The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 1

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 1

Episode 1 00. Prologue

I accidentally entered the world of a novel with magic and dragons.

reason? I do not know. I just woke up and it was here.

I read a lot of web novels, but in this case, it was common to possess the body of the main character with exceptional talent or to be the child of a wealthy family.

I definitely should have… … .

‘This is a bit… … Isn’t that too much?’

There were also many famous houses here.

A master swordsman with a reputation for swordsmanship, a master magician of mystery, or an assassin master who never leaves enemies alive.

But the person I possessed was just from a family of commoners.

“Why are you a commoner? under… … .”

Wouldn’t it be great if you came from a good noble family even if you were brought into a harsh world?

If I had done it in moderation, I would probably have lived my whole life worry-free.

But such happiness did not happen to me.

‘No, I’m not the main character of Munchkins, but I’m not even a foolish child of some noble family, and if I get possessed by someone from a commoner’s family who is really nothing, are you telling me to just die? Isn’t this really too much!’

It was unfair to be from common people, but there was something worse.

‘It’s also the eldest son. People will turn around, really.’

When I looked at the condition of the family, the tax was so tilted that I couldn’t tell if it was a serf or a commoner. Same situation.

“under… … .”

If you keep sighing, will bread come out of the air or will you get an answer?

I thought for a few days about how to live because I was not confident that I would die with my younger brothers and sisters who fell into a lonely world and called me older brother or older brother.

‘Yeah, let’s survive somehow. I’m going to die of shame that I was brought here, but I can’t die like this, can I?’

Some might have been drawn into this X-like world and become a sword master for one hundred, and some might have become an archmage who changed the rivers and mountains.

But it was just a dream story for me without such talent, and I had to find a way to live my life my own way.

‘That’s all I’ve learned… … .’

A high-spirited young man in his 30s from Song-Ha Moon (sorry for being a liberal arts major) who majored in economics and history.

There was no part-time job that I didn’t do until I was 30, and there were a lot of things I experienced in order to build job specifications.

Because of my background, there was only one way to live.

‘Yeah, I don’t know, money is great. Because everything in the world is driven by money.’

I suddenly had this thought.

Do people here know the history of finance developed by the earth’s civilization and the bitter taste of advanced finance?

“No, I don’t know. never.”

If you don’t know, you’ll have to suffer.

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  1. MrPojsomnoj says:

    You mean Ponzi schemes and Bubbles? Sometimes people never learn, and then blame jews for their mistakes…

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