The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 121

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 121

Episode 121 27. Black Label Union #2(3)

Watching the Union representatives leave, Rockefeller suddenly had a question about the Ismail family, who did not come to visit.

‘By the way, Ismail, who comes to see me, has been quiet until now.’

Unlike other families, the Ismail family was a secretive and quiet family.

Even the members were not well known, and with the exception of the prince from Ismail, who was openly exposed, it was a ghostly family with little known where and what they were doing.

‘The decision must have already been made.’

In the beginning, it seemed that Ismail was involved in this incident without knowing it.

Otherwise, the reputed Union representative, who is a former pirate captain, would not be able to go back quietly with such confidence.

‘I must have intervened in the middle. Because his attitude suddenly changed.’

Rockefeller paused for a moment and spoke to Ricardo, who was standing nearby.

“Huh, even with rumors, the union representative has a bad side. I had a rough idea because I was from a pirate, but I didn’t know that he was such a badass.”

as if nothing had happened.

Ricardo opened his mouth calmly.

“I’m glad it didn’t happen.”

“More than that, there is no news from Ismail. Are you sure you contacted me properly?”

Even at that question, Ricardo hardly changed his expression.

“I think it’s because we’re such a quiet family. I may have made a mistake, but I think you should be patient and wait.”

“If we didn’t like doing business here in the first place, we would have moved sooner… … .”

“I’m sorry I don’t have anything to tell you.”

“no. I’m even sorry.”

Rockefeller stood up and spoke again.

“You will be contacted. We will just have to wait patiently, as we have always done.”

After finishing his speech, Rockefeller moved to work, and Ricardo, who watched Rockefeller silently, stood still for a moment, then began to remove the teacups in front of him.

That night.

Rockefeller, who had closed his eyes for a moment in the store, opened his eyes in a gloomy energy.

The night air was quite chilly.

I thought I had the window open, so I got up from my seat and went to the window, and the window was completely open.

‘It must have been closed?’

That moment.

“pee… … .”

Something cold touched the nape of his neck and someone grabbed his back like a ghost.

“… … .”


The assassin hired by the Union representative?

or they?

Rockefeller, who swallowed saliva through the throat, asked as if passing it over.

“Perhaps… … Are you Ismail?”

The other party did not answer.

Rockefeller stood and froze, then noticed that the metallic feeling that had been bothering him on the back of his neck had disappeared.


Surprised, when I touched the nape of the neck, there was nothing.

Confused, I looked back and there was no one there.

He was alone in the room.

‘I’m oversensitive… … Was it a reaction?’

No way.

The metal feeling that touched the nape of my neck before was real, and the creepy voice that touched my ear wasn’t a lie either.

It was all experience.

‘Come. When did you come?’

Then Rockefeller, relieved, trudged over and sat down in the chair he often sat in.

Then, in a relaxed posture, unlike before, I called someone in the room.

“You have come. When did you come from the Ismail side?”

Rather than panic, I’d rather come out boldly.

“… … .”

The unidentified being, who had been silent for a while, opened his mouth.

“I watched you quietly for a few days, but you are still a special person.”

The main character of the voice, of course, was not Ricardo.

Is it just a thousand faces?

‘But why a female voice?’

But even so, he couldn’t be sure that it was Ricardo who came now.

‘I’m free to change my voice because if you’re from Ismail, you do it all… … .’

“You sound like a woman just by hearing your voice.”

It could have been Ricardo, or it could have been someone else in the family.

But it didn’t matter that much to Rockefeller.

Because the will of Ricardo was the will of the family, and the will of the family was also his will.

‘It doesn’t matter who comes anyway. The conversation will be the same.’

The closed window opened wide and the cold night air rushed in.

As Rockefeller’s gaze turned toward him, an unidentified voice continued from the nape of his neck.

“Is that important?”

“you’re right. It doesn’t matter.”

Rockefeller quickly erased from his mind the fact that he was a woman.

In fact, it was also the reason that I wasn’t sure if it was a real woman or a man who only mimics his voice.

“Wow! I can only guess why you came.”

“Then we can talk quickly.”

Rockefeller took the lead first.

“Our position remains unchanged. I don’t know if he attended the guild meeting and overheard the details. Regardless of the Sinclair family, we plan to push His Majesty the Second Prince.”

“… … .”

“And the work here is an extension of that, and only when our power grows, the second prince will also receive strength. It will be a good thing for Ismail in many ways.”

“Will that be a good thing?”

Rockefeller began to shake his head as if he understood.

“Of course, we do not know what the Black Label Union meant to you. That would be great money.”

“You know.”

“Then it would be nice to be like this. We’re going to eat this Banco Alliance with no problem. In that case, the existing money line will continue to be effective. Also, those of us who are trying to overthrow the Second Prince will also grow stronger.”

“… … .”

Rockefeller, who was waiting for the other person’s answer, suddenly had this thought.

‘Isn’t something Ricardo?’

If not Ricardo, who?

people of the same family?

‘It’s just my feeling… … It might be someone else.’

In the meantime, the unidentified opponent who had finished thinking opened his mouth.

“How do we trust you, who have been with the Sinclairs so far? Then it’s enough to go back to the Sinclair family.”

The voice continued.

“It’s defenseless now, but then maybe we can go and get help from the Sinclairs.”

Rockefeller grinned at that.

“Haha, you can watch it from the side.”


