The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 138

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 138

138 Episode 33. The One Closest to God (3)

As she was traveling to Banco with Rockefeller in a carriage, she questioned Rockefeller, who was sitting in front of her, about her conversation with the former Bishop of Berkes.

“Although Prince Rockefeller has his own thoughts. I wonder how you will help Sir Berkis.”

It was something she, as a secretary, would not have dared to ask.

But Rockefeller, who didn’t care, smiled and accepted it.

‘I’m not your typical secretary. It could be Ricardo himself, or this woman could be real. I don’t know the correct answer. Because this is something that doesn’t even appear in the novel.’

“Your expression is still uncomfortable, are you curious about that?”

She nodded her head lightly in affirmation.

“Yeah, it’s usually hard work. So I kept thinking. But you didn’t get an answer, did you?”

Just like the Ismail family was rejected by the Church.

Bishop Berkis was also a person whose position within the denomination was considerably narrowed in relation to Banco work.

“Perhaps there are very few members within the denomination that embrace Banco. If there is, then Sir Berkis would be the only one.”

“I think so too.”

“Furthermore, Sir Berkis, who was in charge of banco contractors, ended up being bad, didn’t he? As far as I know, you have come down from the position of Archbishop to the position of Bishop.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“I’m curious to see what Prince Rockefeller thinks about this situation.”

Rockefeller asked another question before answering.

It was a question that anyone who did not know her identity could naturally ask.

“You know a lot more than that. If you were a woman of that age, you wouldn’t have much interest in things like this.”

“I just picked it up all over the place.”

Picked up all over the place… …

It was a very comfortable ride.

‘Yes, I use it well.’

“That’s right. Actually, I can fully understand that you have an older brother who is interested in world affairs like you. You know a lot, so of course you have a lot of questions.”

Rockefeller answered her questions.

“By the way, you may be wondering how I will help you, Sir?”

“Yeah, no matter how much I think about it, I don’t know. I don’t see an answer.”

Rockefeller nodded as if he understood fully.

“I will. Because I haven’t seen it in action yet. Then, of course, there must be no doubt about it.”

“What good numbers do you have?”

“It’s not a good number, it’s just… … Everyone has, of course.”

A deep smile crept from Rockefeller’s face before continuing.

“I intend to take advantage of their primal desires.”

“A primal desire?”

“Yeah, that’s the greed for money.”

Greed for money must be avoided by any church member.

However, it was not so easy to stay away from this as a human being.

“The greed for money… … But if you’re a devout church member, shouldn’t you stay away from it?”

“Yeah, that’s right. But no one hates money. Even if you are a devout church member.”

She pondered what Rockefeller had said.

exactly… … .

‘No matter how far you try, you won’t know that you need money to run a church.’

Even if they didn’t like money, it was the contradiction that church members had that they needed that money in the end.

Rockefeller continued.

“Not only your Excellency Bishop Berkis, but also some members of the church are beginning to show interest in the interest from Banco.”

It is the church that hates interest so much, and that church has recently started showing interest in interest.

She asked with a surprised expression.


“Yeah, to be honest, even if I’m a member of the church, it’s enough if interest is good for me. It used to be, anyway, as long as it’s good for me right now, that’s enough.”

Certainly, among the guests visiting Rockefeller recently, there were also high-ranking priests of the Order.

“How did that happen?”

“It’s simple. In the past, interest was a structure in which only banco companies engaged in usury business benefited. So, from the denomination’s point of view, they must have looked like a thorn in the eyes of those who dared to do business with the power of God. But times have changed a lot. Interest is not only the bad side, it also has the good side of deposit interest.”

“Then you mean the denomination’s thinking has changed because of the interest on the deposit?”

“Not everything. Still, some church members have negative thoughts about interest. However, some church members are starting to take an interest in being able to run the church with interest income.”

Rockefeller continued.

“For example, do you know about Archbishop Haman, who came to visit me when I was in Black Label?”

“As for Archbishop Haman… … Yes, I know you came then.”

“Your Excellency Haman was also very interested in the interest on my deposit. If it had not been possible to persuade Archbishop Haman with interest on the deposit at that time, the church power would have been a huge obstacle to integration with the Union. There is nothing more troublesome and difficult than intervening in the church.”

Even the donations from Union to the Black Label Parish from the past to now would have been enormous.

Nevertheless, the fact that Archbishop Haman took the side of the guild instead of taking the side of the Union meant that the power of the deposit interest offered by Rockefeller was great.

