The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 119

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 119

119 Episode 26. Black Label Union (6)

“There is zero risk… … okay.”

Trading securities on an exchange was a kind of gamble.

Because no one knew whether the stock sold by someone would make a big hit when the boat returned, or whether the boat would come back and become a slump.

Therefore, securities investors have their own risks.

But the exchanges that helped them buy and sell those securities had no reason to take that risk.

No matter what happens to the person who trades securities, it was enough for the exchange to only collect fees from the middle.

Ricardo thought of this.

“I do not know what will happen to the traded securities in the future, but an exchange that collects fees in the process is unlikely to go bankrupt. As long as someone keeps trading, they will keep taking the commission.”

Hearing those words, a deep smile appeared on Rockefeller’s lips.

“Let’s see. What will happen to securities trading in this black label. If trading is easy, there will be no room for people to set foot on the exchange I opened because of the people who like to gamble.”

Is it human nature to gamble?

Ricardo thought about this and narrowed his eyes.

‘Is it really human nature to like gambling?’

Do humans really like gambling?

When such a question arose strongly, Rockefeller, who was watching him, went out to explain.

“Are you wondering if people like to gamble?”

“yes… … any. I wonder if people really like gambling that much.”

“Haha, actually people wouldn’t think of buying and selling securities on the stock exchange as gambling. There are better words than that.”

Rockefeller’s smile deepened with the following words.

“That’s the word investment.”

“Invest… … .”

“I assure you. The average person would not consider trading securities on the exchange I opened as gambling. Think of it as an investment of some sort. And investment is a good thing, isn’t it? It’s a good thing for someone who doesn’t know how to invest and look around for his wife.”

Rockefeller’s even mischievous remarks continued.

“It’s the same with gambling or investing, winning and losing. So do you know what the fundamental difference between these two is?”

“What is the difference?”

“Yeah, I’m asking if you know the difference between the two.”

“I do not know. Investing sounds better. Other than that… … .”

“you’re right. That’s where people cheat. Investing is a very good thing to hear. It’s something professional, and it looks qualitatively different from the gamblers at the gambling house.”

Rockefeller raised his index finger to emphasize the following words.

“But the fundamental properties of the two are ultimately the same. Investing doesn’t mean you won’t lose money, and gambling doesn’t mean you lose every time. Whoever picks it, picks it again.”

“Are you saying that after all, both are the same?”

“Yes, it is. However, people are deceived by the word investment and jump into gambling on their own.”

Rockefeller confidently continued:

“Who would think that the exchange I set up is a gambling place?”

“… … .”

“It looks like the owner of the gambling house is doing something bad. On the other hand, the stock exchange I set up is not like that. But they both have the same properties. After all, whether it’s at the gambling house or the exchange I set up, the people who come to me think the same.”

“You’re thinking of getting money.”

“you’re right. They all think about their daughter and not lose it.”

That was a lot to think about.

After all, the exchange was a gambling place.

“So what I want to say is this. I know that people who like the word investment, even if they don’t like gambling, will come to my gambling house, dazzled by the wonderful word. They probably don’t even know they’ve come to a gambling house.”

Riccardo had no choice but to agree when he heard that people who were deceived by the word investment came to the exchange established by Rockefeller.

Rockefeller asked again, turning to the quiet Ricardo.

“Do you know that? Who really wins money at the gambling house. A good gambler? Or the lucky gambler that day?”

Ricardo thought for a moment at Rockefeller’s sudden remark, and found the answer without difficulty.

“Somehow, it looks like the owner of the gambling house.”

Rockefeller still answered with a smile to see if the answer was correct.

“you’re right. Very few or none of the gamblers at the gambling board win money. Because they put their own money and try to eat other people’s money. It’s kind of like a zero-sum game. As much as I lost, others win. And as much as I gain, others will lose.”

Rockefeller continued.

“But the owner of the gambling house just needs to collect those gamblers and spread them out. Then you’ll get a seat there. After all, as time goes on, people will find out that the money maker is the owner of the casino. But by then it was already too late.”

“Because I found out too late.”

“you’re right. What’s the point if your pockets are empty and you find out? The gambling house owner’s pockets are already thick.”

And the last sentence was key.

“At the end of the day, to make money, you have to be like a gambling house owner, not a gambler.”

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