The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 132

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 132

Episode 132 31. Another Way (2)

The two wizards who came were silent.

He knew he wasn’t bluffing.

“The Lyon Guild and the Sinclair family… … I thought we were good friends, but I guess that’s not the case.”

Rockefeller responded when she showed her disappointment.

“Good mate… … Yes, it was once. We are their loyal dogs. But not anymore. Things have changed. At least from now on, it will be a whole new relationship.”

“A new relationship? What kind of relationship are you talking about?”

“It would be more accurate to express it as a horizontal relationship where they are in equal positions.”

“Then you’re saying it wasn’t until now?”

“Are you asking me from someone you know well? Until then, of course, it wasn’t a vertical relationship, was it?”

Do you want an equal relationship with the Empire’s leading magician?

It is also a group of usurers who touch money.

Jason was furious, but she couldn’t find a way to intervene because she was talking directly.

Meanwhile, Isabella’s words continued.

“If we split up like this, wouldn’t that be any good?”

Rockefeller did not deny it.

“Perhaps it is. At least there’s been some help so far, so that’s enough. But even if it’s hard right now, I don’t think it will last.”

This too seemed to have prepared something, and Jason and Isabella quickly exchanged glances with each other.

Although the Sinclair family was not as hot-blooded as the Tepez family, it was a group that never made concessions in their interests.

He was not afraid to use force at times, so when I asked her if Jason thought it was time to show his strength, she shook her head quietly.

The air in the room was too cold.

‘That’s the feeling then. It’s the same as when I met Ismail.’

She could see it vaguely.

That something other than them is watching here.


She eventually stopped Jason from doing something with words.

“miss. Why are you drying it?”

As he protested, she continued in a calm tone.

“There is another person in this room. Jason still doesn’t know?”

“Anyone else?”

Jason looked around the room again.

As she said, there was a subtle air current flowing through the room.

‘This is the energy of Ismail.’

“ah… … .”

The direct line of the family was also different. She never missed a part she had missed.

Due to this, Jason had no choice but to suppress his power, and with a wrinkled expression, he returned to Rockefeller.

“There was a certain corner of my belief.”

Rockefeller shook his head as if pathetic.

“I told you before. The Ismail family is intervening here, knowingly and unknowingly.”

Rockefeller continued.

“Do you know why there was no noise when we had an all-out war with Union in the first place and absorbed them?”

It was Isabella who answered that question.

“Did you ask for their permission?”

“Exactly, they allowed it. because? We had a mutual interest.”

Rockefeller continued.

“Ismail’s side missed the former glory. And we wanted to grow into a bigger group. With those interests aligned, we were able to absorb and integrate Union into our side without any problems.”

Rockefeller stared intently at her and continued.

“I am so closely connected with the Ismail faction, would they want something to happen to me here? It wouldn’t be. So if you cause trouble here, it probably won’t do you any good either. That’s why Ismail is so desperate.”

Even if Ismail became a toothless tiger, he was once one of the most prominent noblemen of the Empire.

It is a burden for Sinclair to set up another angle of confrontation with the remaining Ismail faction in a busy field that is not even concerned about the war for the crown right now.

So she tried her best to do this wisely.

“If the Union forces have also been disintegrated, there must be no reason to continue to be associated with the Ismail family, right?”

Her words continued.

“And the Ismail side doesn’t have a good relationship with the denomination, so if you want to continue working as a Banco, you will have to keep some distance from them.”

Rockefeller laughed.

“So you want me to betray them? Then, if neither a mouse nor a bird dies without knowing it, are you going to take responsibility for it?”

“If you feel threatened, we can help.”

Rockefeller shook his head.

“Actually, it’s not like that.”

It’s a personal threat.

This is a choice anyway.

“I think you are misunderstanding something. It is my choice to stick with the Ismail family. If only I had been with the Sinclair family until now. From now on, I will be with Ismail.”

Isabella could not understand his attitude.

“I can’t understand. Do you argue with what power they have and keep insisting on them? I’d rather understand the Tepez family. But Ismail… … .”

When asked why he insisted on the fallen Ismail.

Rockefeller answered with an implicit smile.

“Isn’t there going to be a crown war soon? If the second prince wins there, we will never know.”

Isabella panicked at the strange sound.

The second prince from War of the Crown.

“Is His Majesty Christian the War of the Crown?”

It was like a golden word.

Because there was not even a rumor that the 2nd Prince would participate in the war.

As Isabella looked at Jason, she immediately shook her head to see if Jason was thinking the same thing.

