The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 125

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 125

125 Episode 28. Black Label Union #3(3)

Sparks flew out of the Union representative’s eyes.

It was ready to eat the governor at any moment.

“Threat? When did you see a guy like me threatening you? Intimidation is what idiots do, and a bastard like me has none of that! It would be good to listen carefully. This is a warning. Warning!”

hang on to this

The governor also scattered a hideous glare and confronted the Union representative without hesitation.

“This man! Where is this! How dare you warn in front of anyone! I’m the governor here! You are only the head of the Banco Coalition! Then you should know the subject!”

Union representative raised his voice again.

“If I make up my mind! It’s going to be like the old days again! What are you talking about knowing that!”

“no! After making an agreement like that, let’s go back to the old days? Crazy now!”

The times they mentioned were a nightmare past for the governor.

The atrocities of the Dragoon Pirates were beyond imagination.

Of course, it was the same for the Union representative, who was tired of living on land, that those days were not pleasant.

“There’s nothing I can’t do! If you keep going like that, I’ll stay still!”

“under… … .”

The governor’s expression wrinkled at the sound of his backbone being pulled.

‘Damn pirate bastard. In the meantime, come and go, he’s been chasing all sorts of condolences. This looses the leash and sits on top of my head.’

at that time.

The naval soldiers who had heard the commotion stormed into the governor’s office.

When the visiting naval soldiers tried to arrest the Union representative who was confronting the governor, the governor stopped it with his hand, said the governor.

“I don’t think you understand the situation very well. I mean. You’re not the only person who chased after you when you were young. A lot has changed since you were crawling on land.”


Be strong with your massive size.

The Union representative pushed the naval soldiers who were trying to capture him with force and raised his voice again.

“I really need to go back to the old days to come to my senses!”

The governor shook his head as there was no answer.

It seemed that the pirate had been smelling the land too much, or had been the head of the Banco Alliance for too long, because he seemed to have no idea about the changing sea conditions.

“It’s frustrating. Look here.”

The governor moved and stood in front of the window overlooking the sea.

“If you have eye sockets, you should look out over the sea.”

Countless battleships were floating on the blue sea seen through the window.

It was the fleet of the empire that had grown silently for safe maritime trade.

“Can you see my battleships over there? It’s a lot bigger than it used to be.”

The confident governor curled his lips long.

“While you are fed up with land life and playing money with the banco vendors. My warships have grown in size day by day.”

While arranging the life of a pirate, the Union representative lost interest in the sea.

What kind of sea work do you care about in a yard where you can’t even care about land right now?

So he had no idea how much the size of the current navy had grown.

‘what? When did you get so big?’

If you think about the past, the size of the current naval battleships has multiplied several times.

‘It used to be similar, but now… … .’

All of the previous raising of voices against the governor was an act of trusting only in himself in the past.

If I had seen the Imperial Fleet floating on the sea like now, I wouldn’t have heard that.

“… … .”

Toward the silent Union representative.

The governor, who had won the victory, continued with a smile.

“The fleet you see through your eye sockets is holding on, and you think I’ll blink an eye just because you go out to sea again?”

The governor clicked his tongue as if pathetic.

“Ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttuding, that’s a no-brainer. If you want to become a regular fish meal, I won’t stop you. Instead, you broke the agreement first, so you won’t be able to set foot on this earth again. Of course, the same goes for the men who followed you to land. If you don’t like it, you can live quietly on land as we agreed.”

I wanted to say something.

Because he was not confident enough to defeat the Imperial fleet floating on the sea.

Union CEO, who is stingy with words, only wrinkled his face.

‘You were very skinny while I was away. Damn, if I had known this was going to happen, would I have just lived in the sea?’

Meanwhile, the governor walked to the door and opened the door himself to let him out.

The head of Union, who was glaring at the governor, became more complicated than ever.

‘If this happens, I will go out completely.’

It seemed that it would be difficult to drive out the guild by threatening the governor.

‘Damn it.’

“I’m just going this time. Know that there is no next time.”

At that absurd remark, the governor just snorted.

“Hey, it’s not too late. And here I am the governor. This is not the kind of person like you who can come without an appointment.”

Union CEO, who doesn’t listen even with his ears, said as if he was notified.

“See you next time.”

“I just wish I didn’t look forward to it.”

So the situation was over, and the Union representative left, in his own office where there was only silence.

The governor began to speak to the other guests he had hidden in advance.

“I am afraid to speak. You will come to me so ignorantly.”

Then, a human voice was heard from the room next door to the office.

“It’s obvious that you have. It’s easy to predict.”

To the guests coming out of the next room, the governor continued talking as if nothing had happened.

“I was lucky to have a place to hide. It wouldn’t have been a problem if I didn’t have to hide.”

Out of the room next door were none other than Rockefeller and his secretary, Ellis, who had followed him.

“Still, if we had met in a place like this, it certainly wouldn’t have been a good story. It would have made it even worse.”

The governor shook his head, apparently in sympathy.

‘It looks like money is good.’

“If it were him, it would have been enough. Even though I know there is a lady here, I’m the type of person who can play a game.”

