The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 108

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 108

108 episode 25. Rayan Tepez (2)

What does this mean?

The developer of the Manastone Tank can’t set the price.

And the reason was really annoying.

“What did you say now? The stake in the Magic Stone Tank… … You gave it to him?”

“Yes, it is. So, apart from the development of the Manastone Tank, the rights to the Manastone Tank are currently shared with the Rockefeller Ball.”

“why… … .”

“Honestly, the improvement of the Manastone Tank to this extent was possible thanks to the full support of Prince Rockefeller. So, I am not very dissatisfied with the fact that the rights of the Manastone Tank have been transferred to some Rockefeller Balls.”

Count Frank, who was keeping an eye on the first prince, also had a story he had heard from Rockefeller in advance.

I told him not to tell me about the price of the magic stone tank if the first prince came.

“Then it came to pass that Prince Rockefeller said this. If His Majesty shows interest in the Manastone Tank, I think the price negotiation will be difficult for me, so the person who works at Banco will personally come forward and negotiate the price. And I said I would like to know about this part. Can someone like me be able to bargain properly? I thought the Rockefeller ball working for Banco would be better than me.”

If the rights were shared, it was natural to say that the person who is good at negotiating sets the price.

So the first prince, whose expression was not very good, thought to himself.

‘I don’t know who the Rockefeller is. It seems like it’s been a long time since I’ve met someone who excites me so much.’

“Where is that Rockefeller now?”

It was someone I would meet anyway.

When the first prince, who had abandoned his feelings for Count Frank, now turned his attention to a man named Rockefeller, Trinity, who had known him well, looked at him.

Seeing the bad expression on his face, it seemed that the next person he met would be quite troubled.

If it’s his fiery personality, that’s enough.

“Prince Rockefeller is probably in the Ghetto Nuovo. As the guild leader, you are probably at the guild headquarters.”

In terms of aristocratic rank, Rockefeller’s position was better than that of Count Frank, but Count Frank had little intention of disrespecting him, even implicitly.

The help he received was great, but since he was holding the money chain, he didn’t seem to be in a lower position than himself.


As soon as the first prince turned around and left the factory, Trinity, who was with him, also followed him and headed out of the factory.

Then, suddenly, a thought occurred to me.

How did he, who was said to be a commoner, get to sit on the guild leader’s seat?

Traditionally, the head of the Lyon Guild was held only by the Lyon family.

The guild’s position, which must be watched by the denomination, and the interests of the Lyon family, which dominate everything in Lyon, coincided perfectly.

However, such a position was not only taken by a commoner, not from another noble family.

Of course, she couldn’t help but question it.

‘Maybe we got it wrong?’

Before coming here to Lyon, the First Prince had spoken openly to her.

Because the new guild leader is a commoner, he said it would be very easy to cook.

But when she came to this place today and looked back at the situation, she realized that it was wrong.

‘It may be a difficult opponent.’

The two of them left the Manastone Tank Factory and headed straight to the Ghetto Nuovo area where Rockefeller was.

While traveling in the carriage, Trinity spoke to the first prince who was sitting opposite him.

“You said you were a commoner.”

The first prince, who had a stiff expression looking out the window of the carriage, turned his head and looked at her, and her words continued.

“How did such a person come to sit on the guild leader’s seat? It was said that the seat was originally reserved for only those from the Lyon family.”

“How do I know that?”

The expression on the 1st prince’s face was still bad.

He didn’t like the person he was going to meet from the beginning.

The 1st prince continued to speak as if shooting.

“I just happened to be sitting there.”

“That place. As far as I know, only people from the Lyon family can sit down, don’t you?”

“So what do you want to say?”

“The position was only occupied by a commoner. What does it feel like?”

Then the first prince snorted.

“Heh, yes, what can you do?”

“As I left the factory earlier, I asked my aides a few questions. But there were a lot of interesting stories about him, right?”

The prince shook his head, saying it was a meaningless story.

“Is it meaningless? He’s just the head of the Banco Alliance. It’s just a guild leader. It is also from common people.”

“I was a little skeptical. How could a commoner sit in a position that had been reserved only for the Lyon family for a long time?”

The 1st prince decided not to respond.

Because no matter what she said, I couldn’t hear her.

“So when I asked, he told me some interesting things. As he became the guild leader, the income of the Banco members of the guild increased tremendously. Was it rumored that the rival Black Label Union was doing so well that it took a hit? And I heard that you have a very good relationship with Bishop Berkis. Banco operators don’t get along well with the people of the original denomination. People from the same family usually say they don’t like it, but that person is an exception. Isn’t it strange?”

“After all, they are banco vendors, so it seems that they naturally became close by donating money to the denomination.”

“But did the commoners do it? I don’t feel good right now. Maybe it’s just my feeling. Do you feel like you can’t get what you want?”

At that, the prince frowned openly.

“Do you think you’re a little weird too?”

The blunt words of the 1st prince began to follow.

“I am the prince. It is also a military commander who commands a single corps. That I can’t get what I want from a banco vendor like that?”

