The Character I Created Is Obsessed With Me chapter 84

84 - Ruse and Intrigue (8)

84 – Ruse and Intrigue (8)

“Oh no… ! This is not it!!”

Celica screamed and ran to the abbot.

Several wolf corpses lay beside him.

He must have stepped out to protect the children.

But even the old man was not safe. There were clear teeth marks on his stomach.

He fell on the floor, vomiting blood, unable to control his body.

“Sister… !!”

“Sister… !!”

The children screamed as they saw Celica returning.

The children were bursting into tears centering around the fallen abbot.

Immediately, Celica knelt in front of the old man and recited a prayer.

“Poetry, God…! Please, the light of the miracle… Please let the light down… !!”

Light shone from the staff, and the abbot’s wounds healed.

But it’s already too late. He was breathing heavily and couldn’t get himself up.

Even if the wound heals, his body has already reached its limit.

The abbot opened his mouth slowly as if he had noticed that he couldn’t get up anymore.

“Three… Rika… “

“Abbot…!! It’s me…!! Celica is here… !!”

“Yes… You’re back…”

As time passed, the abbot’s voice lost its power.

He quietly closed his eyes as if he had a premonition of his end.

Seeing that, Celica let out a scream as she shed tears.

“Oh, it’s okay…! I have cured you! A little rest and you’ll be able to get up again!”

“No… It’s already too late… “

He slowly reached out his hand towards Celica. Her arms on her knees barely felt any strength.

Seeing the old man slowly closing his eyes, Celica screamed in panic.

With the thought that something had to be done, she grabbed her staff and cried out for a miracle.

However, the abbot held Celica’s hand and stopped her prayer.

“Selica… Listen carefully to me…”

“Abbot…! Can you still live more…! I treated you, so you should be fine now!!”

“Thank you for helping me all this time…”

“Don’t say that…!! I want to continue to live in the monastery with the abbot… !!”

The abbot shook his head with his eyes closed.

“Selica… Please don’t take care of the children…”

After leaving his last will, the abbot fell into an eternal sleep.

“Abbot… ?”

As if that couldn’t be the case, Celica held the old man’s hand.

She shook her head, clutching her increasingly cold hands.

“No… no… !! Abbey head…!!”

Celica couldn’t accept the death of her family.

She kept trying to save him by reciting her prayers.

“Please… please… !!”

She cried desperately and performed miracles.

But the abbot closed her eyes without moving.

In the end, I stepped out and patted Celica on the back.

“Serica, let’s wake up…”

“No! There is still a way…!!”

I could no longer leave Celica alone. She picked up her cane, which had been curled up on the floor.

But she continued her prayer with her hands together.

“Goddess… please have mercy… !! Have mercy!!”

She continued her healing, but nothing changed.

Her Unfortunately, there was no God for her. The miracle Celica hoped for did not happen.

In the end, she hugged the body of the abbot who had fallen to the floor.

“Sorry… !! Sorry…! I insisted on following the request… !!”

The children also burst into tears at her screams.

She couldn’t do anything while watching her weeping as she hugged her cooled body.

“Sister… What should I do now… ?”

“Is the abbot really unable to wake up…?”

“No…! Goddess… Goddess will help you…!”

Celica still couldn’t accept the old man’s death.

The sudden death of her family, who had been with her all her life, threw her into a panic.

The same goes for children. Adults who are different from parents to children have left.

I was still too old to accept the death of a person. But the tears and crying did not stop.

She slipped out of the monastery quietly. She decided to give Serika some time until she calmed down.

Kayla and Erina were guarding the entrance to the monastery.


“Don’t worry. I will protect you.”

Even in this situation, Erina did not waver.

At the entrance of the monastery, they were guarding against monsters entering.

I could hear Celica and her children crying behind me.

But she looked around indifferently to see if she could hear anything.

Meanwhile, Kayla asked me sadly.

“Is Celica-sama okay? ?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know. Let’s just give it some time.”

I was worried about Celica as well.

But she felt sorry for Celica, but she didn’t have time to wait for her.

Even now, the Demon King’s army was making the village a mess.

I had to face the Demon King’s army that invaded the village even now.

At the same time, he had to protect the monastery for the old man’s will.

“Kayla. Can you protect the monastery alone for a while?”

To do that, I decided to ask Kayla for Celica.

It would be nice if Erina, the strongest in our party, would stay, but she couldn’t be separated from me by her nature.

Conversely, if Celica and Erina were left alone, what would happen between them was unknown.

It was only right that Kayla, who was close to Celica, was by her side.

“Yes. I will definitely protect the monastery.”

Fortunately, Kayla understood what she meant and meekly lowered her head.

Although there was a hint of regret on his face, he was aware of the situation.

“Kayla. Do you have emergency firecrackers?”

“Yes. You have.”

“When a dangerous moment comes, set off firecrackers right away.”

Firecrackers prepared from the snowy mountains. Although I had never used it until now, I didn’t know it now.

The mere fact that there is a means to inform of an emergency situation is comforting to my heart.

After patting Kayla’s back lightly, he called Erina.

“Erina. Let’s go.”


Erina’s face turned bright at the fact that the other teammates were leaving.

The monastery was still filled with the cries of children.

Even so, Erina didn’t even waver at all.

Even when she saw people mourning the death of her family in front of her eyes, she remained expressionless.

‘It’s really okay.’

Now, far from being surprised, I felt that her heart was close to resignation.

Once things were sorted out, she seemed to need to have a deep conversation with Erina.

