The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 133

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 133

133 Episode 31. Another Way (3)

She was also left speechless when she heard that the second prince was going to marry her younger brother.

This is because if you do as he says, it will be difficult to say anything different from what the second prince promised later.

And the second prince she knew was a person who was devout and sincere, so there was no big problem.

It felt like she had been quietly buried under the cover of the 1st and 3rd princes, but even when she remembered him at first glance, what she assumed was very difficult to happen.

‘It all had a plan.’

But there was one catch.

It was the existence of the church.

‘Then the church has something to think about?’

If that was the case, as he said, it didn’t seem impossible at all for the second prince to participate in the War of the Crown, defeating two princes who were considered strong candidates and succeeding the throne.

If the denomination’s attitude is quite different from what it is now.

‘I don’t know. I don’t think I’ll be able to tell you this far just by asking.’

“You seem to have a plan. What are you going to do with the most important denomination?”

Rockefeller still looked relaxed.

“As I said before, it has its own plans. So, we have decided on a clear route, so it seems difficult to be with the Sinclairs in the future. You’ve come a long way, and I’m so sorry for making you return empty-handed.”

Even though it was dry, it was too dry.

Impatient Jason stepped out.

“Only Ismail is afraid, aren’t we?”

Rockefeller then agreed.

“Rather, I would like to ask. Aren’t you afraid of that side? We are now the group with the most powerful financial power aside from the two imperial families. Depending on what kind of attitude we take, the victory or defeat of the Crown War this time may be different.”

The smile that followed was close to provocation.

“Do you still look funny to us?”

Jason, who tried to scare him and took a bite, looked at her once more.

It was an unspoken question about what to do with the author.

However, Isabella had a high regard for the Rockefeller, unlike Jason, who was about to go wild.

Even if it causes trouble here in the first place, there is no chance of winning, and it is because the author believes too much to do that.

‘I was expecting everything from the beginning. Until we come here.’

“It’s the first time I’ve seen an ordinary person bold against a wizard. I’m usually busy shivering.”

At Isabella’s words, Rockefeller still sympathized with her words with a smile on her lips.

“Most people probably do. If you’re a wizard, you’re going to die. If there is no one who believes like me.”

“If we come out of this peaceful conversation other than now, wouldn’t it be very difficult?”

“If you are confident, try it. I’m curious as to how things will turn out. However, you will have to take responsibility for what happens next.”

If an unfortunate incident occurred, at least there was no way he could stand still at Ismail.

Even if it takes a risk, I will reveal my identity.

‘In the first place, the head of Ismail, who has no one to oppose here other than Lee Han, is holding on, is there any way that such a thing is possible?’

“And I too have been threatened, so I plan to pay it back. look forward to it How will our guild come out in the upcoming crown war?”

She stared at him for a moment to see if she was offended.

‘It’s too edgy. I have no idea what to believe or what to do.’

“Do you think you have someone to protect you no matter what happens here?”

The opponent was a genius of the Sinclair family called the Nitro.

“You know that better than me, don’t you?”

“… … .”

Rockefeller, she thought, seemed to know for sure that Ismail’s forces were involved here.

Otherwise, you would never be able to have such guts.

Jason also began to be vigilant about his surroundings, sniffing the blade-like air.

The air around me was so thorny.

‘It’s a very annoying place. There was a corner where I believed in myself.’

Perhaps for the two wizards, this place was like a trap.

What he immediately saw was a defenseless prey, but if he looked closely, he could never know that it was a bait.

The two visited Rockefeller and exchanged glances for a moment.

As she shook her head, Jason soon became quiet as if in agreement.

Isabella, after contemplating Rockefeller for a while, opened her mouth for a final warning.

“Even if we quietly retreat from here, the guild will have to be prepared. We too are as merciless as Tepez. I want you to be clear about this.”

“If it’s a threat with special paper exclusively supplied by the Sinclair family. I want to make it clear that the threat will be meaningless to me.”

At those words, Jason was stunned.

‘A banco dealer who is just playing with money is too bluffing.’

Magic was the absolute power that could accomplish virtually anything.

And everyone in the world knew how great Sinclair’s power was.

So Jason, who was convinced of this, stepped forward.

“Even if you laugh at Sinclair, you look too funny. Without our help, you will soon face catastrophe. If only I could forge the IOUs that are circulating in the market right now.”

Jason shook his head as if to purr.

“You are finished.”

Rockefeller then pulled out a goblin dollar from his pocket.

It was the IOU he was talking about.

“Oh, are you sure you mean this?”

The two quickly recognized the IOU that Rockefeller had pulled out.

It was a strange paper currency that had increased in recent years.

“that… … .”

“This is it. It’s called Goblin Dollars. It will be the new currency of this empire in the future.”

With Rockefeller showing the goblin dollar, Isabella looked at Jason again.