It meant that it couldn’t be.

“No way.”

Rockefeller smiled as he crossed his legs in a relaxed position.

“Or would you like to bet with me? Whether the Second Prince will participate in the War of the Crown or not.”

“Even if you participate in the war, would your life be lost to His Majesty Christian?”

The crown war is a long tradition of the imperial family, and only one prince who participated in this battle survived and ascended to the throne.

So the princes whose lives are precious cannot go to war for the crown.

“You are losing your life. If you fight and win, that’s enough.”

“By what means do you win? I wouldn’t be able to win.”

“I’m sorry, but the matter of winning or losing in the Crown War is for people like us to decide. To be honest, what power would the princes have to win the crown war? Wouldn’t all the forces supporting them place them on the throne?”

At that, Jason, who had been silent, came forward.

“You don’t think the Second Prince will win, do you?”

“of course. In this battle for the crown, of course, the Second Prince will win.”

It was a certainty enough to stick my tongue out.

Judging from the current situation, the second prince was a person who was uncertain even to participate in the war in the first place.

“You fool. To forsake us in a hopeless job and choose Ismail.”

“That is my choice. It’s not something that other people can’t talk about with my choices.”

Pushing the 2nd prince sounded too fat, so Isabella thought about it more.

‘It won’t happen though. If you win by pushing the 2nd prince, you will have a lot to gain.’

It was natural for the prince who ascended to the throne to help those who took care of him.

Moreover, it would be even more so if the second prince had no support.

‘The guild’s financial power will be sufficient, so the second prince won’t be in trouble because of money. The problem is the church… … .’

“You don’t care about the church at all? Ismail is already branded as a pagan faction, and even if the Second Prince’s Highness wins the War for the Crown, he will not be able to ascend to the throne. The Empire will never be separated from the Church.”

“I’ve been thinking about that, too.”

“Anything in mind?”

Rockefeller still looked relaxed.

“I’m going to say the same thing again. Putting someone on the throne is the job of people like us. Do you think the church does not look down on His Highness 2nd Prince?”

Rockefeller nodded as if understanding.

“What might it be? I think that’s good enough because I’ve been linked with a pagan faction. But that is all a thing of the past.”

Rockefeller’s smile had many meanings.

One of them is confidence.

“Let’s see. Whether or not the 2nd Prince’s Highness will ascend to the throne. Even if the world has two sides, I intend to put him on the throne.”

As I spoke, Rockefeller could think of someone who would be moved by my words.

‘I’m talking to this extent, so why don’t you come and steal?’

“And the world that pushed him from the beginning will unfold. At least I have a lot to ask of him. And he will listen to my request, no matter how difficult it is. Loyalty is not something that can be easily abandoned, is it?”

He was a guild leader with great aspirations.

Jason, who thought it was too pretentious, managed to resist the laughter that was about to come out.

“It’s amazing. If that’s the passion, why don’t we push the Third Prince together with us?”

At Jason’s words, Rockefeller immediately shook his head.

“The Third Prince has a lot of supporters already attached to it, so it doesn’t seem like there’s much to gain just because I join. I plan to continue gambling on my own, so you should know.”

A crazy guild leader who placed bets on a nonsensical place.

Jason had a lot to say, but he was quiet because she was with him.

On the other hand, she thought differently.

He was so sure that he pointed out the possibility.

‘Why are you so sure? I wouldn’t be stupid enough to not know what’s going on in the world.’

He was a commoner and became the head of the two banco unions.

Because she had accomplished something meaningful ahead of time, she couldn’t just ignore his thoughts.

‘But maybe it’s because there’s a corner to believe in?’

After thinking for a while, she suggested other possibilities to convince him.

“What if the second prince, His Majesty, later betrays his loyalty to you?”

“Are you breaking your loyalty?”

“It could be. You don’t really know what the world is like you think.”

“Hmm… … .”

The 2nd Prince Rockefeller knew was never like that.

As a devout church member, he was a person who always had God in his heart.

“To be honest, I don’t trust anyone. Who knows, then, what will happen and the Second Prince will change his mind?”

“Isn’t the person who thought that way too optimistic about the world?”

“So I’m thinking of getting insurance.”


Even if she hadn’t asked, she had already thought about it.

No matter how loyal you are,

Still, you do need some insurance.

“Yes, I have a very pretty little sister who doesn’t hurt when I put it in my eyes.”

Hearing the next words, she was left speechless.

“You will have to take your brother. Then the chances of going back and changing the words are even slimmer.”

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