The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 120

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 120

120 Episode 27. Black Label Union #2(2)

The blue-eyed young man is the guild leader, and he stands up with his hair upright and looks at himself.

Toward the young guild leader who lost his fearful head, the Union representative made use of his previous memories to reveal the ferocity of his heyday without filtration.

“Doesn’t it look like you don’t understand the situation well?”

Rockefeller only showed a sad smile towards such a Union representative.

“no. I fully understand why you came. I don’t know why you’re angry with me.”

The Union representative began to mow at the thought of his enlisted men outside the store.

“If you’re arrogant with those private soldiers left outside the store right now. It would be better to fix that bad idea quickly.”

“Is that so?”

“I mean. When you were young, someone like you just grabbed the head of your head with this hand and smashed it. Then, the unbranched corpse was displayed on a reef where ships pass easily. With the flag that symbolizes me.”

His notoriety, called the Pirate King, was not known to anyone in Black Label.

But Rockefeller didn’t even blink an eye at that, and just smiled.

“It was. I don’t know what he was doing now as the head of the Banco Federation. Just do what you’re good at or keep doing.”

“What? Let’s see this bastard.”

Ignoring Warren, Rockefeller went to a nearby sofa and sat down.

“Come here and sit down. How long are you going to introduce yourself?”

Even though he was cheeky, he was too cheeky.

In addition, when he showed no fear in the face of the nightmare of the sea, which was once called the Pirate King, rather than fear, the CEO of Union, who was furious to the point of his head, began to move to deal with him directly.

‘Does it look like Bingdari hot pants because I’m still on land? young bastard. I know that I touched the wrong person… … .’

It was none other than Riccardo, Rockefeller’s assistant, who stood in the way of such a guildmaster.

“What else are you?”

As the Union representative growled with an angry face towards Ricardo, who was standing in front of me somewhat cheekily, Ricardo thought to himself.

‘Until I met a man named Rockefeller, I thought that the heads of the Banco Federation were all bastards like this. Wherever there is a smell of money, there will always be flies.’

“If you sit across from me, I will serve you hot tea soon.”

A car in this country?

It was unheard of to the Union representative.

“What a bastard car! Do you think something like tea is going to go down my throat?”

Rockefeller, who didn’t even look at the Union representative who raised his voice, shook his head.

‘Even the owner doesn’t know… … but. What can I do to get behind?’

just as expected?

The Union representative, who was about to push the assistant who was blocking my way until just a moment ago, caused a pupil earthquake.

A voice resounding in his head reminded him of his previous nightmare.

‘Uh, how… … .’

To that union representative, Ricardo said again.

“Sit down. I’ll get you a car soon.”

The Union representative, who pretends not to show any signs of expression, and is careful about his actions, has suddenly sat down with Rockefeller.

And then, inwardly, he succumbed.

‘It’s Ismail, too. I was watching everyone nearby.’

It was not known where the electric sound came from, but one thing was certain: Ismail was involved in this work.

‘Then there was no need for me to come all the way here, did I? The Ismail side will take care of everything anyway.’

As far as he knew, the Black Label Union was an excellent source of money for the Ismail family.

The money line is in trouble, but will the Ismail family stand still?

‘It won’t break. never.’

“Wow! Sorry for making a fuss until recently. Since I’m from where I’m from, my old habits popped out without me knowing.”

Rockefeller didn’t seem too concerned about the sudden change of attitude of the Union representative.

‘It was just a matter of cost. If there was a problem with Jung, I could call Lee Han at that time. Even if it’s not, what’s wrong with the Ismail head watching from the side?’

“As expected, as a Union representative, his behavior is not that lowly. If you were the same person you used to be, you probably wouldn’t even have a match in this place.”

It was a rather provocative statement, but for some reason, the Union representative put a smile on his lips that didn’t suit him.

‘I think he’s going to fall behind sooner or later, so I don’t need to worry about it. As long as you’re here, you can just play around.’

“When did you get off the boat? You can’t play like that idiot forever. Yes, my name is… … .”

Rockefeller kindly informed the Union representative, who did not even know his name, with a smile.

“Rockefeller Ross Medici.”

“Oh, it was a Rockefeller ball. I was ignoring the name of a young boy who suddenly became a guild leader.”

The smiling Union representative looked at Rockefeller as if sarcastically.

‘Young bastard has no fear.’

“How did you rise to that level at such a young age? It’s amazing.”

Rockefeller grinned.

“Hey, what could be so great? I think our Prince Warren, who has been lucky enough to be the Union representative with the title given by the imperial family, will be even greater than a person like me.”

“ha ha ha… … .”

He was smiling like he didn’t care, but Warren’s eyebrows were wriggling intensely at this moment.

‘He’s a dog man, his snout is very artistic. Yeah, I don’t know what you believe in. At least it’s definitely not normal.’

“You must have come here unaware that this is our area, right? If you were sane, you probably wouldn’t.”

