The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 11

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 11

Episode 11 03. Meet the Goldsmith (5)

“Are the orcs so common? I knew that Young Ji-min met by chance about twice a year.”

“It must be, but it seems to have suddenly appeared recently.

“Is there a reason?”

“Why, I don’t know. Nor am I familiar with orc habits.”

Why did the orcs become more active in the quiet periphery of the empire?

After thinking for a moment, Rockefeller was able to understand the reason without too much difficulty.

‘Is it the work of the Goblin Bank?’

Goblin Bank.

It’s not a goblin bank, it’s called a bank, and it’s the largest bank on the continent. It was a place where loan business transcended nations and tribes, and in the novel, it was a place of darkness.

‘The main character had a hard time waking up because of these guys.’

Unlike other novels in which goblins are usually classified as dumb or low-level monsters, the goblins in this novel were clever, yet very well-rounded races.

‘Besides, I’m very fanciful when it comes to money, so I created a bank before humans. They’re real goal-slayers.’

So, when it comes to goblins, they were the kind of race that everyone in the world hated and pointed at.

This wasn’t because they were clever and smart, but because they were lending money to others and playing interest like goldsmiths.

In addition to that, he has an evil side that only thinks about himself and his race, so he did not hesitate to do anything to earn money.

And the result is… … .

‘It is to cause strife between certain factions or to promote war.’

War was money, and places like Goblin Banks that could lend such money could make huge profits when war broke out.

‘Perhaps he was trying to control the orcs and somehow cause a strife with the dwarves. Then if there is a war, they will dance because they like it.’

The recent suspicious movement of the orcs on the borders of the Empire seems to be the work of the Goblin Banks, who are trying to instigate a war between the two races.

Because there was a dwarven kingdom that bordered the empire near the territory, and the relationship between the dwarves and the orcs had not been good ever since.

‘By the way, if that statement is true, I’ll have to be careful about gold mining for the time being. It’s unfortunate that I can’t even meet an orc.’

Carter, who had already moved, began to examine the placer dust that Rockefeller had brought.

“Is this the only thing you brought?”

When Carter asked with a look of regret, Rockefeller had no choice but to scratch the back of his head.

Because the amount he brought was too small.

“Yeah, not much. That’s all I brought.”

Although it is a transaction in a state where trust is not built, it is impossible to make a big profit with this amount, so only a sigh came from Carter’s point of view.

“The amount is too small. I can’t even have fun with this.”

After that, Carter, who had been muttering alone, secretly began to take his luck to Rockefeller in disappointment.

“You too. If you want to make some money, talk to the trafficker. Wouldn’t it be fun for you and me to have a lot of business with him?”

“It should be… … He was so careful. There is not only a trust problem with this place, but there is also a trust problem with me, the middle bridge, right? That’s why you don’t entrust me with a large amount at once.”

Carter frowned softly.

“Even so, get the word out. Because he can’t make any money anyway.”

“Then let me tell you. Because I also want to make money.”

“I wasn’t going to say this, but what do you have left with a deal for X water? If that’s the case, it’s better not to do it. It means that there is no need to take risks by even smuggling.”

Rockefeller did not miss the sight of the goldsmith who was dissatisfied with making money right away.

‘This person was just like me anyway.’

In the eyes of ordinary people, he was a wealthy man.

There seems to be no shortage, but do you really need money?

But Rockefeller didn’t think so.

‘If you collect 100 million, you want to have 1 billion, and when you collect that 1 billion, you want to earn 10 billion. This person didn’t show much, but he was very greedy for money.’

“But I guess you also need a lot of money. I think you already have enough money.”

At those words, the goldsmith shook his head soullessly.

“It is not. just… … I’m just sad about this deal. Isn’t that kind of smuggling? But if the return on the risk is small, of course, it will be disappointing.”

“The lord came and went to borrow money, but you don’t seem to make a lot of money from that? Can’t you make a lot of money by lending money to the lord? Since you are the lord, your credit is good.”

“I don’t open it. Of course not.”

