The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 139

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 139

139 Episode 34. The One Closest to God #2(2)

Rockefeller did not recognize him immediately.

Because I had a meeting with him.

“… … But who are you? They seem to have met each other.”

“Nice to meet you. I am the second prince of the empire, Christian Ismail. We know the story of the Rockefeller Ball from people around us, including Sylvia.”

Rockefeller, who played a moderate role, stood up.

“Did you say you were a Christian? It is more of an honor for me to meet you at this place.”

Rockefeller, who was shaking hands with the second prince, suddenly turned his attention to the woman who was guarding the seat next to him.

“Then this one… … .”

“There is no need to think too hard, you can think of it as the current owner of Ismail. He is also a poor little brother who leads a fallen family on my behalf.”

Rockefeller, who was busy doing facial expressions, asked, looking the other way.

It was a question about Ricardo who couldn’t fit in this position.

“Then who the hell is that? I think I took it as an assistant.”

When asked about the identity of his assistant, whom he thought was Ricardo, Sylvia gave the answer for him.

“He is from the same family as us. On my behalf, he sometimes plays the role of Ricardo’s older brother, who has died.”

“then… … Isn’t that person your real brother?”

Here, a man named Ricardo had his head bowed and did not even move.

“Yes, my older brother was already long ago.”

The second prince stepped forward in place of her, who could not keep up.

“Ismail is a place of many secrets. And anyone can imitate it. Sylvia can imitate Ricardo if she decides.”

“But are you a man?”

“Even if you are a man, acting is not difficult. Because this is Ismail’s natural talent.”

“ah… … It seems that such a thing is practically possible. I was the first to know.”

“You don’t need to know too much about us.”

“Yes, I think so too. Would knowing about Ismail only put your life at risk?”

Rockefeller asked, looking at the two in turn.

“Then why did you come out like this? All of a sudden, he reveals his identity… … .”

Rockefeller’s gaze rested on her, who introduced herself as Ismail’s head.

Then she answered honestly.

“I kept watching you. And now that I have come to the conclusion that I can be trusted enough, I have called my Christian brother up to here. To fulfill your wishes and our long-standing dream.”

There’s no way Rockefeller didn’t know what she was talking about.

“This day will come for me. This was completely unexpected. Who would have known that he would be able to meet the second prince, His Majesty, in this way? Also, you, who was a secretary, must have been the head of Ismail… … But if this goes wrong, wouldn’t it be a problem for me?”

“no. You probably have nothing to worry about.”

“No way. Does it make sense to say that I know you, the owner, and there is nothing wrong with it?”

Then she answered with a slightly awkward smile.

“You made a bet with me back then. Don’t you remember? I think we made a bet that we would never betray each other if I lost.”

Rockefeller could recall the old bet he had with Ricardo.

“Are you talking about a bet with Thomas?”


“But Thomas… … .”

“That person was me.”

“Yes? Is that possible? It was definitely a man… … .”

“My nickname is the face of a thousand. Anyone can transform and act. Even if it’s a man.”

“ah… … That’s how it happened.”

Here, Rockefeller had a question.

Is she a real woman?

if not… … .

‘I honestly don’t know. Who would think what I said was true? In the first place, a woman has been disguised as a man.’

While Rockefeller was thinking about something else, she said.

“Now that I have reserved a seat at my discretion, why don’t the two of you have a conversation?”

Christian also spoke up.

“I also wanted to meet the rumored you. I heard a lot about Sylvia, but I had no idea who she was.”

Rockefeller asked.

“If you heard me talk to him… … How did you introduce yourself?”

To that question, Prince Christian answered honestly.

“I heard that you are a very bright person.”

I knew it wouldn’t sound good, but the problem was that it was too naked.

‘Isn’t it packed?’

“You introduced yourself very frankly. Well, to some extent that’s correct. No harm done.”

Rockefeller gave her a slightly resentful look, but she didn’t seem to care.

“Sit down for now.”

Still, Sylvia, who is serving as a secretary, brought hot tea for the two of them.

Rockefeller, who was facing the second prince, with a teacup that was steaming up and down, secretly broke his luck.

“I can only guess why you came. Are you going to war for the crown?”

In what will unfold in the future, the second prince will go to war for the crown without any support.

There was only one thing he believed in.

‘It’s only Lee Han.’

Because he believed in Lee Han, the second prince, who had no support for the crown, was able to win the crown war, and in the end, he was able to sit on the throne despite the sect’s obstruction.

‘Since then, there have been many unpleasant things with the Church. But not now. It’s the church, because I’ll catch it.’

“If you go out, it’s obvious why you’re here. Isn’t it just to make sure you know my intentions?”

The second prince could not deny it.

