The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 103

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 103

Episode 103 23. Magic Stone Tank (5)

When Ricardo was thinking deeply about the possible war against the Dwarfs.

Rockefeller opened another letter to him.

The letter, which was more luxurious and fragrant than the one sent by the lord and his younger brother, was unfortunately not from the imperial family.

The letter had the seal of the Sinclair family.

‘The Sinclair family seems to congratulate me for becoming the guild leader.’

A rough glance at the contents of the letter from the Sinclair family revealed that they respected the Lyon Guild’s choice and congratulated him as the new guild leader.

“It seems that the Sinclairs are also congratulating me.”

Ricardo responded to that.

“Of course it would. Originally, the Lyon Guild had a deep connection with the Sinclair family, wasn’t it?”

“Looking at the contents of the letter, they say they will be sending someone soon.”

Since the new guild leader was elected, it seemed that the Sinclair family did not intend to end with just congratulations.

“As the new guild leader has been elected, you will want to continue the relationship that has been going on since before. Perhaps by sending a member of the family, they will do it a favor, either materially or in some way.”

Rockefeller did not deny it.

“Perhaps it is.”

However, seeing him gently narrowing his eyes, he seems to have some thoughts.

Ricardo saw this and asked for something else.

“More than that, is there still no news from the imperial family?”

In fact, more important than any congratulatory message or letter was the letter from the imperial family.

Only with the permission of the imperial family to appoint Rockefeller as head of the guild in Lyon, Rockefeller could truly act as the guild leader.

“Yeah, no news yet.”

Rockefeller looked a little worried.

He thought that he would appoint himself as the guild leader in the imperial family, but he was not sure because he was originally a commoner.

“If I had come from an ordinary aristocrat rather than a commoner, the imperial family would not have been so busy.”

Ricardo knew the aristocratic society and the imperial family better than anyone.

Judging by his own judgment, the appointment of Rockefeller, a commoner, as the guild leader may cause some dissonance among the imperial family or high-ranking officials, but it seemed difficult to deny the appointment itself.

“It probably won’t be a problem. Even if you are a commoner, the Lyon Guild cannot be ignored by the imperial family or bureaucrats. So will the other nobles.”

His words continued.

“And since the Sinclair family respected the guild’s choices, wouldn’t the imperial family do the same?”

“I hope so.”

“Please wait a little more patiently. The imperial family will send you good news soon.”

Reluctant to speak, Rockefeller pulled out a letter from the Sinclairs and looked through the others.

It was all about congratulating yourself.

‘These things are meaningless.’

Rockefeller, who had put down all the letters that had come to him, spoke as he sat at his desk.

“I’m thinking of putting out an advertisement instead.”

When Rockefeller broke his luck, Ricardo looked up.

“An advertisement?”

If it was a job advertisement asking for an assistant, it was meaningless because I was confident.

“What are you looking for?”

“It’s a person.”

“Are you looking for another assistant?”

Rockefeller laughed at that.

“Oh, it’s not like that. Assistant, I’ve already hired you, and you don’t need to hire more.”

“Then who are you hiring?”

“The First Prince will be here soon, so we need to prepare for it.”

Only then did Ricardo know what Rockefeller was advertising for.

“Are you thinking of finding an escort knight?”

“Yeah, if you don’t want to bow down to the first prince, you have to do that.”

What kind of escort knight must be hired to stand upright in front of the first prince?

‘There are a few… … .’

Some of them were not easy to hire from Rockefeller’s point of view.

No, it was absolutely impossible.

Because they were people that money couldn’t deal with.

‘It doesn’t look like it’s there.’

No matter how much he thought about it, Ricard, who could not think of a proper escort knight, also raised questions.

“It will probably be difficult as a clumsy escort driver. Who were you thinking of?”

“Yes, I know. That’s why I plan to hire a very powerful person to serve as my escort.”

“Is there such a person?”

“There is only one.”

Ricardo tilted his head for a moment when he heard that there was only one, but he was able to identify one.

“no way… … Isn’t it Lee Han?”

Most of the people Ricardo thought of were those whom Rockefeller did not dare to call or even call.

If there was a possibility, there was only one guy rumored to be Lee Han.

But even that Lee Han was not an easy opponent to call.

“Yes, that’s right. I plan to keep Lee Han as an escort knight for a while. Then even His Majesty the First Prince will not be able to help me.”

Ricardo asked with an unwilling expression.

“Can you bring a man named Lee Han? It must be difficult to buy him with money, right?”

Rockefeller answered such a question with some certainty.

“So I’m going to bait what he needs.”

“If you say bait?”

“When I heard the rumors, I heard that he went to various dungeons for magic stones.”

Demon sword of Behemoth.

It was rumored to grow by eating manastones.

“If you give me that magic stone, won’t Lee Han move for me too?”

There were certainly rumors that a man named Lee Han was busy moving because of the magic stone.

“It’s a magic stone… … .”

“It will definitely move.”

When Rockefeller spoke in a confident tone, Ricardo naturally raised his doubts.

“Are you so sure?”

“Did I not tell you? My touch is pretty good. Perhaps Lee Han will definitely come for the magic stone I have.”