“no. Rather, he knew very well and set up a store here. This is your area, right?”

this guy is a kid

“Haha, it seems that you are not afraid when you are young. Or have you lost your mind?”

“Still, be grateful that we don’t do business directly in Lanstad. If I had started doing business there, all the stores there would have been closed.”

“With what confidence do you say that?”

“Do you really need to tell me that?”

Rockefeller smiled and began to continue.

“Look around. What is going on with the Banco stores in Union?”

Oh, blood pressure.

Still, he had to keep his smile on his face.

The CEO of Union, who looked forcibly smiling, suddenly started to laugh.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

The unfamiliar laughter didn’t last long.

“Are you really going to have two or three lives?”

“Of course, you only have one life, but are you asking as if there were two or three?”

“No, just think with common sense.”

The CEO of Union, who was sitting droopingly on the sofa, raised his hand with a relaxed expression and lightly swept the surroundings.

“Do you know that this is all our land? We are just shells, and the real owner is different. Have you ever heard of Ismail?”

Wasn’t it funny at all?

The Union representative started shaking his head with a disapproving expression.

“Don’t get tired of peeing in your pants just because you know. Anyway, that moron. Do you know how long you are going to be together?”

at that time.

A man named Joseph, who had been following him, came to the seat next to him and quietly whispered to him.

After hearing this, Union CEO, who had been shaking his head, seemed to be sarcastic, and immediately raised one corner of his mouth violently.

“Oh, it was like that. What kind of guts did I have to come all the way here and do business?”

Rockefeller didn’t respond, and decided to listen quietly to what he had to say.

“Did you believe in the Sinclair family and act like that here?”

His words continued towards Rockefeller, who showed no reaction.

“It was like that. To be honest, like some crazy person, they do business here, so I was curious about what kind of guts they have to do business.”

Then he said, shaking his head.

“That bastard Sinclair. Oh, and Sinclair is also a great family. Still, isn’t it a prestigious imperial family whose name is on par with the Tepez family? A place like that is looking after you, so you might lose your head.”

He smiled as if he was petty.

“But you know what? Even if Ismail became a toothless tiger, his claws would still remain. You were too easy on me.”

Rockefeller still kept the same expression on his face and kept quiet.

“I don’t even need to mix things up here.”

Rockefeller was itching to have something to say to him, but decided to see how he behaves first.

The Union representative, who stood up first, quietly placed a silver coin with a sea snake on it on the table in front of him.

“It’s old-fashioned money from the underworld. You’re going to the underworld soon, but there’s nothing I can do for you. That would be just right.”

His subordinates, who followed him, began to laugh out loud.

It has been a long-standing tradition of pirates to give old-fashioned money to those who are about to die.

Their low-pitched laughter filled the store, and only then did Rockefeller’s mouth open.

“It’s old-fashioned money… … I think you gave it too early for old people. Are you just going there? Do you have anything more to say?”

The Union CEO, who took care of the old man’s money and strode out of the store, gave a deep smile to Rockefeller, who was still standing.

“I’m going to fall behind anyway, so what’s the point of mixing more words here?”

The raised corners of the lips symbolized their own victory.

Let’s try to leave the union representative like that.

Rockefeller got up and threw a gold coin at him as he was about to leave.

‘Probably the same way as the previous guild leader.’

Ismail has never been futile.

If it hadn’t been for their tacit approval in the first place, he wouldn’t have been able to do business either.

“Then you should take mine too.”

Union representative.

When I saw a single gold coin that was hit on my back and rolled down, I was puzzled.

“What is this?”

“What is it? That’s old money. I’m sure you’ll be seeing the underworld soon too. In that sense, I took care of it first.”

Does it look crazy?

Unlike Rockefeller, the Union CEO, who laughed and laughed alone, took his old money.

“Even though he is young, he is a very big person in distribution. Usually, it is customary to toss a silver coin. Tossing gold coins into the world.”

“That’s old-fashioned money. If you touch it, you won’t have bad luck, are you sure it’s okay?”

Whatever Rockefeller says.

Union CEO, who had no intention of going to the underworld in the first place, was rather concerned about Rockefeller’s safety.

“Even though I have met many storms and naval battleships, I have lived well until now. Then why did I die suddenly? Rather, there are other people who will die.”

The Union representative, who was aiming at Rockefeller with the gold coin in his hand, smiled brightly.

The yellow teeth and gold teeth that could be seen between the two lips were quite attractive.

“I will use this for my beer price. It’s such a small amount of money, I usually don’t even look at it. However, it would be different if it was a gold coin given by the Lyon guildmaster.”

Joseph intervened and cheered him up.

“Warren Ball! I’m going to have a wonderful drink today!”

“Yeah, the taste of alcohol today is amazing! The Lyon guildmaster pays for my beer!”

“ha ha ha!”

I bet he would take the old money he gave him so openly.

Rockefeller just shook his head.

‘It certainly looks like gold coins are good. Even if you go to the underworld, if you look at them like that.’

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