The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 10

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 10

Episode 10 03. Meet the Goldsmith (4)

“I don’t know if you heard it either, but these days, the orcs are all the rage. I don’t know why, but the frequency of their appearance has been increasing quite a bit lately. In the past, I would have just let it go, but I don’t think it’s at that level anymore. A few days ago, one Young Ji-min was hit and this time it happened again. Two strong young men also suffered.”

“Is that so?”

“So, sooner or later, I may have something to ask of you. I’m going to hire a squad of mercenaries that are known for their good skills to clean up these orcs.”

“Mercenaries, that’s a good idea. There is no need for the Lord to go out for nothing.”

“Isn’t it a waste to use my people for that kind of work? If it can be easily solved with money, then it is only me who can solve it with money.”

When the lord who had visited him spoke up, the goldsmith Carter smiled secretly.

The lord had only one reason to visit him, a goldsmith.

It just needs a power supply.

“If you need money for the work, I will lend it to you. It’s all for the lord and the land, but would money be a problem?”

In the case of the lord, he was the most trustworthy of all the customers Carter dealt with.

As a nobleman, he was proud of himself, so he had little fear of losing money, and he was the best customer for a goldsmith who lends gold coins because he was able to secure a stable tax revenue with the taxes collected in the territory.

“Yeah, well, it’s money. It’s enough if I borrow it from you.”

The lord, who slowly lost his luck, noticed the goldsmith.

He said that those who play interest in the world are scum that will go to hell.

So I didn’t want to even do business with him, but I still needed money, so I had no choice but to face him.

“The problem is interest. Can’t you just lend me something?”

As the lord trimmed my beard, the goldsmith looked at him secretly and began to speak.

“Lord, I can’t just lend to the lord in the yard where I live by playing with money, can’t I? Please consider my situation.”

“It is said that if you lend money to others and live on interest, you will go to hell… … Aren’t you worried about that?”

When he said those words, the goldsmith internally laughed at him.

‘I’ve only heard that word thousands or tens of thousands of times.’

“So we are making a lot of donations to the church. Even though I may be hated by God for playing with money, won’t the priests pray for me more than others if I donate a lot? So people like us are less hated by God that way.”

Youngjoo shook his head openly.

“But donations aren’t everything.”

“But faith in the denomination is not everything.”

“You… … You keep grabbing my tail with a bit of cheekiness.”

“Ouch! I’m really sorry if my words were a bit off-putting. Because it was a story about the church, it had no meaning. I was just saying it in the sense that if I donated a lot, God would be more pitiful for me.”

Money was power.

No matter how much he was a commoner, he had no choice but to turn down the lord in front of money.

‘That’s why you shouldn’t play with money. I feel like I want to catch something and try something… … .’

As the undisputed ruler of this territory, he had his own reasons for not liking the goldsmith, but not being able to do anything easily.

‘I have to be patient. After all, these guys are people who have been abandoned by God.’

No matter how much you hate money-playing guys, there are times when you need a quick power supply when you are running a manor job.

At that time, the only place where I could borrow money quickly and easily was the goldsmith’s banco located in the territory, and the goldsmiths working in such banco were all like these guys, so no matter how much I hated them, I couldn’t let them go.

‘It’s urgent. I need it from time to time.’

In addition, since goldsmiths were deeply associated with the Imperial Family and hated by everyone, they formed strong solidarity among themselves and jointly dealt with the unsavory affairs related to them.

So, no matter how much he hated him as a goldsmith, the lord could not treat him badly.

‘What’s his money.’

Money was an essential element for the lord to run his estate.

So, the lord had no choice but to look out for the goldsmith in order to manage his estate.

“Even if I hate you, you shouldn’t hate money.”

The goldsmith immediately put a smile on his lips.

“Thank you so much for watching.”

“I’m just saying it because I hate you. I’m going to give you a little bit of interest on the money I’m borrowing this time, but?”

“We are always the same. No matter how much you borrow from me, I get 6 percent interest per month. This is true for lords, or other customers as well. There are no exceptions here.”

After all, it was borrowed money, and it was enough to return it back with the tax collected from the young people.

