The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 136

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 136

136 Episode 32. Stock Exchange (3)

Even though Joshua delivered his words of consolation and left, Bob, who sat down, had no intention of getting up.

“I wasn’t even sure, what kind of guts did you do that? I was the only one who suffered a loss.”

Bell reacted differently to that.

“What are you talking about? When I heard it, I was pretty sure.”

“Are you sure about that? I just bet on the return. And that person would benefit just by returning the ship. If I want to make up for the damage, the cargo must be loaded unconditionally.”

“Still, he’s a guild leader’s younger brother. Let’s believe it.”

“under… … .”

Let the ground go down. Bob, who only sighed deeply, began to lament himself.

“I am the one to kill. Invest in trading ships to get some quick money. If I hadn’t invested, I wouldn’t be where I am now.”

“What do you do if you regret coming here, man? It’s not too late, so let’s save some.”

I didn’t have the courage to sell it again anyway.

He died, but only hoped that Sana and the ship would return safely.

‘please! please! Let me live!’

“Please come back. Otherwise, I’m done.”

Bell, who hasn’t been doing well since Bob’s investment in a trading ship, was able to resolute himself.

Investing in stocks should never be done.

‘If you don’t want to see things like that, you should never invest in trading ships. Cancer, not like that.’

How much time has passed?

Bob, who didn’t know whether he was dead or alive, came to Belle’s clothing store with a wagon of six.


Bell’s eyes widened when he saw Bob, who appeared with a lot of flair in the middle of the noise of the chariot.

‘What is that?’

Looking at the wagon he was riding in, wouldn’t it be a better wagon than the one he was riding in?

I don’t know, but it looked pretty expensive.

It was Bob that I hadn’t seen in a while, but what happened in the meantime?

Surprised Bell welcomed the rice that had arrived.

“No, dear, what kind of carriage is that? It’s probably not from where I borrowed it.”

“It’s this guy who borrows. Hmmm! I just bought one.”

What does this mean all of a sudden?

Not long ago, he was a man who only sighed that the earth would go out, but didn’t he suddenly become rich and come to him?

Looking at the clothes she was wearing, it looked like she had been touched recently.

“What the hell happened?”

Then something flashed through my mind.

It was a trade ship investment.

“Did the Morning Glory return safely?”

At those words, Bob’s lips curled very long.

“ha ha ha! That’s how it happened because I was living.”

When Bob, who had been living rather than dying from investing in the trading ship, suddenly became rich and came to visit, Bell could not help but question it.

“No, what exactly happened? Did the ship come back safely?”

“He came back safely. It’s also loaded with cargo.”

“Are you full of cargo?”

Here, Bell had a question.

Even if it was loaded with cargo, it was at best that the original building was restored, if you listened to Bob at the time.

But looking at the situation now, isn’t it too different from what you said then?

“No, even if the ship comes back, you’re saying that only the main shrine will be saved? How did this happen?”

Bob nodded his head in affirmation.

“It was. I thought I was really lucky just to find the main temple. But that was not it.”

Bob began to explain to Bell why.

“Well, the profit that I saw was only four times, god, it wasn’t like that.”

“Then did you earn more than that?”

Bob grinned.

“right. Our pirates work very hard, so the price of Manastone Powder became worth it. That’s why I jumped 20 times instead of 4 times.”

“haha… … .”

If it was 4 times the original price, the rice was 5 times more profitable than the original due to the magic stone powder that increased up to 20 times.

“If only I hadn’t really messed around in the middle. I would have eaten at least 20 times.”

It’s a painful past day.

It’s all in the past.

All that mattered to Bob was the present.

“I mean, that’s unfortunate.”

“her… … So now you’re making a 5x profit?”

“right. That’s how it happened.”

When others are doing well, I couldn’t help but feel sick to my stomach.

Until just a few days ago, Bell, who had been buying Bob rice and alcohol out of pity, felt a headache for some reason.

‘Is that how it happened? under… … Even though I don’t know the world. Isn’t this too much to do? How can it even make 20x returns? … .’

“It’s fine. Good.”

Bob raised his head stiffly to Bell, who made a sound he didn’t even want to hear after a long time.

“ha ha ha! ‘Cause I feel so good I’ll buy you a drink tonight. Let’s have a nice drink today!”


Seeing Bob disappear with a smile, Bell felt a lot.

He was wasting his fortune with extravagance that did not fit even a fraction, but that friend named Bob made a bet for life and became many times richer than himself.

Just looking at the wagon that Bob was riding in made my stomach hurt so much that I couldn’t get my job done.

‘under… … life. John is too much.’

Now it is not Bob who is looking for life, but Bell, who has become relatively poor.

Bell, who had spent several days without an appetite, suddenly made up her mind.

Yes, you only live once.

Let’s try investing in trading ships himself.

‘Yeah, I’ll try it too. Is there a law where only rice is good? If John hadn’t abandoned me, I’d be able to fly once again.’

So Bell put all of his fortune on the Morning Glory, which was about to set sail for the new continent again.

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