“It is correct. I wanted to hear the thoughts of Prince Rockefeller first before I went to war for the crown.”

At this time, the eyes of the second prince turned to Sylvia, who was nearby.

“And this job was recommended by Sylvia. Even if you go to war for the crown, you should meet Prince Rockefeller at least once.”

Sylvia exchanged glances with the second prince without answering.

Meanwhile, Rockefeller spoke up.

“Welcome. Still, I wanted to meet you.”

“Are you really willing to support me?”

“You must have heard it through him. My doctor, isn’t it obvious?”

“Yes, but I kept wondering. There are other candidates besides me, so it was hard to understand why they chose me.”

The second prince continued.

“You know, I’m not very likely, am I? if not… … Was Prince Rockefeller just afraid of us?”

Rockefeller cut it off with a single knife in response to an unreasonable question.

“It is absolutely not. I also had a wish, so I was thinking of pushing your Majesty. But only if the conditions are right for each other.”

The second prince could not have known that there is nothing free in the world.

The second prince began to raise his voice with a look of concern.

“Then I will ask you straight-forward. If you push me, what do you want later when I win?”

It was then that Rockefeller could put a smile on his lips.

‘I want so much. But there is only one key.’

“First of all, I know that His Majesty Christian is not a person who speaks with one mouth. Is this correct?”

The second prince immediately responded to that.

“If I have an appointment with you here. Even if I risk my everything, I will definitely protect it.”

“What can a human being do not do with words? So, I want to start with this condition.”

“What… … mean?”

“I have a younger sister who doesn’t hurt even if I put it in my eyes. Although he is still young, he is a child who is not lacking at all as a match for His Majesty.”

The second prince could not have known the meaning of Rockefeller’s words.

‘I was expecting it.’

The second prince, who was silent for a moment, shook his head and opened his mouth.

“If that is God’s will, I will gladly accept it.”

He accepted Rockefeller’s offer, and never asked about Rockefeller’s sister.

Even if she was half-broken, she was going to take her unconditionally.

‘I wish I was a good woman.’

When the 2nd Prince looked at Sylvia, who was nearby, she didn’t say anything, as if she was convinced too.

For Ismail’s resurrection, he thought that he had to endure enough.

Seeing these two, Rockefeller raised a voice.

“From Your Majesty’s point of view, taking my older sister, who was once a commoner, may not be desirable.”

“I don’t think so. If this is truly the will of God, then I am willing to take your sister as my wife.”

“Then that’s good. I was worried that His Majesty would have any complaints.”

“If you’re worried about that, you don’t have to worry about it at all.”

Rockefeller didn’t even ask about Lucia’s intentions, who was not present.

Because she thought there was nothing better in her sister’s life than to be the Empress of the Empire.

‘It’s not that this guy is ugly, he’s the one who will become emperor in the future. I don’t know if there is even one reason to hate Lucia. It will definitely be a good thing for Lucia.’

“And there is one more condition.”

Hearing that there is one more condition, the 2nd Prince and Sylvia showed a lot of tension.

Opponent: Rockefeller Ross Medici.

He was the one who started from nothing and came up to that place.

It’s never going to be easy.

“Are you there again?”

“The condition I put forward is to build mutual trust. And what I really want has not come out yet.”

What the hell is he asking for?

The second prince, who had a nervous look, waited for Rockefeller’s next words.

And I prayed that it would not be a difficult request.

‘Please, it shouldn’t be an unreasonable request.’

It didn’t take long for Rockefeller to speak again.

‘This is important. Because this will be the last fire dragon to complete the Goblin Dollar.’

“If Your Majesty wins the War of the Crown, you will surely become His Majesty the next Emperor. Then, the will of the Empire will soon become the will of Your Majesty.”

said Rockefeller.

“There is only one thing I want here. The power to issue and control the money of the Empire.”

At this moment, Rockefeller’s eyes were terrifyingly alive.

“Give it all to me. I ask you to help us, the Los Medici family, to have that power in the future and forever.”

At those words, both the second prince and Sylvia looked surprised.

Because what he said was, in other words, a request to help him rule the country of the Empire.

“Giving the power to issue and control the currency of the country… … That’s a difficult request to hear. No, I will never listen to you.”

Rockefeller then firmly adhered to his position as if he would not back down.

“Then I’m sorry, but I can’t help you either.”

Problems will arise here.

Sylvia, who was watching quietly, stepped out.

“Does it sound like you’re going to rule the empire on behalf of the emperor to ask for full control over the money of the empire?”

Rockefeller looked at her and smiled.

“Is it possible? They are simply asking for permission to control only the currency. When did I say I was going to make a law for this country? Laws are made by His Majesty the Emperor. It’s not something that a usury or banco business like me can make.”

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