The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 107

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 107

Episode 107 25. Rayan Tepez (1)

Inside the carriage with the phoenix pattern symbolizing the imperial family, the man with the red eyes muttered with a tone of dissatisfaction.

“It’s Lyon… … .”

His expression was not good, and he was sitting with his arms crossed.

“You’ve come to a really boring place.”

What he really wanted was not a peaceful place like this, but a battlefield where blood and flesh abounded and the shouts of soldiers could not pierce the sky, giving him even a thrill.

“What did I come here for?”

As the 1st prince grumbled, the woman with red hair who was sitting opposite him broke the silence and opened her mouth.

“Why are you doing this? Wasn’t that what you wanted?”

At those words, the first prince frowned.

“It was because someone wanted it. you know I really hate this kind of atmosphere.”

His gaze was fixed on the people of Lyon who came to cheer him on.

All of them were not funny.

“I’d rather this be a rebel den. Then you can wipe it all away with the steam that comes. Then it will be fun again.”

Trinity thought there was no answer, and just shook her head without answering.

Leaving her sister alone, the first prince began to focus on only one thing that appealed to him.

“It’s a magic stone tank… … .”

The Manastone Tank in his memory was a new weapon of the Empire that left a pretty strong impression.

By consuming manastone, a tank armed with iron armor moved, and the power of the manastone cannon was truly formidable.

The problem was that it was still in the development stage and could not be fully utilized on the battlefield.

“The power was considerable. It’s not a battleship class with a lot of guns, but the magic stone cannons are so powerful that I just couldn’t let them go.”

Trinity responded to the words of the first prince.

“It’s junk.”

Unlike the 1st Prince, from Trinity’s point of view, the Manastone Tank was just a fancy new weapon.

“I couldn’t even move properly. Why are you interested in such junk?”

The 1st Prince clicked his tongue openly.

“Ttttttt, once completed, it will become the strongest weapon of the Empire. A tank armed with iron armor.”

The eyes of the first prince, who had lost interest in peace, began to revive again.

“Imagine that such a tank traverses the battlefield. Isn’t your heart beating already?”

Even though it was in the carriage, the head of the first prince went to the battlefield where the smell of gunpowder was scorched.

“Enemy troops disappear in a scream with a single shot of the magic cannon. I was just shooting.”

This was not the end.

“It means you can even move from there.”

“It’s slow.”

“Why are you so negative? It’s not even that slow when it’s moving properly.”

The magic stone tank, which was shown to the first prince at the time, did not spread in the middle, perhaps because of luck, and moved quite a significant distance.

He, who had not yet forgotten that image, was planning to meet the developer of the Manastone Tank today.

“I heard that Count Frank has been struggling with financial problems lately.”

Maybe if Rockefeller hadn’t helped.

It must have been created by a maniac that the whole world exclaimed as a war-maniac.

“If I can help, it will definitely be put to good use.”

But since the Manastone Tank was so old, Trinity didn’t say anything.

With such Trinity, the first prince closed his eyes again with his arms crossed.

“Call me when you arrive. Until then, I will be patient.”

The peaceful atmosphere filled with cheers was like torture for him.

Trinity, who had given such a glance to the first prince, immediately shook her head and closed her eyes again to see if something was not desired.

When the two of them opened their eyes again, they had already arrived at the place the first prince wanted so much.

in the hospitality of all. The first prince got off the carriage and was able to meet Count Frank, who had been waiting for him in advance.

“Are you the developer of the Manastone Tank?”

Unlike when Rockefeller visited, Count Frank was dressed like an aristocrat after he heard the news that the First Prince was coming.

“Yes, my lord. This is Frank Wallen.”

“Did you say Count?”

“Yes, that’s right. In recognition of his contribution to the development of the Manastone Tank, he received the status of a count from the imperial family.”

“I heard it was originally a baron.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

From the perspective of the first prince, it didn’t matter whether the opponent was a baron or a count.

If it wasn’t for a marginalized man with an army under his command, he was a lower ranker than himself, who didn’t need to worry too much anyway.

“More than that, I want to see the Manastone Tank. Is the development of the Manastone Tank going well?”

“of course. Come this way. I will show you the new tank I am developing this time.”

“Is it new? Yes, there was a lot of room for improvement.”

The 1st Prince, guided by Count Frank, moved into the Manastone Tank Factory, which was larger than he expected.

The scale of the factory that produced Manastone tanks was much larger than expected.

The number of workers working inside is also immeasurable.

“I heard that the financial situation is not very good… … .”

The 1st Prince had his doubts as the story went contrary to what he had heard.

“For that matter, the factory is running very well. There are a lot of people working there.”

Trinity, who was scanning the inside of the factory with curious eyes next to the first prince, spoke up.

“Is it difficult here? To me, on the contrary, it looks very good.”

If the financial situation was bad, there was no way to explain the busy factory.

In the first place, the Imperial Army wasn’t even buying a Manastone Tank, so what kind of profit could the factory run so actively?

Therefore, the first prince soon expressed his doubts.

“From what I’ve heard, it looks like there’s a new investor in the meantime.”

Count Frank wasn’t the only one to delay with that question.

“Yeah, I accidentally got a new investor.”

