The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 135

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 135

135 Episode 32. Stock Exchange (2)

He was the new owner of ‘Bank of Los Medici’, which remained on Black Label on behalf of Rockefeller.

“What are you thinking? Buying that… … .”

“I don’t know. Why are you doing this all of a sudden? Are you crazy about throwing money away?”

Curious, they watched what Joshua did after that.

“Look over there. I’m buying something else this time!”

“Aren’t you crazy? Those ships… … .”

Joshua’s journey did not end there.

They started buying securities of some trading ships that were rumored to have been captured by pirates.

“You see, these are all ships that were recently captured by pirates, right?”

“Yeah, they’re all stocks on whether or not they’re trash, but you’re buying them.”

“Why are you buying that? Soon, it will become a piece of tissue paper… … .”

Then something came to mind and they both looked surprised at the same time.

Perhaps… … .

Could it be that the ships that were captured by pirates are returning?

“You’re the guild leader’s younger brother. So where did you hear the news? It’s like the captured trade ships are coming back.”

“I just thought of that too. If you don’t want to waste your money, don’t go there.”

“right. Of course not. There must be something.”

It wasn’t just the two of them.

Numerous investors at the stock exchange began to show interest in Joshua, who was buying the securities of the allegedly captured trading ships.

“What’s up?”

“Well, I don’t know. You look like the guild leader’s younger brother, and he’s buying all the stocks that are already sold out. It’s also cheap.”

“You’re raking up all those tissues.”

“Why are you doing that? I don’t understand.”

“I do not know either. Why are you doing that?”

while they are watching silently.

Joshua was able to buy all of them, as if he was scouring through some of the cheap securities.

As a result, the prices of some stocks, which were at the crossroads of whether or not they were going to be trash, rose quickly, but since they were known to have no real hope, most people just watched in silence.

A few quick-witted people followed Joshua to buy the same stock, but Joshua bought so many that they could only buy at a higher price.

The stock price of Morning Glory, which became a piece of paper, begins to rise sharply.

Bell, who was watching this, raised a voice.

“Hey, are you going to stay still when the price of the stock you sold goes up like that?”

“know. I am also thinking about it now.”

“It’s four times the price you sold. You don’t want to just leave it alone, do you?”

“under… … .”

Bob was about to explode.

Just a few minutes ago, his own securities, which had been cut to 1/20 of their face value.

Due to the travels of a certain guild leader’s brother, it had risen to a fifth of the face value again.

‘I’m going crazy. Why am I digging so it’s going up and fucking shit!’

“I don’t know why the world hates me. Where the hell have you been, John?”

Bell responded to that.

“No, why are you looking for a healthy Johan-sama?”

The stuffy Bob said, pounding his chest.

“It’s because I’m bored. I don’t know why I’m so mad at this because I’m digging!”

“So are you going to live? won’t you live? The price keeps going up.”

“I don’t know. How would I know that?”

Bell expressed concern.

“But if the guild leader’s younger brother buys it like that, isn’t it really something?”

Even Bob couldn’t ignore Bell’s words.

There was only one thing.

He did not have the courage to buy at a price higher than the price he had sold.

“No, if it gets cut in half again… … under… … .”

Bell began to breathe into Bob, who couldn’t get his head around him.

“Hey. Look at the people over there. Neither you nor I do anything, all of them are clamoring to buy those pieces of tissue paper.”

“So what are we going to do?”

“You should buy some before it’s too late! look at that The price is going up again!”

Meanwhile, the stock price, which had risen due to Joshua, was showing signs of rising again.

“It’s going up again!”

Bob, who had been tormented for a while by grabbing his head, ran to the exchange employee crying and eating mustard.

It was to buy the securities he sold at a higher price.

‘I’m crazy! Then why are you selling it!’

If only I hadn’t sold it then!

The thought never crossed my mind, but it was already spilled.

Bob returned to Belle with a bad expression on his face, who had repurchased his own stock to move up quickly.

When Bob returned, Bell asked hurriedly.

“How is it? Did you buy it again?”

“I bought it. For a damn ridiculous price.”

How am I supposed to explain this nonsense?

for a moment

He suffered huge losses due to his wrong judgment.

“I’m happy though. Even if the ship returns like this, the main shrine will be saved.”

It was unfortunate, but Bob, taking comfort in it, headed out of the exchange with his droopy shoulders.

Then the two saw Joshua Los Medici, who was in a wagon outside the exchange.

‘Should I still ask?’

It was a matter of all his possessions, no, his life at stake.

Probably for sure though.

Just in case, Bob caught Joshua who was about to get on the wagon and asked to talk for a while.

“Is the Morning Glory returning safely?”

Joshua saw Bob, the owner of the shoe store, who called him in.

“Morning glory ho?”

“Yes, did you not buy the stock now?”

At that, Joshua began to react warmly.

“I do not know. I don’t know either?”

