The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 106

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 106

106 Episode 24. The Birth of a Family (6)

1 mana stone per second, or 1 mana stone per minute.

It was almost impossible to hire him as long as the manastone didn’t rot.

‘Or hire me for a while.’

If hired for a short time, this too was difficult as he could not specify the time he would play.

‘But I’m not a great person to negotiate with you according to my will. He may have been aiming for it in the first place.’

So Rockefeller’s conclusion was as follows.

“Even if you are better than dragons, dragons are far better for cost reasons. Hiring you is too expensive. It is too expensive.”

When he said it as if he had resigned, Lee Han wrinkled his face.

“Hey, did you just say you were going to hire me and then suddenly do this?”

“Oh my God, do what you think. Where is the name of the doghouse for 1 mana stone per minute? Even the Emperor of the Empire wouldn’t pay like that.”

At that, Ian smiled.

“No, if you want to hire me, of course you have to pay that much. I’m not even a local escort knight, I’m the owner of a well-known magic sword.”

As Lee Han secretly showed the sword he was holding, Rockefeller slowly shook his head.

‘The ransom price is too high even for the protagonist of the novel.’

“Or can you hire just the few minutes you need? Then think about it.”

Rockefeller thought that he would not face the first prince for the rest of his life, and that the moment he needed Lee Han was at most an hour or two.

If paying 1 mana stone per minute, up to 120 mana stones were required, and Rockefeller had the ability to pay this much.

‘I’m willing to pay about 120 Manastones, but that guy probably won’t do that.’

A model of selfishness that does not know how to care for others and only knows oneself.

That was Lee Han.

“I’ll pay 1 mana stone per minute, so I’ll just use the time I need instead?”

“If you agree, I will think about it.”

“Hey, who do you know as Hogu? You should think at least two days to hire me. And that is common sense.”

Again, I thought that the sound would come out again.

Rockefeller let out a short sigh and spoke immediately.

“Who do you really know as Hogu? If you pay 1 Manastone per minute for two days, you get 2,880. If I’m an idiot, I’ll hire you. With this amount, you can borrow an army instead of a dragon from the Goblin Bank.”

Lee Han wrinkled his face.

“No, you mean you can’t pay that much by hiring me? Are you hiring me for no one else?”

“You don’t seem to think it’s too expensive to hire you.”

“If the cost is too high, you can split it up into smaller pieces and pay it back monthly. The interest will be very cheap, so don’t worry too much.”

This time, Rockefeller laughed out of absurdity.

“Haha, that’s a technique we often use. Have you already forgotten who I am? It’s not just a banco business, it’s a guild leader representing those businesses. But you’re saying that to me. Even if you know me funny, you seem to know me too funny.”

Lee Han glared at Rockefeller and then smiled.

“Still, there is nothing more important than a person’s life. to think good Because it was pretty cheap.”

Rockefeller thought.

It won’t be easy for the man he’s facing right now to yield.

He was the main character in the novel.

He was never easy-going, and he was more difficult to deal with than any other character in the novel.

‘But it can’t end like this.’

But he soon made up his mind.

As the saying goes, if you know your enemy and know yourself, you will win 100 battles.

Because Rockefeller was a lover of novels, he knew Lee Han better than anyone else in the world.

‘Hey, I know exactly who you are. Here you don’t know me, but I don’t. Because I know what you’re thinking and how you’re going to act.’

“Anyway, the picture you want is not going to come from here. Unless I’m an idiot, I can’t do anything you want.”

Before Lee Han could respond, Rockefeller quickly continued the following words.

“That doesn’t mean you’re going to get away easily. Either way, it looks like you need a Manastone, and I have the Manastone. I’m just saying that it’s better for you to stick to me and rip out the manastones rather than go around various dungeons for nothing.”

While Rockefeller continued to speak.

Ricardo brought the car downstairs.

Lee Han, who was not interested in the steaming teacup in front of me, opened his mouth.

“I have no regrets at all. It’s a magic stone, it’s all over the world anyway.”

It wasn’t Jill Rockefeller.

“I have no regrets either. Even if it’s not you, the people I will hire are all over the world.”

Ricardo, watching the sharp confrontation between the two, was silent.

It wasn’t his place to go, but it was because he wasn’t able to find a compromise just because he did.

How long has it been?

As Lee Han hardly gave up, Rockefeller hit the player first.

“Let me see you outside. It doesn’t seem to make sense to me.”

At that, Ihan laughed to myself.

‘What are all these bastards?’

Usually, if I had done this, most of them would have broken my will and passed.


Because he was an irreplaceable being.

‘The only thing he has is money and a mouth.’

As Lee Han showed no sign of moving, Rockefeller spoke again.

“What are you doing? Do you still have more to say?”

Lee Han pointed a finger at Rockefeller and stood up.

Let Ricardo stand next to Lee Han and prepare to see him outside.

Suddenly, Lee Han sat down and said to Rockefeller.

“100 per day.”

Now the conversation seemed to be going.

But Rockefeller shook his head first.

“no. 50, let’s think about it.”

“Fifty is never enough. When I rob a dungeon, the average number of manastones I can expect is 40 to 60.”

“Then let’s do 60. I think 60 mana stones per day is a reasonable price.”

“I have face too, but I can’t do 60, right?”

“Then 65.”