But he wasn’t such an ignorant lord either.

There was a story I had heard from my father.

‘He told me not to borrow too much money while running my business here. It’s good if you borrow it right away, but you said that you can’t afford it if you have too much money to pay back later.’

“How can it not be? This is for you too. Imagine if this goes wrong and orcs break into this estate. It won’t be good for you either.”

The sears who followed the lord were quiet, but they were pressing on the goldsmith with glaring eyes knowingly and unknowingly.

They also had a negative view of the goldsmith, but they thought the lord was right.

Then the goldsmith who was scratching my cheek decided to take a step back.

After all, he, who was doing business in the lord’s land, had to watch the lord’s eyes anyway.

“Wow! Then I’ll make it especially cheap this time. We will lower the interest rate to 4% per month. It’s not for anything else, it’s for the sake of this land, so I’ll have to make some concessions. Isn’t that the way people live?”

The lord also had his face, so he couldn’t cut interest any more.

Because it seemed like it would look too small if I cut it more.

“Okay, then let’s do it.”

When the deal was made, the goldsmith began to demand something from the lord.

“Then, are you writing me a IOU like last time?”

“I guess so. Otherwise will you lend me money?”

“After all, the Lord is the best.”

Although the goldsmith smiled brightly, the lord’s expression was not very bright.

It was because I needed money urgently, so I borrowed money, and there was nothing to be happy about other than that.

‘Things that play with money anyway.’

Regardless of what the lord thought of him or not, the goldsmith delivered this with certainty.

It was related to the deed of borrowing.

“And I’m telling you in advance to the old woman, but you should know in advance that the IOU that the lord wrote to me can be traded separately in other places. This is to tell you in advance that I may not be the one who will have to pay back the money later, without having to think too hard. Because I am selling that right to someone else.”

“Doesn’t that change the interest rate?”

“Interest remains the same.”

“The interest rate is not going to change, so do whatever you want. I’m not a money eater, would you care? It’s just that the person you have to pay the money back is changing from you to someone else.”

“Then I’m happy. First, write me the IOU, and I will immediately give you the amount of gold you need.”

Young-joo wrote a deed of loan to the goldsmith, got a loan, and went out of the store.

Banco, located near the market, was crowded with local residents passing by.

‘I feel it every time, but every time I go out, I feel really bad.’

Meanwhile, Yeong-ju found a familiar person.

He was the child of a commoner whom I had seen a few days ago.

‘That kid… … .’

While the lord was thinking about Rockefeller.

Rockefeller, who happened to meet the lord in front of Banco, greeted him politely.

“I see you, Lord. Rockefeller Ross Medici.”

“Yeah, were you Hans’ son? Did the funeral go well then?”

At those words, Rockefeller bowed his head more politely than before.

“Yes, thanks to the lord, my father’s funeral went well.”

“Okay, so have you thought about what I said? He must have told you about manners and fountains, right?”

“I’m still thinking about that.”

Looking at the color, it didn’t seem that different from what I had seen before.

Since he was not a very leisurely person to have long conversations with a child of a commoner whom he met by chance, Yeong-ju wanted to go his own way.

“Anyway, the answer is fixed. So don’t worry too much.”

After finishing my words, the lord gave up his interest in Rockefeller and left.

Rockefeller, who lightly bowed his head at such a lord, naturally shifted his gaze to the Banco from which he came out.

‘Did you borrow money from here?’

As Rockefeller entered the store, Carter, who had been delighted to have lent money to the lord, gave a startled expression on his face.

Then he looked outside the store and spoke to Rockefeller with a relieved expression.

“Yeah, did you come here because of the business you did last time?”


“Then let’s see something.”

Rockefeller asked Carter as he led him into the store.

“I think the lord has just come, what is going on?”

“It’s no big deal. You can ignore it.”

“If that’s the case, can’t you just tell me?

“I have a lot of questions. Because of the orcs appearing near the estate, the lord has come to borrow money to summon mercenaries.”


“Recently, one person has been victimized, and recently two people have been victimized.”

orc story.

It was unheard of for Rockefeller.

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