The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 140

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 140

140 Episode 34. The One Closest to God #2(3)

Rockefeller took a goblin dollar out of his pocket and showed it.

“With that, my hope is that these Goblin Dollars will become a new currency to replace the Empire’s talents. And this is good for the Empire.”

“Did you say it’s good for the Empire?”

“Yes, I wonder why?”

The second prince nodded his head instead of answering.

Rockefeller continued.

“This is because, with the current talent system, we cannot adequately respond to major financial problems. For simplicity, let’s assume this case. The country is in great trouble. You need money right away if you want to call up an army and go to war. But what if you don’t have money?”

The second prince, who had been pondering for a while, answered the question.

“You should print more talents.”

“you’re right. If you need money, you can print out as many talents as you need. Then I’ll ask again. What would you do if there was no gold to print those talents?”

“If there is no gold… … .”

The expression of the second prince, who had been thinking briefly, hardened.

Without gold, talents could not be printed.

“It will be difficult. It’s okay to mix copper, but… … .”

Already in the aftermath of the Flame War, the Imperial Talent has become a gold coin rejected by other races.

Sounds like it’s not a normal call.

If you mix more copper with it, you will be able to withstand it immediately, but it was obvious that the rising prices would cause turmoil inside the empire.

As the second prince became quiet, Rockefeller looked at Sylvia and asked.

“Your Christian doesn’t seem to be able to answer. So, do you think there is another way, Lord Ismail?”

Sylvia had no choice but to remain silent at that question.

When the two couldn’t answer, Rockefeller, smiling, showed them the goblin dollar once more.

“That’s why we need these Goblin Dollars. And it is me, not the Imperial Family, and no one else, who has complete control over these Goblin Dollars.”

The second prince expressed his doubts.

“Then do you have a solution in such a situation?”

“Sure. This goblin dollar is enough to print as much as you need.”

Rockefeller asked again.

“Do you think I need gold to print this?”

In response to that question, the second prince pointed out the phrase written on the goblin dollar.

“But aren’t those Goblin Dollars circulating with talents as collateral?”

“Yes, that’s right. As you said, this is based on talents. But there are no problems.”


“It’s simple. Because people don’t want to exchange them for talents. And this will only get worse the more you have confidence in these goblin dollars.”

“Then what do you mean by printing Goblin Dollars and circulating them in the market even if you don’t have any talents?”

“Yeah, you got it right.”

The second prince’s expression darkened.

“Does Prince Rockefeller want to deceive everyone?”

“Your Majesty Christian, it is difficult for you to take my words in such a bad way. In any case, the current monetary system cannot adequately address the crisis I was talking about.”

Needing someone to sympathize with, Rockefeller looked at Sylvia, who was nearby.

“Isn’t it? If you’ve been with me, don’t you know what I mean?”

Fortunately, she wasn’t too ignorant of the monetary system.

It was something I had learned from Rockefeller.

“If such a crisis comes, it seems that the monetary system based on the goblin dollar is more efficient than the talent system. You can’t say that deceiving others is necessarily a bad thing, right?”

However, the second prince still had negative thoughts.

“But if there is no such crisis, I think you could print money as you like and cause great chaos in the Empire. What do you think about this?”

Rockefeller said firmly.

“You are thinking about it wrong. I never want this goblin dollar I’ve built to lose credibility. Of course, as Your Highness feared, I can print as much money as I want and use it in any way. But this is all for the national interest. personal self-interest? Of course it would be possible. However, if the target is very limited, the impact on it will be quite negligible. And I will take care of it too.”

“How can you be sure of that?”

“I don’t quite understand. Do you think that it is a privilege that only I can enjoy?”

“Then you’re not?”

Rockefeller grinned.

“That privilege belongs to you as well. You wouldn’t think that I was the only one to print money and spend it on my own, would you?”

Rockefeller shook his head.

“Anyway, your Majesty the Emperor will be here in this country. And won’t I look into his eyes? If your Majesty asks for some money, I will just take a picture and give it to you.”

Rockefeller asked the second prince, who was still speechless.

“Then the one who will become His Majesty will live in this world without worrying about money. I don’t know what the problem is.”

The second prince responded with a displeased expression.

“Isn’t that deceiving the rest? At least those who do not benefit from it will certainly be outraged when they find out.”

Rockefeller shook his head arrogantly.

“Sir Christian. I have also heard that your Highness is upright in heart and has a devout devotion. But being a monarch is sometimes cruel.”

Rockefeller continued.

“The happy world you are longing for. I assert that there is no such world. Some will be kings, some will become nobles wielding power under them, and the rest will be fine slaves for them. This is the story of the beginning of world history and will never change until now. It is now, and always will be. And the most effective monetary system for such a society is the goblin dollar I devised. This is a very innovative monetary system that can legally extort their wealth.”