I didn’t want to show it, but Carter reluctantly admitted that I felt a contradiction in what I said.

“Yeah, that’s 6 percent interest there. No, it was also reduced to 4 percent. Yes, you are right. me too It may look very rich to others, but in reality it is not.”

Rockefeller looked a little surprised in terms of acting.

“You already have a lot of money, don’t you? Are you saying that it is still not enough?”

“Hey, this guy. You too, be in my position. Of course, the more money you have, the better.”

“Well, no one hates money.”

“Money is. No matter how much there is, it is not enough. You’re still young and I don’t know, but grow up a little. They will be very happy with the money.”

Rockefeller had no intention of denying him.

‘I know. Because I am also a money lover like you.’

Rockefeller asked him a very simple question, as if he knew nothing.

“But uncle. This is an idea I just came up with, but you make money by lending money to others and receiving interest, right?”

What else is he trying to say?

Carter nodded and replied dryly.

“right. therefore?”

“Then, if I borrow a lot of money, will I get a lot of interest?”

“Of course.”

“Then lend me a lot of money. Then the interest income will increase dramatically, right?”

To be honest, I didn’t expect it, but it was a really pathetic question at the level of kids.

Who doesn’t know?

“Yeah, as you said, if you borrow a lot, your interest income will increase dramatically. But that’s it.”

“yes? Is there a problem there?”

“It’s a problem, of course. If I had a lot of money, wouldn’t I be able to lend a lot too? But do you think I have so many gold coins in my business in a remote village like this?”

Then Rockefeller tilted his head as if he had waited.

“Isn’t there a lot of gold coins here? One of your jobs is to make gold coins, but you know that you are also working to store other people’s gold coins, right?”

Carter frowned before answering.

“That’s not my gold coin. It belongs to the people who entrusted me with gold coins. It’s not about this guy.”

“Then you can’t lend the gold coins that people have left here?”

“What a fool! think about it What would happen to me if the people who had entrusted me with gold after doing such a thing came to me and told me to give out the gold that they had entrusted to me?”

Carter thought Rockefeller didn’t know much about reality.

“Listen well. For a goldsmith like me. Trust and trust are life. After all, if rumors like that circulate, would anyone really entrust my gold coins to me?”

Carter licked his tongue.

“Tttttt, you can’t do that. I’m also a big fan of gold coins, but I’m not that crazy. And what will happen to me if such rumors flow to the lord? Second, you will be punished and you will be kicked out of here on that day.”

Carter thought the boy who asked me a stupid question would have understood what he was saying.

‘If this guy had done a banco job like me, he’d be like the big business guys in Lyon. It’s very dangerous to think differently from the first impression.’

But that was his mistake.

Rockefeller was still facing him with a smirk.

“That’s weird. Uncle, have you ever been in your life until now, when all the people who had entrusted you with gold coins came to you at once and told them to give out your gold coins?”

Unable to answer the question, Carter was momentarily mute.

Naturally, in a conversation that he thought he had won, he met an ambush that he had never expected.

“That’s it… … .”

For a moment, Carter, who was waving his tail, pondered whether there was such a case.

there has never been

As Rockefeller said, one day all the people who had entrusted them with gold came and took all their gold coins back.

“What kind of enemy… … There wasn’t, but wouldn’t there be such a thing as one? After all, I’m being careful because of one thing.”

Rockefeller smiled softly at Carter and continued talking.

“I don’t think the people who entrusted you with your gold coins will come to you one day at a time, and they won’t be able to retrieve all of the gold coins they have entrusted to you. Would it?”

At this point, there was only one thought in Carter’s mind.

‘Yeah, there’s a reason why they’re doing their guts in Lyon.’

Not everyone gets all their gold coins at one time.

That was the reason for the guts.

‘I’ve never had an empty safe in my entire life. Not even once.’

It was at this time that Rockefeller put a wedge.

“As long as the credibility and trust you have built up over your life up to this day are still in place, even if the safe in this store is empty, the people who entrusted you with gold coins will not know at all? Because don’t they think their gold coins will be fine here in the store?”

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