The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 104

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 104

Episode 104 23. Magic Stone Tank (6)

When a new guild leader was appointed to the Lyon Guild, and when he was elected, the guild programs that he promoted at the same time began to see the light of day.

A letter bearing the imperial seal arrived at the Ghetto Nuovo district in Lyon.

Rockefeller, who was seated and holding the letter to him, read it calmly in front of Ricardo’s watch.

Ricardo, who had been paying close attention to Rockefeller’s expression, opened his mouth with a calm expression.


It was an uninspired tone, but Rockefeller responded with an unconcerned face.

“There was no problem. He seems to have sat down at the guild leader’s seat.”

“As I said before, the imperial family must have respected the choice of the guild like the Sinclair family.”

“It would be. What will the imperial family say when even the Sinclair family acknowledges it?”

It was what everyone expected, and Rockefeller probably thought so too, so there was nothing out of the ordinary here.

‘Is this going to take off the status of a commoner and become a nobleman?’

“It’s a family development. I, who was just a commoner, would be appointed by the imperial family and become an official noble like this. I’ve heard that even if you’re a baron, you have to pay taxes to the imperial imperial family for several decades to be officially recognized… … How do you occupy a place like that?”

Then Rockefeller’s expression brightened.

Hearing this news, he thought of his younger brothers who would like it.

“Not only me, but my brothers and sisters will also like it a lot. No matter what the process, you followed me and became a member of a noble family.”

After speaking, Rockefeller could think of the youngest, Lucia, the youngest of his siblings.

They’re all grown up younger brothers. It didn’t change much just because they went from commoners to nobles.

It was different for young Lucia.

“It will definitely be a good thing for the youngest Lucia than the other siblings. Now, I am not from a wealthy, commoner family, but from a family of aristocrats, so I can definitely get married in a good place.”

When he saw Rockefeller, who loved his family’s work as if it were his own, Ricardo felt a lot of things.

Even if they were from the same family, they had some goodness.

“For Prince Rockefeller, it is better for his family to do well than for him to do well.”

“Of course it is. Me and my brothers and sisters have overcome cold and hunger together since we were little. My work is my brothers’ work, and their work is my work.”

look like that

Why can’t I find it in my own family?

They are brothers who share the same blood.


After thinking about it for a while, I could easily understand why.

They had a word of competition that Rockefeller and his brothers did not find.

He had been living in a hell that was like thin ice, competing every day with his brothers of the same blood since he was born.

It was only when he endured that hell and stood alone that he could be recognized as a member of the family and occupy important positions in the family.

Survival of the fittest and the weak diet.

As long as that virtue exists, even brothers who share the same blood have no choice but to be different.

‘I’m envious. At least to be able to think of the brothers that way.’

“Did the brothers never fight with each other?”

Rockefeller grinned at the question.

“It was a lot. Wouldn’t that have happened? When I was a kid, I abused my second child, Andrew, a lot. But these are all memories of my childhood.”

Rockefeller continued.

“Me and my brothers decided not to fight with each other, unlike other brothers from other families, but to join forces unconditionally. We promised never to betray each other, no matter what happens later.”

Ricardo looked incomprehensible.

“Why did you do that?”

In the first place, the premise that he believed in his brother was ridiculous.

“Then what will you do if you are betrayed?”

he continued

“It is quite possible for someone to betray me. So it doesn’t happen that well. But the betrayal of the family is different. Once I believe in them, I suffer greatly when I am betrayed.”

So he has been firmly sticking to this principle throughout his life.

“For that reason, I have lived my life without trusting anyone. I didn’t trust my family, my friends, or anyone else. Everyone has always been in doubt. So I have never been betrayed.”

Have you ever been betrayed?

in fact there was

However, rumors about the dead never spread, so he lied in his own way.

Rockefeller had no intention of denying that statement.

“It is the same with me. I don’t trust others either. The only exception is the family.”

“Are you sure they will not betray the Rockefeller Ball?”

on that question

Rockefeller didn’t hesitate at all.

“of course. Do you know why?”

“no. I don’t know at all.”

To that, Rockefeller replied:

“Believing in each other among brothers. This is the strength and everything of our Ros Medici that cannot be found in any other family.”

Faith is power

Ricardo couldn’t understand the words, but he didn’t want to die.

“that… … Are you like Gahun?”

“It’s Gahun… … What can you say is similar. At least, that’s what I’ve been emphasizing to my younger brothers and sisters since the difficult times. Unlike other families, our brothers must trust and depend on each other no matter what happens. Perhaps my younger brothers are almost indoctrinated by speaking dry mouths.”

“… … .”

What does this conversation mean?

To put a specific meaning, it could be seen as a characteristic of the Los Medici family, which is different from other families.

“Anyway, congratulations on becoming an official noble. Your brothers and sisters will love it too.”

“I’ll have to tell my brothers about this sooner rather than later.”

Rockefeller hastily picked up a pen and continued.

