The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 111

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 111

Episode 111 25. Rayan Tepez (5)

After shaking hands with Rockefeller, the first prince looked at Lee Han, who was nearby, for a moment, and then left.

Trinity also looked at Rockefeller and Lee Han alternately, and immediately followed the first prince.

As the two of them left, Lee Han, who was watching them quietly, said:

“Money is a good thing. The guy who was trying to eat you up until just a moment ago will change his attitude in an instant. Did I not expect it?”

The last appearance of the 1st Prince was only after the Crown War.

Rockefeller, who could not have known this, drew a smile on his lips as he thought of the departed first prince.

‘The world’s favorite thing is the war funds.’

“Money is good. After all, you came here for money, didn’t you? And you protected me, who I didn’t know. This is the power of money.”

At that, Ian shook his head.

“It’s not money. Exactly, it’s magic. What I need now is a magic stone.”

“Isn’t that magic stone that can be bought with money after all? Then money.”

“Intermediate steps are omitted. What you need right now is a magic stone. I can raise this guy.”

Lee Han tapped the sword belt he was wearing around his waist.

Then, a profound energy that cannot be described in words flowed out for a while, but then disappeared due to Lee Han’s intervention.

Lee Han said again.

“It seems that the work was done more quickly than that.”

Unfortunately, the first prince left quietly and Lee Han did not have any fun.

It would have been really fun if there had been a riot here, or if we had brought an army out of town.

Rockefeller smiled softly when Lee Han looked really sad.

“Still, I was earning a daily wage, so it wouldn’t be a loss. As promised, I will give you 70 Mana Stones. I have no intention of taking it off, so please leave it comfortably.”

Then, Lee Han bluntly shot at him.

“A bonus? Aren’t we supposed to give you a bonus as well?”

“Isn’t the work too bland for that? If you shine your face once and bring 70 magic stones, it’s a business that anyone can see. Are you still talking about bonuses?”

As Rockefeller said, Lee Han didn’t do anything special when he came.

“Will you still take care of me? I’m not even that cheap manpower.”

“The next time you have a chance, you’re going to get a lot of bonuses. Then consider it.”

“Next chance?”

Lee Han tilted his head.

“Where is the next chance? I think our meeting is over.”

“Is it possible? I don’t think our meeting will end so easily.”

Rockefeller took out the pendant he had given him and continued speaking.

“In that sense, I will cherish this. I will call you whenever I need you.”

At that, Lee Han shook his head.

“Hey. It looks like you’re misunderstanding something. I’m a pretty advanced workforce. I’m not a neighborhood bastard who goes back and forth just because someone calls me.”

“The conditions are the same. Even if things end as smoothly as today, we’ll bring you 70 Mana Stones right away. You must have come a long way, but you have to take care of the travel expenses.”

“Maybe then I won’t need the Mana Stones?”

“Don’t worry too much about that. If it’s not a manastone, why don’t you take care of something else that corresponds to it? You’re not coming for free anyway.”

Laughing Lee Han pointed his index finger at Rockefeller.

“Keep in mind. I’m not a cheap manpower that can be easily pampered like a local mutt. It is your freedom to call, but the price must be certain.”

Rockefeller smiled broadly.

“Isn’t that obvious? I’m calling you, but you should of course do that.”

“Okay then.”

As Lee Han was about to leave, Rockefeller called him.

“Oh, wait a minute. I may have to call you on something else sooner or later.”

At that, Lee Han expressed his doubts.

“Something else? What else are you talking about? It’s not going to be about escort.”

“It’s not like that.”

“Then what?”

For the completion of the Goblin Dollar, and to completely escape from the shadow of the Sinclair family, Lee Han’s power was essential.

“I am planning something very interesting these days. It has to do with it.”

“A fun plan?”

“Yeah, to put it simply, complete independence. You probably know that we are affiliated with the Sinclairs.”

Lee Han didn’t respond and decided to keep listening to what Rockefeller had to say.

“Even the IOUs used by our Banco Alliance use a very special paper from the Sinclair family to prevent counterfeiting. Without that paper, we cannot issue a IOU in the first place, and if we do not use that paper, we cannot determine whether it is a forgery or not, which is a huge problem.”

Rockefeller continued.

“Where is that? So far, I think that’s probably not going to happen. The Sinclair family is in a situation where they can forge our IOU at any time if they want. Honestly, who knows? He was the one who gave me that special paper, and he was the one who gave me the magic tool to identify it. So we can play with them if they want.”

“It could be. If we don’t get along well, it’s going to be a headache.”


Rockefeller said what he really wanted to say to Lee Han.

“I would like to start a very ingenious project to completely free myself from the influence of the Sinclairs, and I need your strength here.”

what it is

Lee Han had a strong question.