Their subtle gazes met in the air, and after a moment Isabella, who removed their gazes, said to Rockefeller.

“With the power we have, your dreams will not come true.”

What followed was important.

“You shouldn’t take magic too seriously.”

And Rockefeller, who accepts it, is also great.

“I think Miss Isabella says what I want to say. you’re right. Don’t take magic too lightly. never.”

Rockefeller then bid them farewell.

“I think the story we talked about with each other is almost over. Then take a good look. Next time we meet, I hope we can talk on an equal footing.”

It was an unpleasant and unpleasant meeting for the two wizards.

The guild, which has been following them like a loyal dog, will change like this after they meet the new leader.

They were growling towards them to the point of embarrassment to be called a follower now.

Isabella stood up to leave and looked at Rockefeller, who was still standing, unlike Jason.

“Do you have more to say?”

When Rockefeller asked, she, who had only given a subtle gaze, turned her back.

Then he followed Jason and left the store.

Seeing the two of them leave, Rockefeller stroked his chin in the quiet shop.

‘You left quietly than I thought. Perhaps because of Ismail, he was concerned.’

In the upcoming Crown Wars.

Rockefeller could picture the bloody war between the two families in his mind.

‘Soon, the Tepez and Sinclair families, who have two princes, will wage an all-out war. and… … .’

When the battle between the two families that bloomed in the crown war reached its climax.

The Sinclair family, who ran out of money, even commits a crime of forgery of a loan.

And Rockefeller did not know this.

‘Even if they pretend to be noble wizards in the end, as long as they’re humans, it’s unavoidable when things get tough.’

Until now, all IOUs used in Banco could only be issued on special paper exclusively supplied by the Sinclair family.

That’s why the Sinclair family, who was desperate for money, did something they shouldn’t do.

It was a forgery of the loan certificate.

‘I’m sorry, but that’s probably not what they want. Before that, this goblin dollar.’

It will be made by Lee Han.

‘Because it will become an absolute currency that cannot be forged.’

Meanwhile, the two wizards from the store got back into the wagon.

Immediately after the two got on the carriage, they started talking about the guild leader they had just met.

“I heard about a guild whose attitude has changed recently, but I didn’t expect it to come out so openly. And the person called the guild leader must have been that boy… … After all, it seems that no one knows about the world.”

When Jason spoke, Isabella, who was struggling, also sympathized with her.

“So do i. I didn’t know it would come out like that in the guild.”

“It’s a decision anyway, but it’s up to the Lord. If it’s about a guild, we can organize it in the lady’s line.”

“no. If you cause trouble here, Ismail will come out.”

Assassin Master Ismail.

In fact, it was a fallen family that was in the process of retiring with all limbs cut off, but at one time its status was high enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

So I couldn’t just think about it.

“It’s going to be a crown war soon, so it’s not good to even touch Ismail here. It’s hard to even pay attention to Tepez right now.”

“But leaving the guild like that is not a good thing.”

“It is not.”

Although they valued the attitude of the guild, there was a good reason why they did not make it clear.

“But why Ismail? If it were me, I would have chosen Tepez or us.”

Jason seemed to agree with her words.

“I doubt that too. They say that the person he chooses will ascend to the throne. This is absolutely ignorant of the truth.”

Jason was pretty sure about this part.

“It is the Church that drove Ismail, who was once one of the most prominent members of the Empire, from start to finish. The denomination is still holding on, but by what means does the mere guild leader put the prince he pushes on the throne?”

Jason shook his head as if he didn’t understand.

“I could never understand. What can you not do with words?”

“Still, if you listen to what you say, don’t you think the second prince, who has no support, will win the war for the crown?”

“Do you really think so?”

Isabella, who had pondered the question briefly, answered in a low voice.

“no. That would be difficult.”

“So do I. It will never happen.”

Jason thought.

If the sky had two sides.

Perhaps the second prince, Christian Ismail, who inherited Ismail’s blood, might ascend to the throne.

‘If only heaven allows it.’

Then, suddenly, a thought occurred to me.

A newly appointed guild leader.

He was never a great person to just say nonsense.

then… … .

“miss. Maybe.”

Isabella looked at him, and Jason said what he was thinking.

“It’s Ismail, an excuse, and based on the situation, aren’t you trying to stick to the winning side between us and Tepez? If you say that you push Ismail, which is nonsense in words, and you end up with one of us and Tepez. In the end, it’s not a big deal for them either. If you push us away and Tepez wins later, that will make it even more difficult.”

When Jason expressed such a thought, Isabella, who had been thinking about it, could not empathize much.

Thinking back to the man I met earlier… … .

‘I don’t think that’s it. It seemed sincere.’

But that’s just what I thought.

She wasn’t sure either.

“I don’t know. That would be the best for him.”

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