The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 112

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 112

Episode 112 25. Rayan Tepez (6)

absolute money.

When asked to make a currency that cannot be counterfeited, Lee Han thought for a moment.

‘Is that possible? There are also magic that can be completely cloned.’

Implementing magic that does not exist in the world was not as easy as I thought.

In particular, with regard to the absolute currency that Rockefeller talked about, Lee Han did not even know where to start.

“It’s all good. How do you want it to be made?”

“As for the frame, I just got the hang of it. For each goblin dollar, we record a public ledger and link them together. In other words, every goblin dollar has the same ledger.”

“Do you keep the same ledger for all goblin dollars?”

“Yes, if a forged Goblin Dollar is put in there, the existing Goblin Dollar will be able to identify it. The transaction books are all the same, so if a guy with a different transaction book gets caught in it, wouldn’t it be easy to sort them out? No matter how similar they look.”

“If the same transaction ledger… … We can do it in such a way that they react the same to each other.”

“Even if a large number of goblin dollars with false ledgers appear, we can make them all be identified as false as long as we do not lose 51% of the market share.”

“It’s 51%… … .”

Rockefeller went on to explain for a long time the full goblin dollar built on blockchain.

It was an unfamiliar concept, but it seemed to Lee Han that he could easily detect whether the currency was forged or not.

“It’s cumbersome, but… … How did you come up with that idea?”

“I just shook my head. Is it possible to implement it?”

“If we started from the ground up, it would have taken some time, but since we knew the basics, it wouldn’t be too difficult to implement it as it is.”

“Then that’s it.”

Creating an absolute currency, as Rockefeller said, was not a difficult task for Lee Han.

I just had this question.

“by the way. Everything is fine, but can the paper money really be used like money? I had to watch people spend it like money… … .”

“Are you talking about goblin dollars?”

“Yeah, I’m talking about those goblin dollars. I didn’t think it looked like money at all.”

Lee Han was the main character in the novel, but like everyone else, he was ignorant of finance.

Lee Han grabbed a handful of gold coins from his pocket and showed it to Rockefeller.

“More than that, the real money is this. This is real money, that paper money is something… … .”

Seeing Lee Han’s appearance, Rockefeller just smiled.

“Do you know what money is?”

“money? It’s money, it’s just money.”

Rockefeller calmly shook his head in denial.

“Wrong. That’s what money is. It is faith.”


“Yes, it is faith. On what basis do you think that the metal currency you are holding is money?”

“this? What is this from a long time ago… … .”

Rockefeller’s long curved lips were still there.

“That is what faith is. It’s an essential part of making money. Think about it. What’s so great about being heavier than paper money and yellow? The easiest thing to actually use is a paper goblin dollar.”

“This is gold. Gold!”

“That gold, too, has become valuable as people have been giving it meaning for a long time. If it weren’t for that, gold would have been just one of those minerals that could be mined from the ground.”

Rockefeller spoke right away.

“The same goes for goblin dollars. It wouldn’t make any sense at first. But if the perception that goblin dollars are money continues to be embedded in people’s perceptions. One day people will think of goblin dollars as money, not gold coins. At that time, the current gold coins will be replaced by Goblin Dollars.”

Lee Han shook his head with a look of incomprehension.

“I don’t think it will be like that. After all, the goblin dollars you mentioned are eventually converted into gold coins in banco, so people don’t spend it like money.”

“you’re right. But what if the situation I’m talking about continues and people don’t bother coming to Banco to exchange goblin dollars for gold coins? We don’t think that much because gold coins are money engraved into our bones. What will happen to a child who has been using goblin dollars as money since birth?”

Rockefeller asked.

“Is the money an invisible gold coin stuck in a banco for him? Or will it be the goblin dollars we use in our daily lives?”

Lee Han could not easily answer that question.

I wanted to answer gold coins, but that’s just my opinion, and as Rockefeller assumed, the kid who had been spending goblin dollars like money from a young age obviously wouldn’t think so.

“Perhaps you are like me. For him, the money would be goblin dollars, not gold coins that were not used very often. It wasn’t because the goblin dollars were really valuable, but because they had been recognized as money, which created a kind of belief that was not there. The belief that goblin dollars are money.”

The following words were quite meaningful.

“And it’s my job to make that happen. Wouldn’t the goblin dollar be established as real money in people’s perception only when there is a solid background that the goblin dollar is linked to gold coins or other valuables, or that the state or some trusted organization guarantees it?”

“Is that something I can’t do?”

“Who told you to do it? That’s what I and the Lyon Guild should do going forward. You have your own work to do. It’s about completing the Goblin Dollar.”

As Lee Han seemed to understand, Rockefeller continued:

“Please, please complete the Goblin Dollar that I proposed. Then, with the money printed out in the air, won’t it be only you and me who will live happily ever after?”