The governor looked at the secretary, who was sitting next to Rockefeller, with deep eyes.

She was quite a beauty.

I envy a young man named Rockefeller who has her as his secretary.

“Because the representative of Union is from where I came from. I fully understand.”

Rockefeller always had a relaxed and smile on his lips like any nobleman, and the governor who dealt with such Rockefeller was able to engage in conversation more leisurely than before.

“Honestly, from my point of view.”

The governor broke his luck to continue the story he had cut off earlier.

“It’s more convenient for someone with a bit of manners like you to take over the area rather than such a rude guy.”

Even the governor did not know the rumors about the young guild leader.

He was not from the Lyon family, but the eldest son of a commoner family, and he had heard that he was very good at business, so he won the trust of the guild members and was elected as the new guild leader.

There were only a few things that bothered him, however, was his young age and his origin as a commoner.

‘I’m not very fond of this guy, but it’s still better than that bastard.’

“What would an ignorant pirate know? If I don’t like it, I think about coming over and playing a chess game.”

Rockefeller, who did not lose his composure, accepted his words.

“you’re right. In that sense, it would be good for you to maintain a good relationship with us. We didn’t get stuck like that.”

The governor caught Rockefeller smiling.

Except for the young, he was a stag beetle.

Even though it looks far away, the inside is as black as any other banco trader.

“Well, by the way. To be honest, it’s not my decision here. Especially when it comes to banco work, I can’t help myself.”

Rockefeller had a rough idea of what he was trying to say.

“I know a little bit about the Ismail family.”

“Someone you know came to you without any fear.”

And then the governor had a thought.

Are you young and not afraid?

Or are you ignorant of the world?

But that thought was soon erased.

“We have already received their permission to continue our business here safely.”

The governor narrowed his eyes for a moment and thought about a young man named Rockefeller.

‘Isn’t that why I became a guild leader at a young age?’

The governor, who had been silent for a while, spoke again.

“If Ismail gave tacit approval. In the end, this will be a battle between the existing banco operators and the newcomers of you. Hmm… … .”

He narrowed his eyes and imagined what would happen next.

“It’s a battle between the Union and the Guild… … It’s something I never thought of before. The banco traders who used to hang out with each other are sure to be fighting for power here.”

“The winner of that fight will be us.”

The governor questioned his confident words.

“Is there any reason to be so sure?”

“Why? Why aren’t you right in front of me?”

The governor tilted his head as Rockefeller looked up and smiled.

“Are you seeing me now?”

“Yes, the Governor-General will be with us. Of course we will win that fight.”

The governor tilted his head.

“Why is that?”

“Isn’t that obvious? The ruler of this place is the Governor-General. If the Ismail family does not step forward, who will decide what is going on here?”

“… … .”

When I heard it, it turned out to be true.

If the Ismail family had been silent, it was he who made the decisions here.

“haha… … This is unthinkable. The Ismail family is so deeply involved, I never dared to think about it.”

Rockefeller smiled softly at that.

“This is, of course, the work of the Governor-General. Who is involved?”

“I do, but… … .”

The governor, well aware of the Ismail family’s influence, was silent.

‘If you don’t want to go after mice and birds without knowing it, it’s better to be careful about that.’

“Wow! But is there any reason why I have to join hands with the guild? I am asking if the head of each faction is good or bad, and if there is any real benefit to me.”

Rockefeller was still smiling at the blatant question.

“Oh, of course it is. If you are with us, you will be able to get a loan on better terms.”

“A loan?”

Rockefeller moved and stood by the window.

Then he pointed to the scenery outside the window and continued talking.

“Even now, there are many variables on the sea that you did not anticipate. In the past, dragoon pirates were a problem, but now the undead pirate fleet made up of only undead remains a huge problem.”

The reason why the Black Label governor continued to increase his naval battleships even though the Dragoon pirates were quiet was that a force more powerful than them was in control of the sea.

“I heard that the navy still lacks a lot of power to wage an all-out war with them. Then we have to build more naval battleships, where will all the money come from?”

“So, do you mean take out a loan?”

“of course. We are not digging the ground to do business. Instead, I can give you a lot of preferential treatment on better terms than Union.”

“What, how much interest are you trying to cut?”

“I will only take 3 percent.”

The governor’s eyes widened at the word 3 percent.

“Did you say 3 percent now? Wasn’t it originally 6 percent?”

It was not that the governor-general had not negotiated with the Union representative to increase the number of naval battleships.

The only problem, however, was the high interest on the loan.

The union representative, who had only been pirating, knew well that the governor was a very strong debtor, so he could not give up his arrogance and tried to get more interest from the existing 6 percent loan interest.

Because he was the governor anyway, he had no money to take, so he called only the interest on the loan unconditionally.

“Yes, instead, the exclusive right of Banco business in Black Label should be given only to our Lyon Guild.”

Rockefeller’s low interest rate loan was a very attractive offer, but the conditions that followed were quite irritating.

“Are you talking about giving me a monopoly?”

“Yes, please don’t let anyone do business here at Black Label unless it’s our Lyon Guild. Then I can lend you as much money as you want at a low interest rate of 3 percent.”

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