“And those people are increasing by one or two now. To be honest, who would refuse to borrow money for free? Even I would like to run a long distance and entrust the property of the church. Trust has already been verified, so the sooner you leave it unconditionally, the better.”

At that, she expressed concern.

It was because the denomination was a more knowledgeable place than I thought.

“But will nothing come out of the church? Originally, I hated interest. And that’s terrifying.”

“They help the church with the power of God, but who would say that?”

“… … .”

“Honestly, even those things can be different enough depending on how church members interpret them. After all, interest on deposits is good for them.”

Whatever she said, in the end, the situation was telling.

Even so, Bishop Berkis, the fact that Archbishop Haman, located in Black Label, showed interest, had a symbolic meaning.

And the more such people, the more.

The power of Rockefeller, who held the interest on deposits, had to be strengthened.

and his breath.

“I intend to make all the church members who come to me enslaved to the deposit interest. After all, the interest rate is set by me.”

Rockefeller continued.

“If you hate me or if you don’t mean it to me.”

Rockefeller asked.

“Would I offer a lot of interest?”

said Rockefeller, shaking his head.

“In the end, if you want to get a lot of interest, you can’t take my words lightly. And this is what I have in mind.”

When she heard Rockefeller’s words, she thought deeply.

‘perhaps… … .’

If the denomination, which I thought was a problem until the very end, could be solved in the way Rockefeller said.

Is it not possible for Christian Ismail, the second prince from the Ismail family, to go out and win the crown war?

Her subtle gaze lingered on Rockefeller for quite some time.

34. Closest to God #2(1)

late night.

An unknown customer came to Banco, where Rockefeller was working.

With his hood pressed down deeply, he came to Banco with a man who appeared to be an attendant, and what was surprising was that Ricardo, who had been Rockefeller’s assistant, was not at all surprised to see him.

“Prince Rockefeller is on the second floor. Follow me.”

Ricardo showed an example to the unknown and led him to the second floor where Rockefeller was.

And before long, the two were able to stand in front of Rockefeller with their secretary.

“who… … are you?”

When Rockefeller questioned an unidentified guest who came to him late at night without any news, Ricardo, who brought him to the second floor, bowed his head and apologized to Rockefeller.

“I’m sorry for deceiving Rockefeller Ball all this time.”

“yes? what now… … .”

When Ricardo had finished speaking, he politely stepped back, and the man in Hood took his place.

Rockefeller, who was stunned, continued to show a bewildered look.

Thinking it was time to step out, she, who was sitting next to Rockefeller, suddenly began to speak.

It was definitely a different tone than before, and it was a heavy tone for a woman.

“I’ve been watching you all along.”

Let’s make strange noises even to the secretary.

Rockefeller stared at her, who introduced herself as Elise.

‘no way… … Are you trying to reveal your identity here?’

It was amazing.

Ismail did not trust anyone.

Therefore, they rarely revealed their identities to anyone.

Nevertheless, revealing his identity to himself had a symbolic meaning.

‘No way… … .’

It was an unbelievable moment.

Apparently, they were trying to reveal the identity they had been hiding.

If it wasn’t for that, would I have been able to say such a thing?

“What happened all of a sudden? And that you, the secretary, kept watching me… … .”

Rockefeller pretends not to know anything.

He continued to speak while staring intently at Elise, who had made strange noises to her with a look of bewilderment.

“Miss Elise, why are you doing this all of a sudden?”

Even at that question, her expression did not change.

It is correct to say that there is no expression.

“The introduction is late. My name is Sylvia Ismail. He is the de facto owner of Ismail, who now leads the Ismail family on behalf of his deceased brother Ricardo.”

Even though he knew everything, Rockefeller was busy pretending not to know.

“Are you Sylvia Ismail? who is that? It’s the first name I’ve ever heard.”

Then the man in Hood who came to Rockefeller began to speak in a soft tone.

“A long time ago, when the Ismail family, my maternal family, had a big problem, it was my younger brother who survived really hard. Although they were born to different parents, they share the same Ismail blood, so they depended on each other like siblings and have lived until now. Perhaps the family knows that she is the twin brother Ricardo. It was an unavoidable choice for us as well to maintain the family lineage.

When he finished speaking, he took off his hood and revealed his face.

pure white skin.

Long silver hair and deep eyes.

‘no way… … .’

He was a beautiful young man who could only come out of a romantic fantasy.

And he was the second prince of the Empire, Christian Ismail, who had the characteristics of Ismail.

‘Is it Christian Ismail, the second prince of the Empire? Looking at her silver hair and deep eyes, she looks like a member of the Ismail family?’

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