There was someone who looked at the Manastone Tank, which is called junk and criticized by everyone, with the same insight as you.

While the first prince was astonished in his heart, he became curious about his identity as he invested in a place like this.

“Don’t hide it, tell me. Who has invested here?”

Can he, who is merely a count, dare to tell a lie against a member of the imperial family?

He said it right away without hiding anything.

“The Prince of Rockefeller has invested in me.”

“Rockefeller Ball?”

To attach a ball to a title meant the nobility of the position of one’s own.

‘Who is it? I think it’s the first time I’ve heard of it?’

Of course, he may not know because he is not the only imperial nobleman, but the first prince wanted to know who he was.

“It seems a bit strange. Where is his family from?”

“Los Medici.”

“Los Medici?”

The 1st Prince immediately wrinkled his expression.

It was the first noble family I had ever heard of.

He may have heard his name for the first time, but how could he, as an imperial person, not know the noble family belonging to the empire?

“I’m really hearing this for the first time. Have you ever heard of it?”

When the 1st Prince looked at his sister and asked, she only shook her head.

“Los Medici? No, it’s the first time I’ve heard of it.”

Then, perhaps by coincidence, she thought of the guild leader she would meet later.

‘for a moment. Rockefeller Ross Medici, that’s him, right?’

“Ah, isn’t that the person who became the guild leader this time? There is a guild leader from that commoner. The next person we will meet.”

Hearing his sister’s words, the first prince’s expression quickly rotted.

Having won a position of nobility, which was not even suitable for the subject of commoners, that was not enough, so he invested in a magic stone tank with the same insight as himself.

‘Something I don’t like about him.’

“Someone asked, was it the person who said he was a commoner and became the guild leader this time?”

The wrinkled face is the same.

The 1st prince revealed his true inner self without a filter.

“You are too harsh on commoners.”

“Aren’t you no longer a commoner?”

“Still, the basics are the common people. It still takes a lot of time to blend with us. Isn’t that right, Count Frank?”

Count Frank was only crouching under the momentum of the first prince.

“Yes, Your Majesty is 100 times correct.”

Nevertheless, Prince 1 felt that the dirty feeling inside of me was not easily washed away.

‘Something keeps feeling dirty… … Why are you feeling dirty?’

Is it the displeasure that the investment in the Manastone Tank was taken away by a tough guy in the first place?

Or was it an antipathy towards his origins?

In any case, the 1st Prince was guided by Count Frank with a bad expression and saw the newly developed Manastone Tank.

‘This one looks pretty plausible. I feel it, but I think it will move properly.’

Unlike the manastone tanks that were made before, the magnificent size of the manastone tanks emitted even a roar and were pounding with the momentum to run at any time.

When the steam from the Manastone Tank filled the factory, Count Frank spoke quickly.

“With a few more tweaks, unlike the previously made Manastone Tank, it will be able to play an active part in any battlefield.”

It was his sister, not the first prince, who first showed interest in those words.

“Are you moving properly?”

“of course! This time, we only thought about mobility and improved it. Don’t ever think that it’s the same as what you’ve seen before. How much money went into it? I suffered a lot too.”

Shortly thereafter, Count Frank gave instructions, and the tank driver, who had been waiting for his instructions, immediately moved the Manastone Tank.

It was definitely more natural to move than the previous Manastone Tank, and it also looked stronger.

“Are you moving well?”

As soon as her evaluation, who had been watching closely, fell, Count Frank came forward.

“Look! Now I can’t bring my child down by moving.”

Contrary to the rumors, the first prince had a rather satisfied expression on the magic stone tank that moved well.

‘I really like it.’

If it was the relentless bombardment of the Manastone Tank, the enemy’s troops could be wiped out in an instant.

“When will we be able to deliver to the military?”

“If your Majesty only places an order today, production is possible immediately.”

“Is the bombardment the same as the previous Manastone Tank?”

“Yes, of course. On the contrary, it is more accurate than before.”

Satisfied, the first prince turned around for a moment and looked around the spacious factory.

I saw workers waiting for their jobs in their respective positions.

‘It’s not like several people assemble one unit.’

“Do they each have their own field?”

Count Frank answered the question like lightning.

“Yeah, that was also what Prince Rockefeller had proposed. By dividing the labor in that way, the production capacity is much better than before.”

There was always a man named Rockefeller at the end of his favorite.

The 1st Prince said to Count Frank, hiding his contorted expression.

“Are there any plans to receive additional investment?”

“Investment? We now have to take orders, not investments. We already have production capacity, all we need is Your Majesty’s spell.”


Although he was unwilling to do something, he said that the Manastone Tank he expected was almost completed and was in the mass production stage, so the 1st Prince took comfort in that.

“Great. You have done a great job for the Empire.”

“No, my lord.”

“So, how did you decide on the price of the Manastone Tank? It’s for the Empire, so I hope the price is reasonable.”

It was finally my first order.

But there was one problem.

“that is… … The price has not been set yet. This is a matter to discuss with the Rockefeller Prince.”

“He’s just an investor who only provided money, so why should you care?”

“that is… … He not only made an investment, but took a stake in the Manastone Tank. So, I can’t arbitrarily handle matters related to the Manastone Tank.”

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