“Soon, the Sinclair family will come to visit us. It’s going to be a crown war, so he’ll ask for help. Then you can watch how we behave. If it was the Lyon Guild that I knew before, of course, the Sinclair family’s request could not be denied.”

“Are you saying it’s different now?”

“It is different now. Because I am.”

“Is it different because of you?”

“Yeah, it’s definitely different with me. You should not think of the old Lyon Guild.”

Rockefeller continued.

“Because of my existence, the Lyon Guild has definitely changed, and it will move in the direction I want it to go.”

“Then let’s pretend we’re deceived and keep an eye on it.”

As he felt something was about to leave, Rockefeller caught the voice of the protagonist.

“Oh, don’t go like that.”

“Do you have more to say?”

“If everything goes as I said, I hope the Ismail side won’t get involved in this any more. What I mean is, please don’t worry about what we do with Black Label.”

“… … .”

The opponent, who had not spoken for a while, broke the silence and conveyed Ismail’s meaning to him.

“Because it’s not for me to decide.”

“… … is that so? I don’t know who the visitor is, but it seems that you do not have the authority to decide the affairs of the family.”

“Even if you can’t make a decision, you can give advice.”

“ah… … That’s right.”

“I hope the next time we see each other, we don’t have to blush. Keep that in mind. We are always watching you.”

I don’t know if I should believe it or not.

no matter what

The unidentified voice that came to Rockefeller tonight was gone.

‘It’s not even Ricardo’s tone. I’m sure not… … Or did you play? No. No need to act like that… … .’

Rockefeller wondered if any of the members of the Ismail family could match the voice just before.

‘There may be female members in the Ismail family. But… … I know there are no female characters with such an important role.’

After thinking a bit more, one person came to mind.

‘Is your name Sylvia? Ricardo had a twin sister… … .’

The problem is that he’s dead.

With the downfall of a family labeled as pagan, it was said in the novel that his twin sister died miserably.

‘So it doesn’t seem like that… … So, is it an insignificant role belonging to the Ismail family?’

Or someone other than Ismail?

‘Then it’s a big deal.’

If the. very if.

If that’s what he thinks, it’s a big deal, so Rockefeller hurried out of the store and headed to the dormitory where Ricardo was staying with the enlisted men he had hired.

‘If you look around, you’ll know.’

No matter who the opponent was anyway, if it was Ricardo’s person, Ricardo couldn’t have known about it.

Rockefeller, who hurriedly arrived in front of Ricardo’s accommodation, looked up at the three-story building.

The place frequented by travelers was the lodging that Ricardo had sought to stay in Black Label.

I went to the front of the room I knew in advance and banged on the door. After a while, a woman in pajamas opened the door and showed her face.

“… … .”

Her silver hair and deep snow like a lake.

He was a man of the Ismail family, but the real problem was that he wasn’t the person he knew.

“The owner of the room… … Where did you go?”

Unlike Rockefeller, who was bewildered, she showed a calm appearance in dealing with him in pajamas.

“Are you talking about your brother Thomas?”

“Are you your brother Thomas?”

“Yes, I am the younger brother. Oh, you’re the owner of the shop you work in. I heard a lot about it.”

Even though she was wearing pajamas, she did her best to show manners.

“My name is Alice Martell. I heard a lot about the Rockefeller Ball from my brother Thomas.”

“For my brother… … You look so alike.”

“Oh, we are twins.”

Did he have a hobby of dressing up as a woman?

‘It’s possible because it’s a thousand faces… … He said he was perfect even in a woman’s outfit because he had a slender body shape.’

When I looked down, I saw the chest rising above the top of my shirt.

What Ricardo obviously didn’t have was right.

‘I can imitate something like that. It’s not that difficult to get a breast implant.’

However, as he could not understand English, even Rockefeller had nothing to say.

She asked him carefully, who couldn’t say anything.

“Why did you come here tonight?”

“that is… … I have something else to talk about. But I had no idea that he would have a twin sister.”

“Because my brother Thomas doesn’t talk like this.”

“I never heard of you coming with my brother… … What is your brother doing here?”

“I came here to play for a while. Curious that Thomas’ brother is on Black Label.”

“More than that, where can I meet your brother? I have something to tell you right now.”

“I do not know. I think I went out because I couldn’t sleep… … .”

“You mean you went out tonight?”

“yes. Sometimes you do. Isn’t it a little weird?”

It was highly probable that the two were the same person.

Rockefeller, pretending not to know, asked her again.

“I’m in a hurry, but when can I see you?”

“I do not know. There are times when I go out and come back late in the morning. Or shall I wait and tell you that Prince Rockefeller has come and gone?”

“… … .”

Rockefeller, who had nothing to say, decided to do so and returned to the store.

‘Why do you needlessly dress up as a woman… … .’

I didn’t know why

Or it could have been someone other than Ricardo.

It’s their business, how would you know?

‘I don’t know. I don’t even know if that woman is Ricardo.’

How long has it been?

A welcome person came to Rockefeller, who was very nervous.

It was the Ricardo he was looking for.

“I heard you found me.”

What surprised Rockefeller here was the presence of a younger sister who had followed him.

‘what? Did you have a real sister?’

The woman who came with her was definitely the woman she had seen before.

“together… … You are here.”

“Yes, I think I was looking for my brother in a hurry, so I found my brother and brought her.”

It wasn’t a problem that his assistant had brought his pretty sister, but the real problem was her existence.

‘I can’t do this… … .’

In the novel, the character who was said to be dead is still alive.

Wouldn’t it be surprising?

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