Those words that sounded like the devil’s suggestion.

Lee Han smiled sincerely and accepted it.

“That’s a brilliant idea. Let’s turn things that had no value into money and live with goodwill for the rest of our lives. That’s what I want too. With money you and I can print infinitely.”

conscience here?

Do you care about Lee Han?

There was no such thing.

He only envisions a rosy future that will unfold before him.

“More than that. How else did you come up with that thought? Does your brain look good?”

“It’s not like that. It’s just a thought that comes naturally to me when I’m in this field.”

“It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a banco trader like you. I thought I was just a moneylender who lends money.”

“You can think of it as a few steps further than that.”

“Evolution, that’s funny.”

Lee Han smiled and pointed his index finger at Rockefeller.

“You, I like you very much. that’s what you think I think it will suit me well. I hope to see you more often in the future.”

“Besides, when are you going to make the goblin dollars I proposed?”

“It has to start slowly. Does it look like some fun?”

“Is that so?”

“I know a little bit, so don’t worry and wait. As you said, we will create and bring an absolute currency that cannot be forged by anyone other than us.”

“Then I will trust you and wait for you.”

Lee Han left these words before disappearing.

“It’s the perfect goblin dollar, I’m making it, but you’re making the world that you’re going to spend your money on. Please do your best not to disappoint me. That way, you and I can live life without worrying about money.”

Interlocking with Lee Han, who had left, Rockefeller looked at Ricardo, who was still standing.

Then he smiled softly as if he had relieved an hour.

“After all, it was a dizzying day. Fortunately, both things worked out.”

Here Ricardo was thinking about the conversation between Rockefeller and the First Prince.

Previously, Rockefeller had said he was planning to put the second prince on the throne.

However, the 1st Prince was told that he was pushing the 2nd Prince to integrate with the Black Label Union, so confusion arose here.

Rockefeller, who was sitting comfortably with such Ricardo, left these words as if shedding.

“I am really curious what the first prince, who will be floating in the underworld, will think when the second prince ascends to the throne. Just because the Ismail faction is dead, I’ll be vigilant. Well, I understand. Ismail’s situation is so bad that you might be thinking about it.”

I knew it.

His worries were in vain.

His intention to put the second prince on the throne did not change, and it seemed that he had said such a thing earlier to convince the first prince to come.

‘But it’s questionable. There is nothing wrong with the words of the 1st Prince.’

The situation of the second prince, which Ricardo thought was hopeless, was not entirely wrong.

No matter how much the Lyon Guild supported it, if the position of the denomination that linked the Ismail family with pagan forces did not change, there was no chance that the second prince would ascend to the throne.

“Even the Church will not leave His Highness Second Prince alone. Then, the possibility of the Second Prince ascending to the throne would be extremely low. Apart from the fact that we are supporting the Second Prince, His Majesty.”

“Of course, that’s the case in the Church right now.”

Perhaps he had something in mind, and Rockefeller’s mouth was curved long.

“But if the ruling power of the denomination changes, that is a thing of the past.”

The death of the current Pope, Felix III, was predestined.

The cause of death is poison.

However, the reason it was released to the public was a natural death due to old age.

This happened because the Pope’s body could not be autopsied in the first place, but Rockefeller, who was well aware of the real culprit of the incident, continued as if listening to him.

“If your Highness Second Prince goes to war for the crown, will you not move against the most offensive sect on Ismail’s side? Then when something big happens… … There is a possibility that the position of the denomination will also change.”

The words that followed were also the wishes of Rockefeller.

“And if Sir Berkis, whom I will be pushing, fills the vacancy, roughly the picture I want will come out.”

Ricardo decided to keep listening to what Rockefeller had to say.

“But it would take a lot of money to raise your Bishop Berkis to that level. It will take a lot of money.”

Rockefeller began to speak very openly about why the Ismail family had to condone them against the Black Label Union, as if to listen to Ricardo.

‘Hey, listen. Because I told you to listen.’

“And to get that money, we have to grab all of the Imperial money chains, and for this to happen, either the Black Label Union disappears or we have to come under us. Only then can we monopolize the imperial market.”

Rockefeller, who paused for a moment, spoke again.

“So I have to get parental consent before surgery… … Do you have any idea how to contact the Ismail family?”

Listening to Rockefeller’s words, from Ricardo’s point of view, the Black Label Union seemed like a hand that should be discarded.

It was an unavoidable choice to put the second prince on the throne.

“Let’s find a way.”

“Please. It’s not something I’m going to do anymore.”

After speaking, Rockefeller closed his eyes in a comfortable position.

‘Still, I won’t reveal the identity, so do you want to send someone down there? That’s what you’ll do.’

no matter what

The painting itself was well drawn.

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