If it wasn’t for that, there was no reason to come all this far and carry out an attack.

The problem was that he couldn’t figure out how much electricity the town of Helen had.

In the worst case scenario, the village of Helen could be destroyed.

Just like the village of Norton collapsed in the snowy mountain last time.

‘That’s absolutely not possible.’

I don’t know Norton Village, but it was really dangerous if Helen Village collapsed.

It served as a transportation route connecting the capital and other villages.

If the village of Helen was occupied, the battle could have turned in an instant.

“Seohyun. Be careful. There are still a lot of monsters around.”

Erina opened her mouth without a hint of her tiredness.

“Erina. Things are taking a weird turn.”

“Yes. It’s really strange. The sudden rise of the corpse and the black fog are also suspicious.”

Contrary to what he said, Erina had a very flat attitude.

If it were the usual Erina, she would have rushed her steps, feeling anxious right away.

But now I didn’t even have time to doubt her.

“Once we arrive at the village, let’s go straight to the guard. You have to tell me this.”

“Yes. All right.”

Although he obediently followed my words, there was no serious atmosphere in his reply.

Rather, she cared more about the person on my back.

Does it bother me that much that Celica is riding on my back?

As she sat on my back, Celica held her hand tightly to her waist as if she was sorry.

I tightened her arms around her thighs just in case she didn’t fall.

“I haven’t tried it yet…”

“Erina. Concentrate.”

“I know.”

Does jealousy rise even in this situation? But now it was urgent.

The cries of countless monsters resonated as they crossed the silver grass field.

A few days ago, after killing the monsters, the plains were quiet for a while.

But now it was completely different. Life was overflowing on all sides.

“Seohyun! Dangerous!”

Kayla quickly ran to my side and opened her magic circle.

Fireballs rose in the air, and fiery arrows rose.

“I will cover you!”

A flaming arrow flew into the wolf’s throat as it ran towards me.

The wolf, whose body was on fire in an instant, rolled on the floor.

While running, I kicked the wolf’s head off the floor to finish it off.

Leaving behind the fallen wolf with a sad scream, he ran across the plain.

I wonder if an hour has passed like that.

Around the time my stamina slowly ran out, I began to see the village from a distance.

“Cheer up a little more. We are almost there!”

With Celica’s support, she did not stop her steps.

She thought that if she went back to Helen Village, she would be able to catch her breath for a while.

However, at the entrance of the village, a scene completely different from what I expected was unfolding.

“What is this…?!”

The stone walls and wooden fences that protected the village had collapsed.

The guard who was supposed to guard the door was lying on the floor clutching his chest.

He looked very dangerous as he was breathing heavily and suppressing the bleeding.

I immediately approached him and set down Celica from his back.

“Serica. Please treat me!”


Landing on my back, she immediately straightened her cane and held it firmly.

As I recited her prayer while holding onto her staff, a divine light began to spread.

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“Heo Eok… Heo-eok… Whoa…”

The guard’s painful breathing gradually began to subside.

Vitality returned to the exhausted and sweaty face.

“Be patient. It’s fine now.”

Carefully pushed the guard’s back to help him get up.

Fortunately, there seemed to be no danger to life. If it heals as it is, it will be safe.

“Thank you…”

The guard caught his breath and wiped the sweat from her face.

But there was still fear in his eyes.

“What the hell happened?”

“Eh, the Demon King’s army has come…”


“Demon King… Suddenly, the Demon King’s army came rushing in… “

It’s the demon king’s army. Was there an event where the Demon King’s Army was attacked in Helen Village?

At least, it was an episode that I don’t remember at all.

“That, and there was a traitor…”


“The newcomer who stood guard with me, he suddenly opened the door…!”

The guard’s face was full of anger.

I never thought there was a spy inside the village.

No one expected that there would be a spy hiding in the town’s guards.

“For now, calm down. What happened to the other guards?”

“They are probably fighting monsters in the village…”

Celica’s complexion turned pale at the guard’s words.

The village of Helen was attacked by the demon king’s army.

That meant that her monastery, where she lived, was also in danger.

There was nothing more to hear. After moving the guard to safety, he drew her knife.

“Everyone get ready. Go into the village.”

The comrades each entered Helen Village with their own weapons.

Inside the town of Helen, the road to hell was spread out.

Just a few days ago, the bright and beautiful streets were in chaos.

There were puddles of blood in the streets and people were lying there bleeding.

People’s screams echoed everywhere. And we weren’t safe either.

“Everyone be careful!”

A group of harpies began to fly from the sky.

She has the body of a woman, but instead of her arms, she has wings, and her lower body is sharpened with sharp claws.

They were slaughtering people with bows and arrows in the air.

“Serica. Don’t move!”

She raised her shield while holding her. She slashed her sword for a moment, then channeled her magic into her arm and created a huge icicle.

An ice spear that Snow Woman often used. Although it was less powerful than the one she used to use, it was a weapon that could be used well enough now.

Blocking it with a shield, he waited for an opportunity and threw out his spear. The ice spear flew through the air and pierced the harpy’s torso.

The monster with a hole in its body lost its ability to flap its wings and fell in the air.

When a comrade died, the rest of the group went mad and started shooting arrows or rushing at them.


No reply came back. Kayla already had flames in her mouth.

As he spit out a stream of fire with his breath, a huge stream of fire flew into the air.

As the straight breath soared into the air, the harpy’s wings caught fire.

I threw ice spears several times at the monsters that were sinking in the air with confusion.

In an instant, the group of harpies were annihilated. But still, the screams of people around him continued.

“Monastery! We have to go to the monastery first!”

Celica screamed as her complexion turned pale.

While Celica was gone, there was no one to stop the monsters in the monastery.

The original plan was to go to the guards and help people.

But now the story has changed. First, they decided to check if Celica’s family was all right at the monastery.

“Okay. Let’s go to the monastery for now.”

“Go, thank you!”

Celica lowered her head with a precarious expression, as if she was about to shed tears at any moment.

“Kayla. Take the lead first. I will protect Celica.”


After regrouping, we quickly headed for the monastery.

While crossing the village, I encountered many monsters.

Lizardmen. Harpy. A wolf. All kinds of monsters were roaming the streets.

“Heuk… !”

I blocked Lamia’s acid spit with a shield and cut her throat.

Then the wolf rushed in, opening its mouth to bite me.

He swung his shield and crushed the wolf’s head.

Celica spread her distance, holding on to her wand to maintain her healing light.

As time went by, her face turned an earthy color.

Wouldn’t her own precious family get hurt or something wrong?

While many of her worries ran through her head, Celica’s heart was filled with fear.

“Selica! Wake!”

“Ah, yes..!”

Celica opened her eyes at my scream. She had to focus on fighting now.

As much as I was worried about the monastery, I had to deal with the monster as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, the number of monsters started to decrease the further we headed towards the back alley.

While heading to the monastery, Celica’s steps became busy.

Even while breathing heavily, her body leaned forward.

I was able to reach the monastery in just a few minutes.

However, an unbelievable scene unfolded before Celica’s eyes.

“Ah… no…! No way… !!”

The main gate of the monastery was broken.

The dirt floor where the children played was full of footprints of monsters.

The cries of children echoed through the broken windows.

As I hurriedly entered the monastery, an unbelievable sight caught my eye.

“Abbot… !!”

The old man guarding the monastery was bleeding on the floor.

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