“Seohyun-nim… ?”

As I stood still, Erina looked at me with a puzzled expression.

“No. Let’s go.”

Still, I had to do what I had to do.

She carried a sword and shield. Erina likewise drew out her longsword.

She had to kill all the monsters that attacked the village.

“Let’s move from the center of the village to the shopping district. You have to kill all the monsters.”

Erina followed me without a word.

In order to stop the demon lord, she had to protect Helen Village for Celica’s sake.

As she made her way out of the back alley and into the main boulevard of the village, she could see the scene of chaos.

The corpses of people and monsters were strewn about.

The street guards were doing their best to fight the monsters.

“Ugh… Aww… !!”

“Watch out! It’s a chimera!”

A lion’s head, a horse’s body and a snake’s tail. A monster hybrid with black wings on its back.

A collection of biological experiments of the Demon King Army faced the guards.

Chimera was not alone. A group of monsters accompanied by Naga and Lamia were wandering through the village.

Numerous guards rushed in and surrounded the Chimera, but it was not enough.

Chimera was a monster familiar with melee.

The more enemies aimed at her, the more fiercely she rebelled.

With a wild roar, the Chimera rushed towards the guards.

It lightly chewed on an iron shield and bared its teeth toward the human body.

“Ah… help me…!!”

“Support! Call for support! We can’t afford it!”

In an urgent situation, the siege of the guards was collapsing.

Meanwhile, Erina and I intervened.

“Erina. Block the monsters around you. I’ll take care of the Chimera.”

“That’s dangerous. I’d rather have everything… !”

“It’s okay. Trust me.”

Erina hesitated at my words, and confusion passed over her expression.

It’s too early to say I’m still strong.

But she wasn’t weak enough to be a burden to Erina.

I have grown enough to be able to deal with Chimera by myself.

Before I could hear Erina’s answer, I went into the ranks of the guards.

Chimera caught my eye in the encirclement after breaking through numerous guards.

When our eyes met the dark red eyes, a fierce sense of intimidation was transmitted.

In the past, he would have been frightened and stiffened.

But now it was different. Calmly warmed up and faced the opponent.

Chimera is one of the most clever monsters.

It was quite nimble and even had wings, so it could fly and attack.

‘I have to keep my distance.’

I quickly froze the one-handed sword and turned it into an ice spear.

It was difficult to deal with the Chimera with a one-handed sword. A spear with a long range was advantageous.

He confronted the Chimera holding a spear in his right hand and a shield in his left.

Chimera tended to like melee situations.

I had to go out with a hit-and-run strategy while widening the distance.

The Chimera lunged at me, baring its lion’s teeth.

But before he could reach me, his ice spear pierced the back of my nose.

The chimera snarled and kicked him, but immediately rolled to the floor and was thrown out of position.

It showed sluggish movements, even turning its torso, befitting its large size.

While he hesitated for a moment, the spear was continuously stabbed into his leg.

The monster’s breathing became rough with a painful roar.

Then she lowered her head and started stamping his feet.

“Avoid everything! Hurry!”

I shouted at the guards, but it was too late.

As soon as the horse ran out, the Chimera charged forward with all its might.

“Ahhh… !!”

The lion’s head had huge horns.

The guards who were hit by the torso headbutt were blown away.

Several guards were caught in the chimera’s charge.

However, they were not helpless.

Closing the siege, the guards began to rush towards the Chimera.

However, this was the situation Chimera had hoped for.

The Chimera spread his wings and soared, crushing the guards charging him from the air.

“Keuuugh… !!”

“Chi, call the healer… heck… !!”

He bit his head with his teeth. She trampled the body of the guard with her horse’s hoof, killing her.

The dozens of guards were driven to the brink of annihilation.

‘Damn it… Why are you so weak!’

By the second playthrough, it was understandable that the enemies would become stronger overall.

Then, wouldn’t it make sense that the guards guarding the village should be strong as well?

But looking at the current situation, it wasn’t like that at all.

The guards were at a loss because they couldn’t deal with just one Chimera.

I had no choice but to step forward.

“Everyone get out of the way… !”

He put down his shield and discharged his mana, creating a huge icicle.

Fortunately, thanks to the guards’ time, we were able to gather considerable strength.

A sharp ice pick that emits white smoke. It was similar to the icicle that the snow woman had pierced my back.

With all his might, he pierced the icicle into the Chimera’s body.

The Chimera screamed and twisted his body.

A cold chill spread through the bones along the icicles.

However, the monster was still struggling with his body.

“Stand back everyone! Dangerous!”

It flapped its wings and tried to soar through the sky. I couldn’t stand still and watch.

I grabbed the ice spear and stabbed it precisely into the chimera’s philtrum.

No matter how tenacious the Chimera was, if its face was pierced, it would not have the strength to withstand it.

The Chimera, who died as it was, lost the light in her eyes.

As Chimera’s massive body lost strength and collapsed, a vibration echoed across her floor.


As I let out a sigh, heat escaped from my body.

After confirming that Chimera was dead, I retrieved her ice spear.

‘I’ve grown in my own way too.’

There was help from the guards, but in fact, it was as if I was dealing with the Chimera alone.

Compared to when I first fell into this world, it was a remarkable growth.

But it was too early to be relieved. There were still many monsters left.

“Erina. Is that…?!”

Unknowingly, my mouth snapped shut. Erina’s long sword was dripping with her blood.

However, what she cut was not a monster.

A guard collapsed in front of Erina.

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