“but… … If you need magic stones.”

After speaking, Rockefeller thought.

‘At this time, there will be no major problems since it was the time to grow magic swords.’

“Anyway, please make the ad a little louder. No one knows where Lee Han is now.”

Ricardo asked.

“Finding Lee Han is the best way to advertise in as many places as possible. What are you going to do with the magic stone?”

Rockefeller still smiled at that question.

‘Hey, you’re called an assistant for once. I can eat comfortably.’

“That too, please. As a guild leader, I have my own work to do, isn’t it funny that I move to get magic stones myself?”

If the head of the Assassin’s House tried to supply manastones, it was clear that he would gather a lot of manastones in the shortest amount of time.

I have a lot of money to buy there, so what’s the problem?

“I understand for now. We will collect as many magic stones as possible.”

Rockefeller’s direction was the same as Ricardo’s, so there was no reason for him to cause any problems.

So, Rockefeller, who was at ease, gave his heartfelt encouragement to him, who was going to be busy soon.

“Then I will ask you.”

* * *

blood-stained earth.

There was a man standing on the ground with corpses scattered all over the place without much inspiration.

Wearing full body armor made of blood, and with his red hair blowing in the wind, he was Rayyan Tepez, who was called the First Prince of the Empire.

“… … .

detection plan.

A knight came to him, who had the characteristics of the Tepez family.

She too was the owner of the red eye, and was as blood-stained as the first prince.

A characteristic feature was the existence of numerous swords that fell from the sky immediately after she stood for the report.

Ignoring the rain of the sword falling down loudly, she said to the first prince with a dissatisfied expression on her face.

“Did you really have to do this?”

It was a fight that was neither fun nor exciting.

It would be most accurate to say that it was a one-sided massacre.

The head of the Revolutionary Army had long ago been decapitated, and he put an end to this war with only slaughter, ignoring the revolutionary army’s intention to surrender unconditionally.

That was Tepez’s way.

The first prince, standing on the corpse of the revolutionary army, turned his head and looked at the knight who had come.

Although they had the same blood, they were indeed beautiful sisters.

Finally, the first prince, who had a change in his expression, opened his mouth.

“It was no fun at all.”

“Do you think this would be fun?”

“It has to taste like trampling on something. It was my fault to think that if I was cornered, I would resist more desperately. It wouldn’t be this much fun. You were too one-sided. is not it?”

Although born in the same ship, she did not like the way of the First Prince.

“I surrendered, so I could have just saved her life, right? It was my fault, but I should have given him a chance to reflect.”

At those words, the first prince shook his head.

“That’s not Tepez’s way. And if we show such mercy, people will laugh at us. You’d think it would be okay if you made a little mistake. That’s not right. It shouldn’t be like that. We have to be the fear itself.”

Rayyan reached out and made her sister raise her face.

She stopped talking at the sudden action and looked up at him.

“What are you doing now?”

It was an action the author did when he was bored.

The first prince grinned as she roughly removed his hand, with a cold expression on his face.

“I don’t really like you either. It’s just that you’re the only one who can take my blood.”

Her expression continued to harden, and the first prince continued to speak to such a sister.

“Or introduce me to a good girl. If possible, a woman stronger than you. Then I’ll turn your attention off you.”

“Why don’t you prepare for the upcoming crown war than paying attention to me?”

Crown Wars.

It was the perfect event for a maniac war-maniac.

“Yeah, the Crown War will be completely different from this subjugation war. Only that handsome sword will come out.”

The thought of beating Kalman, the half-brothered prince, had no way to hide his excitement.

“But don’t worry. Kalman, he’ll never defeat me.”

“Isn’t Kalman’s older brother a good match? Kalman’s brother, unlike his Christian brother, is supported by the Sinclair family.”

Sinclair clan.

It was not an easy opponent to see.

But he was smiling as if he had something in mind.

“Don’t worry though. Because I wrote all the numbers.”

“Did you write the numbers down?”

She couldn’t stop feeling ominous.

“What the hell did you write?”

“I blocked the money line. You can’t win the war if the money line is blocked. After all, it’s war.”

He continued to say the following with certainty.

“Because money is everything.”

Then there was a soldier rushing towards him.

He was a soldier who carried the news.

The first prince, who had been handed something from him, opened it right away.

It was a letter from the royal family.

“What is it about? Is it something bad?”

When his sister Trinity asked a question, the first prince, who gently narrowed his eyes, opened his mouth.

“Your Majesty is saying that a new guild leader will be appointed soon. It is said that he was originally a commoner… … It seems that the appointment was delayed a bit because of that.”

The new guild leader of the Lyon Guild.

The news was not very welcome from the perspective of the first prince, who had put the work on the previous guild leader.

“Read it. Because that’s what it is.”

The first prince, who handed the letter he had received to Trinity, looked at the battlefield full of corpses with a dissatisfied expression.

‘Have you just changed the guild leader?’

It wasn’t something I wanted to do, but I thought that it wouldn’t make much of a difference.

‘There’s nothing to worry about. Rather, it could be a good thing. If the new guild leader is from commoners, it would be better to roast and boil it than the previous guild leader.’

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