Now, outside Lyon, countless imperial soldiers following him were waiting impatiently for his orders.

“I think you are weirder than you think.”

“That’s how I feel. Honestly, it is.”

“Just think common sense. No matter how great he is, he’s just a usurper who can’t even get ahead of me anyway. What a wonderful thing for such a person.”

The prince shook his head as if to purr.

“What could a guy like that do to me? No, I can’t do anything. You can’t do anything but crouch at me like the Count Frank I met earlier.”

Seeing her older brother, who was in the position he had and even had an army, she also had nothing more to say.

But inside, this uneasy feeling showed no sign of going away.

It was her own feeling.

After a while.

The two arrived in front of the guild headquarters where Rockefeller was located.

Lyon’s guards, who had arrived in advance, began to control the people of Lyon in a narrow alley.

Ricardo Ismail.

It is safe to say that few people have accurately portrayed the face of the head of the Ismail family since the decline of the past under the stigma of paganism.

True to the name of the thousand face, when he tried to reveal his power or kill someone, he always disguised himself as a different face, so the two royal families did not recognize him as he was with Rockefeller.

Even if they had met in the past, Ricardo’s face would have been different from what it is now.

“Come here, Your Majesty. They said they were coming, so I came out ahead of time.”

Even though Rockefeller and his assistant showed polite manners, the first prince went straight into the guild headquarters with a laugh.

At the same time, Rockefeller, who was standing with a bent waist, accidentally made eye contact with the woman in the red eye who was staring at him.

‘Is it Trinity?’

Queen of Blades.

He was the most important character among the various heroines of the main character.

Like my older brother, he had a catchy eye, and his appearance was, of course, flawless, just as important as the character.

‘I thought we’d meet someday, but I think we’ll see each other here.’

“It is an honor to meet you, His Majesty Trinity. My name is Rockefeller Ross Medici. Please feel free to call me Rockefeller.”

Contrary to rumors, she was a little surprised to see him so young.

‘Than you think… … Are you young? When I heard about it, I thought he was a man of some age.’

She opened her mouth to say something, but then shut her mouth tightly.

‘no. There’s nothing good about being together. It’s not going to be a good relationship anyway.’

The first prince did not like Rockefeller, so she decided to adopt the same attitude as the first prince.

After all, she was on the side of the first prince.

So, she too followed the first prince who went first, leaving only a cold impression, and entered the guild headquarters.

Rockefeller, who was left in front of the guild headquarters, smiled faintly.

‘It’s very flashy from the start. After all, there’s no reason for the two of you to treat me kindly. He must have come to threaten you in the first place.’

The price of the Manastone Tank, which has not been decided yet, was prepared for this place today.

‘Would they even know that the price of a tank can jump two or three times lighter if you look hateful to me?’

I probably don’t know.

The grinning Rockefeller, along with his assistant Ricardo, was about to head to the guild headquarters, when suddenly this thought occurred to him.

‘Riccardo doesn’t seem to recognize him.’

cloth face.

However, unlike her nickname, when she first met her, it was her original face that was not camouflaged.

‘It is said that the real face is only revealed in a place where there is no threat, you can live comfortably, and there is no fear of revealing your identity… … A disguised face would be uncomfortable no matter what.’

“Let’s go in too.”

Upon entering his shop and guild headquarters, Rockefeller began to treat the two royals who came with his assistant with utmost respect.

at the place set up shortly after.

The First Prince, who had been sitting somewhat arrogantly, looked at Rockefeller and began to move one side of his braided leg rhythmically.

in an uncomfortable silence.

Rockefeller, who coughed as he took a sip of the tea brought by his assistant, broke his luck.

“greatness! I had no idea that the two of His Highness would come to such a shabby place. I rushed to hear the news and prepared it, so even though I didn’t prepare anything, I hope you understand it with a generous heart.”

before starting.

The first prince, with a smile on his face, opened his mouth.

“We don’t come all the way to this place. Isn’t this the place where those who will go to hell do business?”

It was a fact that everyone knew that the perception of banco operators was not good.

But I’m going to say it out loud.

“Haha, that’s why my heart always goes to church. This is a matter of making a living, so there is nothing we can do about it, but if we want to go to heaven after we die, shouldn’t we always have John in our hearts?”

“So where do you think you will go when you die? hell? Or worse hell?”

As Rockefeller smiled without answering, the 1st Prince continued the following words with the intention of ending it lightly.

“You know why I came. I sent an open warning to the previous guild leader, and there’s probably no way you’re unaware of it.”

The words of the 1st prince continued.

“I’ll just say it in an easy way. Whether you go to Hell or not later, if you want to continue that business, cut ties with the Sinclairs. And from now on, support me. Then everything will be fine.”

After speaking, the 1st Prince waited for an answer to come back very leisurely.

And then I thought

The answer I’ll get back is pretty obvious.

But it was his mistake.

Rockefeller gave the most probable answer he expected here.

“I am very sorry to your Majesty. I can’t do that.”

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