The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 134

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 134

134 Episode 32. Stock Exchange (1)

The shoe store Bob was restless because of the news he had recently heard.

‘how… … So you’re saying it’ll all be a piece of paper?’

Until I heard the news, I was always filled with happiness at the thought of a jackpot.

The minimum return was four times the amount invested.

Depending on luck, a dream of a jackpot that can be 5x, 8x, or even 10x.

But that dream has been shattered since yesterday.

‘My house… … My hex wagon… … ‘

Why did you do that?

The trading ship he invested in was captured by pirates.

‘Damn pirate bastards. If you’re going to touch it, don’t touch another ship! Why do I have to touch the boat I invested in and spit it out!’

More than half a year has passed since I invested in a trading ship heading to the new continent.

In the meantime, there was also a stock exchange that was not in the world on the black label, and after that exchange was created, Bob visited the stock exchange to check the value of the stocks of the trading ships he invested in every day.

Apparently, it was four times the face value just yesterday, but after the news of the capture spread, the price plummeted immediately, and even though it was 1/10 of the face value, no one wanted to buy it.

Because everyone knew it was going to be a piece of tissue paper soon.

‘It’s already a tenth of the face value. I went all the way through the floor to the basement.’

This feeling must have been as if one tenth of his fortune had been ripped apart in an instant.

Without doing anything, most of his wealth was scattered into the air and disappeared.

“Ehh… … It’s my sale.”

The familiar sound of a carriage came into Bob’s ears as he sat in the shop and sighed.

After a while.

A familiar person came to Bob’s shop, and he was Bob’s friend, Bell, the owner of the clothing store.

“Hey, did you hear the news?”

Bob didn’t even have the strength to answer, but he squeezed out the strength he didn’t have to answer.

“What news?”

“Well, there’s the Morning Glory you invested in.”

“I already know the story of being captured by pirates. Damn pirate bastards. Take the punishment and search for it.”

“Did you know?”

“Then why don’t you know? After the news spread all over yesterday, the securities I had immediately turned into shit.”

Bob tapped my frustrated chest and pulled out his banknote, which was now no more than a tissue.

“How could this be cut in tenths in one day! And in just one day!”

Bell also felt sorry for Bob.

If only the trade ships you invested in return.

If only that trading ship came back safely, I could have confirmed at least 4 times the profit… … .

Seeing Bob sighed in relief, he thought he was really lucky that he didn’t invest in a trading ship with him.

‘So if I told you not to do it, you shouldn’t have done it. I even took all the house documents and gave them away, and even borrowed them for a loan.

“What are you going to do now?”

Bob only answered the question without strength.

“I don’t know either. I haven’t told the housekeeper yet. I thought I would be kicked out naked if I said anything.”

“I still have to talk. I don’t think it’s usually a problem.”

Then Bob got angry at once.

“Because no one knows that! What are you going to do with that? Should I just go ahead and say that I’m about to lose my house and shop to Banco? Do you want to see someone get beaten up by your wife in broad daylight?”

Bell felt sorry for Bob and couldn’t say anything.

In particular, it is said that Bob’s wife has been sick since the day Bob invested in a trading ship.

He had a dream of winning the jackpot, but because it was such a risky investment, his wife knew the risks of investing in advance.

‘Actually, there should be one or two guys who got disheartened after making a mistake in investing in trading ships. Seeing that, Sam the shoe shiner is really great. Why did you choose to invest in only those trading ships that return after avoiding the failing trade ships? Well, that’s why they live in a large mansion like a nobleman.’

“I’m sorry. So you should have done it right then. I must have dried it.”

Then Bob got up and looked at Bell with half resentful eyes.

“Then you should have beaten him then! If I had known well that nothing was going to happen in the past, I should have stopped it unconditionally!”

“No, did you even listen to my words back then? It was you who ignored everything and went all-in on the ship.”

“under… … what do i do now how am i doing… … .”

Seeing the rice slumping again, Bell was not at ease.

“How much is it now? How far have you gone?”

“I don’t know. Last time I checked it was a tenth of the price. It seemed like it was going to fall even further because no one was buying it.”

Bell opened his mouth to comfort him as to what he had heard here and there.

“But don’t be too discouraged. I heard that the pirates who seized the Morning Glory this time are very fussy trying to recover the vice-captain who was captured by the navy.”

“Would you like to listen to their demands because the governor is so good?”

“Still, you don’t know? Will you release all the captured ships on condition of a hostage exchange?”

How great would it be if that was the case?

‘There was such a thing… … .’

Perhaps the reason why the stock price he had yesterday didn’t immediately go down was because of the possibility that the captured ship could return safely, as Bell mentioned earlier?