“And now that this has happened, I think it would be better to bring the youngest Lucia here too. Just like men, women need to enjoy the water they play in, so the fish that get tangled are also good. You can’t make eye contact with a tough guy in a rural corner of the pretty youngest.”

It’s Rockefeller’s brother love. From Ricardo’s point of view, it was just a story to be told.

“I’m sorry while you’re busy, but didn’t the letter from the imperial family tell you anything else?”

When Riccardo asked Rockefeller, who was busy writing a letter to his younger brothers, Rockefeller stopped moving the pen and looked up.

‘Where did you hear what?’

“There was. At the end of the letter, it is said that His Majesty the First Prince is coming soon.”

The news that the Jormungand Revolutionary Army had recently been subjugated to its roots had already spread widely.

As the subjugation of the Revolutionary Army was over, the attention of the first prince was naturally focused on the War of the Crown, and for that reason, Ricardo, who had been hearing various news, asked Rockefeller just in case.

“You must be tired in many ways. When will the 1st Prince, His Majesty, come?”

“The timing hasn’t been specified, but they say it’s coming soon.”

“Is that so?”

“What happened to the advertisements seeking Lee Han?”

When the first prince came, the most important thing was an escort knight who would protect him.

So, when Rockefeller asked about a job advertisement for Lee Han, Ricardo answered with a blank expression.

“I put out flyers everywhere that Lee Han could visit. If you have a lot of interest in manastones, you will definitely come to us.”

Asked Rockefeller.

“More than that, are you ready for the Mana Stone?”

Finding Magic Stones?

Money was the problem anyway.

“You don’t have to worry too much about manastones. We are collecting as much as possible from here and there, so we should be able to collect as much as Lee Han wants.”

“Then the problem is that it’s Lee Han… … .”

It had been quite some time to spread advertisements all over the continent.

It is not common sense that Lee Han did not see the advertisement.

‘If you need a magic stone, I will definitely come to you… … .’

But I couldn’t be sure.

The most difficult to predict among the characters in the novel is the main character, Lee Han.

‘It would have been nothing to Lee Han to move with long-distance movement magic because he had been locked up in the infinite library for a long time.’

“It feels like it will appear in front of me right away, but there is no news at all. It seems that the mana stones were not as bad as I thought.”

It was then that Ricardo began to subtly scan his surroundings to see if he felt something.

Ricardo was able to sense a change that Rockefeller could not feel at all.

‘Suddenly the reverberation of mana is thick. no way?’

“It’s just my feeling. It looks like someone has come downstairs.”

Rockefeller questioned.

“A guest?”

“Yes, I will go and check it out.”

While Ricardo went down for a moment.

Rockefeller stared intently at the stairs that Ricardo had descended.

They say someone came, who is that?


That moment.

Next to Rockefeller, a man’s voice was heard for the first time in his life.

“He was looking for me.”

I looked to the side in surprise and saw someone sitting there calmly, as if they were still sitting there.

It was the first time I saw his face, but I judged him based on his hair style, eyes, and his unique atmosphere.

‘Lee Han.’

He seemed to be the main character in the novel.

“Someone told me that it was a banco business that didn’t do much.”

Clothes stained with blood and dirt.

A sword full of ominous energy.

And the owner of black hair and black eyes that doesn’t really fit in with this world.

Rockefeller pretended to be surprised and opened his mouth.

‘How did you expect it? It wasn’t as surprising as I thought.’

“Who are you?”

The unidentified man responded bluntly to the question.

“Who are you? You’ve been looking for me all this time, and now you’re asking me who I am?”

“no way… … Lee Han?”

The corners of the man’s lips curled long.

“You got it right. No, I’m the only one with dark hair here anyway, so it won’t be difficult to guess who I am.”

As Rockefeller quickly looked towards the stairs, Lee Han shook his head.

“If you were looking for the sidekick you were with, he would have gone out on the street chasing the wrong thing by now.”

For Lee Han, the man with Rockefeller was a bit annoying.

“So you don’t have to look that way. You must be chasing my illusions with excitement by now.”

Lee Han continued.

“More than that, why did you find me as a bait called magic stones?”

After speaking, Lee Han took off the boots he was wearing and dusted off the dirt inside.

It was a natural thing to do because there was no need to be vigilant about the surroundings.

Seeing Lee Han like that, Rockefeller thought.

‘You don’t care about me at all. I have no choice but to do so.’

He was an ordinary person who could not even wield a sword, let alone magic.

So, it was understandable that Lee Han’s behavior was deadly vigilant.

“To be honest, I was a little surprised that you came all of a sudden in this way. As you can see, I’m a normal person, so I’m surprised when people come to see me like that.”

When the banco trader, who had been stuttering for a while, suddenly became more comfortable with his words, Lee Han tilted his head and looked at him.

“But since I called you, of course you came here. There is no need to call a busy person and talk about various things for a long time, so I will tell you straight-forward.”

Rockefeller, who could not find the nervous look after washing his eyes, continued the rest of the conversation.

“I’ll give you as many magic stones as you want, so please take care of my escort for the time being.”

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