Rockefeller asked the second prince, who had a bad expression on his face.

“You don’t mean to deny everything I said, are you?”

“It is not.”

“Your Majesty, the world is cruel after all. I don’t know if anyone who knows enough is going to reject the goblin dollar system, which has only advantages.”

Then there was someone who objected to that statement.

It was Sylvia, who had been quietly listening to Rockefeller.

“I believe in your desire to be with us, but I can’t believe you are the only brightest person in your life. Rather, I am afraid of you. I have no idea what will happen to me after giving such a privilege.”

It was more convenient for Rockefeller to be honest like her.

‘Yeah, I should have said it that way. It’s because someone called a prince doesn’t have that common sense of privilege. If it was the first prince I had met before, there would have been no problems.’

“Are you saying you don’t trust me?”

The second prince also spoke with a look of discomfort.

“Only the imperial family has the right to control money. It is not something that one family can have.”

“So that’s what I’m asking for, isn’t it? Or do you think I’m pushing a supreme commander who has no chance of winning?”

Rockefeller’s gaze rested on Sylvia.

“Like someone said, I am a bright person with only my teeth.”

No matter how much I thought about it, both the second prince and Sylvia had the same thoughts.

I could agree with what Rockefeller said, but I couldn’t believe Rockefeller himself.

Moreover, Sylvia had repeatedly emphasized to the second prince that he was a much scarier person than he looked.

Therefore, the second prince, who thought about it several times, eventually shook his head, deciding that he could not comply with his request.

“Ask for the right to control the money of the empire… … This is a difficult request to listen to. That will never happen.”

Rockefeller did not back down.

“Then your majesty won’t be able to ask for my help either. There is no such thing as a reward, so why would I risk so much to help you?”

After finishing his speech, Rockefeller felt threatened by his life and was contemplating whether or not to call Lee Han.

Sylvia, who had been contemplating several thoughts, began to open her mouth with difficulty as if she had made up her mind.

“Is there really no other way?”

Contrary to what Rockefeller thought, it was she herself who called the second prince to this position.

Those who wish for Ismail’s resurrection more than anyone else in the world.

So she had to make this meeting meaningful.

Let’s hope she comes out eagerly.

Even Rockefeller gave up his voice as he didn’t want to give up like this.

“If you listen to that much, won’t I desperately push His Majesty Christian? Or do you think I’m doing this just to get my sister married to the Prince? Maybe he will die miserably in the Wars of the Crown?”

“… … .”

“I truly love my sister. The reason I am sending my dear sister to Christian Highness is also to let you know that I am sincere.”

In the end, what was needed here was mutual trust.

However, that trust could not be achieved through the marriage of Rockefeller’s sister and the second prince.

so that.

She continued to ponder, but in the end, she had no choice but to make a decision.

“Well then. Instead, we have conditions.”


I hope you put conditions on yourself.

Rockefeller thought with interest, then opened his mouth with a smile.

“What is it? Let me hear you.”

He was a man with nothing but money.

What conditions are you putting on such a person?

But what the conditions were, the second prince seemed to have vaguely noticed.

“Sylvia… … that.”

“It’s okay, brother. In a way, it might have been fate.”

“However… … .”

“Because I’m fine.”

what’s okay

Rockefeller couldn’t get the hang of it.

‘what? Under what conditions are you doing that?’

“But what are the conditions? All I have is money.”

Rockefeller was unaware of her terms.

After a moment’s hesitation, she opened her mouth with difficulty as soon as she made up her mind.

“Did you say this before? For mutual trust, you should marry your sister to your Christian brother.”

“Yeah, that’s for sure. Wouldn’t it be enough to change the word later on, even if it’s a verbal promise?”

“Then we have no choice but to demand this condition from you. You, as well as your sister, must marry a member of our family.”

When I asked what they were asking for, it was about Rockefeller’s own marriage to build mutual trust.

‘Do you want me to marry Ismail’s wife?’

Fortunately, the conditions weren’t too difficult for Rockefeller.

If you’re married, stop.

‘If it’s to gain control over a country’s currency, that’s nothing. Instead, I wish it wasn’t too ugly… … .’

“If that’s the case, I can’t deny it either. Isn’t it the distrust of me that is the problem now? Then you have to understand.”

As he spoke, Rockefeller suddenly had a question like this.

“But who are you going to marry? Is there anyone suitable for the Ismail family?”

“It’s me.”

At the completely unexpected words, Rockefeller couldn’t help but blink with both eyes dying.

“… … .”

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