“yes? What are you talking about. Don’t you know everything about it?”

“Oh, not that. just.”

As he spoke, Joshua recalled his meeting with the governor.

Joshua, who was called by Rockefeller and left for Black Label, took the vacancy left by Rockefeller.

“Are you Prince Rockefeller’s brother? I heard that it is the third.”

The place where I first met the governor.

There was nothing wrong with being friendly with him, so Joshua responded with a nice expression.

“Yes, I am Joshua Los Medici, the third of the Los Medici family. Unlike the second and fourth brothers, I follow my eldest brother in charge of banco work.”

“okay? Good luck in the future Your story was often heard by Prince Rockefeller. Do you think you are doing a good job?”

“Haha, that’s not it. Older brother does a better job. That’s the only thing I learned from watching next to my eldest brother.”

The governor, who nodded his head as if he had agreed, continued.

“Are you sure you’ve heard about our relationship more than that?”

“Yeah, I’ve heard that we’re going to lend you a low interest rate for building ships.”

“You must be aware of the exclusivity of the exchange.”

“Yes, of course.”

The conversation that started like that led to other stories to build friendship with each other.

“Recently, some trading ships have been captured by pirates. This is a bummer.”

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Black Label, but Joshua has a lot of work to do, so Joshua heard a lot of stories here and there.

In particular, after taking over the stock exchange, I knew nothing about pirates and trading ships.

“I’ve heard that story, too, and I wonder what your Excellency will do with it.”

The governor’s expression as he continued the conversation was not very good.

“If it were me, no matter what they said, I would have ignored everything and wiped it out.”

Why can’t he have the same personality he used to be?

There was good reason.

“Is there any other reason you don’t do that?”

“There is a reason. Among the ships captured there, my acquaintances and people from my family made some investments. That’s the problem.”

Only then did Joshua understand why the governor was struggling.

“That’s right.”

“So it’s really annoying that they don’t meet their demands.”

Joshua, who had been nodding his head, came up with a slightly strange idea.

‘If I use this well, I can make some money, right?’

When rumors spread that a trading ship had been seized by pirates, the securities associated with the trading ship were bound to become shit.

What would happen if the story began to circulate that the seized ships were later released after buying the securities that became the price of shit?

‘The price of securities that became shit prices will skyrocket again.’

If the governor changes his mind and grants the demands of the pirates, it is obvious that all captured trading ships will be released and the securities that have become shit will return to their normal prices.

This is where Joshua came to smell money.

‘The question is whether that person is willing to compromise with the pirates or not.’

“So what are you going to do?”

The governor did not appear to have yet made a decision.

“I keep thinking. If we just do it the way it was before, the amount of money invested around me is so large.”

While speaking, the governor took a deep breath in the middle.

“I think we may compromise. There would be no such thing as it used to be, but not now. Whatever his trading ship investment is, he invested in everything.”

After that, Joshua saw a man named Bob holding him.

“I also placed a bet because I thought the Governor-General would make a deal with the pirates to save the captured ships.”

“Aren’t you sure?”

“I’m sure… … Is there anything like that in the world? Only you will know the answer.”

Bell, who was nearby, came out.

“No, then, did you buy it without any certainty?”

“Not to that extent. I think you’ll do it anyway.”

“Even if the pirates send the ship in good condition, they don’t know the cargo in it, didn’t you think about that at all?”

Joshua replied with a smile.

“Anyway, it’s me, it’s profitable if the boat comes back intact.”

Bell and Bob were speechless.

Even if the captured vessel returns without cargo.

It was an unconditional profit for Joshua, who bought the securities at such a shit price.


After talking to Joshua, Bob sat down.

For nothing, he was swayed by something he wasn’t sure about.

“Gosh! It’s my sale.”

Seeing the rice crumbling endlessly, Bell felt like he was losing his pulse.

‘That’s why you shouldn’t invest in securities. Absolutely not.’

“Hey. But can I just sit here? When others see you, wake up.”

But it was a sound that Bob couldn’t hear.

“I am ruined. Now what do you do? How many times have you bought and sold?”

Joshua, who was quietly watching Bob, left these words to comfort him.

“Still, there is a high probability that the ship will return, but I hope you are not too heartbroken. And who knows if there will be cargo there? What the pirates want right now is the captured assistant captain.”

“But you have nothing to worry about? I saw that he bought a lot of securities.”

Those words reminded Joshua of what Rockefeller had said.

‘That’s what Rockefeller did. If you are not prepared to lose, you can’t win.’

“I think there is a chance of winning in other places.”

Even with that said, Joshua didn’t think his bet would go wrong.


‘If the governor thinks differently, I can deal with the pirates.’

If you give me money as a condition of releasing the ship.

Is there any reason for the pirates to reject this?

‘In any case, I don’t think I’m going to lose anything.’

“cheer up. Everything will be fine.”

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