“By the way, what does that have to do with me?”

“Of course I don’t know much about you. I’ve heard it’s better than the Sinclairs when it comes to magic. It is said that it is not only able to freely implement unique magic that is not in the world, but it is said that it is said that it is very easy to do miracles that even wizards from the Sinclair family cannot achieve. To be honest, isn’t it because your magical knowledge is higher than that of the Sinclairs?”

I had no intention of denying this either.

Compared to himself, all those who came from the Sinclair family were just kids.

“I will not deny it. I did some hard work to get to that position. It’s been a while since I rotted in a damn camp.”

The camp he was talking about was the ‘Infinite Library’ containing vast amounts of knowledge.

“I did a lot of research in order to escape from that hellish place. Magic was one of them. Maybe you don’t know. How much trouble did I go through to escape from that hell.”

Rockefeller smiled.

“I appreciate your abilities, so I need your strength to break free from the Sinclair family.”

“I don’t know exactly what you want?”

“There is such a thing as the Goblin Dollar. Now our Lyon guild is pushing it into a new currency.”

“Goblin Dollars?”

Come to think of it, not gold or silver coins, but strange paper money was being traded among people.

Lee Han, who remembered this, asked.

“Are you talking about that paper money? When you go to Banco, they exchange it for gold coins.”

“Yes, you know. With your powers in that goblin dollar, you’re trying to build a magical power against counterfeiting.”

“Was the paper money called Goblin Dollars? One name is shit. To name a man-made currency a goblin. The guys at Goblin Bank must be very fond of them. Because the tough guys are using their names.”

“Maybe this kind of work is something I don’t know about, but only high-level wizards in the Sinclair family, or wizards with unique skills like you, can implement it.”

“I will. Because no one dares to do such a cumbersome task. If it’s not like me, I probably wouldn’t even be able to do it.”

Rockefeller’s smile was still there.

“So I am going to ask you. If the Goblin Dollars I came up with are complete, we won’t have to pay attention to the Sinclairs anymore. It can grow into a force of its own.”

At those words, Lee Han wrinkled his face.

“I don’t know what you are thinking. Why should I help you with your work?”

on that question

Rockefeller decided to make an offer he couldn’t refuse.

“Because there is a good reason.”

As if remembering something, Lee Han began to quiver.

“I just thought of it. Don’t you think it’s stupid to not believe in the Sinclairs, who have been with you for a long time, and to believe in me instead? believe me what i say Do you think I’m a bit stupid?”

There were many rumors about Lee Han.

someone you can trust?

No, Lee Han was one of the most incredible people in the world.

“I am well aware of the rumors about you. People say you can’t be trusted.”

“Heh, I know.”

“Of course I am too. I don’t really trust you. It’s not very reliable.”

Ihan laughed bitterly.

“you. Don’t you think it’s a little silly? You’re going to ask me to do something like that without trusting me like that?”

As the question continued, Rockefeller’s lips curled long.

“Do you know why I made such a request?”

“No, I don’t know at all.”

“Because you are free to forge.”


The words that followed were what Rockefeller had to take for granted to complete the Goblin Dollar.

“It is literally what I said. You can forge as many as you like. Just go ahead and fake it. Instead, it should not be left behind. Only you can.”

When he said that only he could do it, Lee Han was so absurd that he was at a loss for words.

Lee Han, who had been lost for a while, decided to ask the reason.

“No, why am I making an exception?”

“Well, you are the one who invented it. You can think of it as a kind of hard work. Feel free to fake it. And feel free to use it. Me and the guild have absolutely nothing to do with it. However, use it only for you. That is the condition I am asking for.”

“under… … Can I do the forgery on my own terms, or do I have to do it instead?”

“Yeah, isn’t that a pretty good deal? You can spend a lot of money indefinitely.”

From this standpoint, there was nothing to be ashamed of.

“Then, if that paper money spreads around the world, I can print and use it infinitely.”

“Yes, you will. However, others will not be able to forge it. Because you will make it happen.”

Rockefeller asked.

“Do you want to share what you enjoy with others?”

“No, are you crazy? why me?”

Rockefeller just smiled at the reply.

‘I’m probably the only person in this world who knows you best.’

A person who lives only for himself.

That was Lee Han, the main character in the novel.

‘You have a complete understanding of your consumption patterns and future work. I’ll spend some money to achieve my goal, but anyway, it won’t make any sense in front of the money I’ll print in the future. And you do it in the end. So it doesn’t make any more sense.’

“So I think you are the right person for this job. How are you? Would you like to implement the magic I came up with? The price is money that never dries up, as I said earlier. Take as many pictures as you need for the rest of your life. Instead, you have to complete the Goblin Dollars I want. Please create an absolute currency that no one but you can forge.”

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