“80. I think 80 would be pretty neat.”

Even for Rockefeller, it was not at a level that was too unreasonable from the perspective of Rockefeller at around 80 mana stones per person.


“Let’s do 70. And if the job goes well, I’ll give you more bonuses.”

It was clearly an unfavorable condition.

Considering the intensity of labor, it was also an inevitable choice for Lee Han as it would be more convenient to escort the guild leader of a Banco Federation.

“great. let’s do that Instead, the bonus is given by the boss.”

Lee Han rubbed his thumb and middle finger blatantly.

“Of course, you know you need this too, right?”

After that, he was a Rockefeller who had to keep a good relationship with Lee Han, so he was planning to take care of the bonus part for sure.

‘It’s like a bonus. Let’s get excited about that kind of money. Because it doesn’t mean anything to me anyway.’

“You worry about everything. What is a bonus?”

Lee Han spoke bluntly.

“And you. I know you’re lucky I’ve been wandering around dungeons lately, so I was thinking of going somewhere to rest for just a few days. That’s why I’m taking on this job at the same time, so don’t ever think that I’ll be like this again next time. Even if I die at that time, it’s a pain in the ass.”

Rockefeller just smiled at that.

‘Next time, I won’t watch Shobu with magic stones. When that time comes, you won’t be too hung up on magic stones.’

“When that time comes, I will be able to work with you on better terms than I am now. It’s been a while since I settled down, so the power of money isn’t perfect yet.”

Lee Han laughed.

“Better conditions?”

Lee Han shook his head openly.

“Hey, you can’t just think of magic stones. Then how will you know what I will ask for?”

Rockefeller’s lips curled long.

It was a very meaningful smile.

‘Is that so? The next thing I’m going to present to you is near-infinite money?’

Shoot, shoot again, keep shooting.

money that never runs out.

Goblin Dollar.

“Let’s see that. Who knows what better conditions await you next time?”

The more we talked, the more I felt like a bad person.

On the outside, it looks like nothing, but on the inside, it seems like there is a plan?

Although Lee Han did not give a good evaluation of Rockefeller, he decided not to think too deeply about it, judging that it would not be a long-lasting relationship.

“So when do you need me? Or is it from today?”

“Not today. The day the 1st Prince His Majesty comes. It is about two days from that day. Maybe it will.”

The city of Lyon was not the favorite place of the first prince, a maniac war-maniac.

Even the 1st prince is only stopping by for a matter related to the Manastone Tank.

Rockefeller’s idea was that if nothing happened, the first prince’s stay in Lyon would be very short.

“Looking at you, you don’t seem to know when the first prince will come, don’t you?”

“I am not a member of the royal family, how can I know how the First Prince will behave? However, if you come this way, things are going to be like that, so be prepared in advance.”

Lee Han smiled.

“Rejoice. I don’t know if it’s anyone else, but if I protect you. You will be safer than anyone else in the world.”

Rockefeller also wanted it.

“If that’s the case, then I can’t ask for more.”

Lee Han took a ruby-studded pendant from his chest and threw it at Rockefeller.

“It’s Tamir’s calling seat. It wasn’t originally intended for this, but… … . Anyway, if you hold it and think hard about me.”

Lee Han took another pendant out of his arms and showed it.

It was the same ruby pendant I threw at Rockefeller.

“I’ll respond to this on my own, too, so when that time comes, I’ll find out on my own.”

As Rockefeller held the ruby pendant in his hand, the ruby pendant in Lee Han’s hand began to emit a red light.

“It’s roughly like that. no matter how far your opponent is. If you are desperate to think of him, you will respond accordingly. It’s such an artifact, so cherish it like your middle one. I plan on returning it as soon as I’m done with it.”

After speaking, Lee Han really disappeared like a ghost.

As if Lee Han had never existed in his own office, there was only silence.

Rockefeller tinkered with the ruby pendant left behind by Lee Han for a moment.

“If it’s Tamir… … It’s the twin artifact that lovers shared with each other. I remember hearing it somewhere before. It is originally shared between lovers, so the use is a little different, but I think it will be quite useful.”

As Ricardo broke the silence, Rockefeller raised his head and looked at him.

“As rumored, he was a newcomer. I didn’t even know that Lee Han would come in this way. It will come without notice.”

This was the first time Ricardo also faced the rumored Lee Han.

‘I can roughly understand why everyone is wary of him. Contrary to the outside, he is a person who never knows the depth of it.’

“It was dangerous. He’s not a good rumour.”

However, Rockefeller, who knew Lee Han well, shook his head in denial.

“It will be just a rumor. It’s been a while, but after talking to him, he doesn’t seem like a very outgoing person. It was okay to have a conversation. Even if that conversation was a bit unpleasant.”

This is how I ended up with Lee Han.

All I can do is wait for him.

Rockefeller thought of the first prince who would come to him later.

‘Even if you don’t know, I’m from a commoner, so even the first prince who comes to visit won’t think too much about what’s going on here. You might think that it is better to roast and boil.’

I’d be fooled by this too.

Rockefeller, who had no more fears, was rather full of confidence.

‘But if you come here thinking like that, you’re really hurting yourself. In the first place, it was a place where commoners could not sit.’

Rockefeller said with a good impression on people.

“Now, let’s comfortably wait for the first prince. We are all ready.”

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