‘But it can’t be that way. What a wretched man the governor is here. He’s the one who even nailed it to never compromise with the pirates.’

“Whew… … .”

Bob got up from his seat, feeling like he was grabbing straw.

“just in case. Let’s go to the stock exchange. I don’t think it’ll ever happen, but as you said, it’s not likely at all, is it?”

“So that’s what I mean. It’s still too early to give up. Who knows, depending on what the governor does, the captured ships will be lucky enough to be released? Then it’s great! Or maybe the minimum ship price would be salvage.”

“But should we just leave the trade ships captured by the pirates? Even if you return the ship, you don’t think the cargo inside it will be left unattended?”

“I don’t know. But can they do anything to get the vice-captain back safely? Don’t even touch the cargo.”

“Is that right?”

“Let’s go earlier than that. You never know.”

“Yes, yes, you are right. maybe you don’t know Let’s go see.”

So they got on Bell’s wagon and headed to the only place in Black Label where securities could be traded.

The place we arrived was crowded with people wishing to invest in new trading ships, or people who already invested in trading ships and wanted to check the price every day.

‘What kind of people don’t work and are stuck like this every day.’

Bell, who followed Bob to the stock exchange, thought so.

‘It’s pathetic.’

“Let’s go check it out.”

The two headed straight for the bulletin board with stock prices related to the Morning Glory issue.

On the bulletin board, where the sale price is revised in real time, the price of Bob’s stock, which was cut into tenths, was displayed just like yesterday.

‘Damn it, as it is.’

“It’s just like yesterday. Nothing has changed.”

Bell looked at where Bob was pointing and couldn’t speak with regret.

Securities prices, which were trading above their face value until just a few days ago, will become a piece of paper with the news of the capture.

‘I don’t think anyone can live with that. Who’s going to get into something like that? Even the heart of a dragon, not the heart of a beast, it would be difficult to enter there.’

“What are you going to do? Are you going to survive?”

at that time.

An employee at the stock exchange began to revise the sale price associated with the Morning Glory issue.

Bob, who didn’t even answer Bell’s question, stared intently at the bulletin board with the sale price displayed.

‘please. Please!’

But his hopes were soon shattered.

The stock price, which was one-tenth the price just before, has been cut in half again.

“under… … .”

Oh My God.

After a moment’s hesitation, the stock price, which was cut by a tenth, will be cut in half again.

Bob, who was trying to strongly deny reality, turned his head to the side at the noise, and saw a trading ship investor sitting in front of a stock exchange employee.

It was an unknown investor who had stared at the same place with him in the past.

‘That person is ruined like me.’

The investor, who sat down on his seat, was just staring blankly into the air with a bewildered expression.

I feel so miserable that I can’t be miserable.

Bob could not know.

‘This is going to be a real piece of tissue paper.’

While I was having a bit of a conflict with myself a while ago.

Somebody sold securities that were meant to be trash and still managed to get a certain amount of principal.

‘okay. It’s an eye fight. If you let it go any longer, it will become a piece of trash.’

Perhaps the stock price, which has fallen to tenths, has survived because of the foolish investors caught up in the false dream that the captured ships might be released?

‘When these foolish-minded guys are holding on for even a little bit, you have to sell them somehow! Before it becomes a piece of tissue like this, we need to get some of it out!’

I’m thinking of getting some of the money I invested in.

Bob went straight to the stock exchange employee.

And he sold the stock that he had now, which is now in half a twentieth piece.

“… … .”

life free.

After I sold all the securities I had, I began to feel so pathetic about myself, who had had a vain dream of investing in trading ships.

‘It was all a dream for a moment. It was all a dream.’

what is the jackpot

What’s the jackpot with this sale?

“Ehh… … It’s my sale.”

Bell watched the stock price cut in half, so he couldn’t stop him from selling the stock, so he could only ask after work was done.

“Hey, did you sell them all?”

“Did you just see it? It really wants to be a piece of trash. Before that, I need to get some.”

Bell had nothing to say.

If he had been in the same situation as Bob, he would probably have done the same.

at that time.

The price of the securities Bob sold began to rise again.

The two of them looked at the bulletin board to find out what was going on, and the stock price, which had just been cut in 20ths, was brought back to 1/10 by a brave investor.

‘What kind of madman got into that?’

Bob was also confused.

‘Are you serious? In just a few days, that would be toilet paper, right?’

You have the heart of a beast that walks into it blindly!

Bob and Bell saw a young man haphazardly buying stocks on the Morning Glory to become toilet paper.

a familiar face.

“Hey, is that that person?”

“know. The guild leader’s younger brother.”

Someone told me that he was the third brother of the Rockefeller Los Medici, the owner of the Los Medici Stock Exchange.

It was Joshua Ross Medici.

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