The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 142

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 142

Episode 142 35. War of the Crown (1)

With the news of the participation of the second prince, Christian Ismail, who was not expected by anyone, the war for the crown began to determine the next owner of the empire.

Many people who did not expect the second prince to participate in the war heard the news of his participation in the war and looked to see if there were any supporters of him, but except for the Lyon Guild, where rumors were circulating, none of them expressed their support for the second prince.

Everyone predicted that the 2nd Prince would participate in the war with Gaeggi because the War of the Crown could not be won without the supporting forces or troops.

“I’m sorry.”

Early in the Crown Wars.

It was the first word spoken by the first prince, who is considered the most influential next emperor thanks to the enormous support of the Tepez family, when he heard the news of the second prince’s participation in the war.

“The guild provides financial support, but how are you going to win without an alternative army? And what else will the church do?”

The first prince thought about the second prince, Christian, whom he had met very rarely.

Whether he was trying to erase his pagan image or he was a true devout believer, he wasn’t an ignorant, foolish brother.

‘Or is it really something?’

But no matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t see it.

‘no. Christian has nothing. Even if there is anything, the denomination will not be able to help it.’

Other than that, it seemed certain.

Unless the denomination doesn’t change.

The denomination would never allow the second prince to win the victory over the infidels.

Even if he ignores the denomination and ascends to the throne, at that time it may be an all-out war with the denomination.

‘Then why did you join the war? I wouldn’t be an idiot who wants to die.’

“No matter how much I think about it, I don’t know.”

At the words of the first prince, Trinity Tepez, who was with him, opened his mouth.

“Still, I’m still thinking. Could it have been that he would not have entered the war without a plan? Moreover, you must know better than anyone about the War of the Crown.”

The first prince, who gently narrowed his eyes, kept thinking about whether he was missing something.

Then I could think of one thing.

It was related to Lee Han.

‘By the way, there was an intelligence that the guy and Lee Han had a special relationship.’

a special relationship.

Maybe you believe him?

‘But you can’t win without an army. Even if Lee Han is great, if he doesn’t intend to turn the entire empire into an enemy, he won’t go out like that. Even if that guy is rough, he won’t move without thinking.’

“Maybe it’s because of Lee Han?”

Trinity affirmed the question raised by the 1st Prince.

“Perhaps not.”

“exactly… … I don’t have a headache if I have this Han. But I will not lose because of Lee Han.”

One of his staff members at the time gave him some advice.

“Sir Layan, in case you don’t know, why don’t you send people to deal with His Majesty Christian quietly?”

It wasn’t that he didn’t agree, but only Kal, who was facing him, was too concerned for that.

The situation is not worth even a single elder.

“If Christian had any thoughts, he would have already hid. And if Lee Han is attached to it, it’s difficult to deal with it that way. I’m too busy paying attention to the knife right now.”

In front of him stood a topographical model showing his army and the army of the third prince.

It was rather difficult for the first prince to take something out of this military force arranged in a two-way configuration and go against the second prince.

“I don’t know if it would be better if we were Kalman and agreed with each other and went to catch Christian together. But I don’t think it’s just Karl.”

Trinity agreed.

“Perhaps he thinks the same. Maybe they secretly want us to do that.”

“Anyway, this war for the crown will be a battle between me and Kalman. No one thinks that the second prince, who is not helping anyone, will become a problem later, right?”

Prince 1 asked the staff in front of him to confirm, but they only affirmed in silence.

‘If there’s one thing that bothers me, it’s the guild forces… … .’

When the young guild leader he met at that time came to mind, the first prince had no way to hide his bitter expression.

In fact, if the guild decided to push the 2nd prince away, he could get caught up in something unexpected.

“Isn’t the guild still quiet?”

The person who answered that question was a person who knew the guild situation well.

“I didn’t hear anything about what the guild was doing. Oh, and he said he recently helped build the Lyon Cathedral.”

“If you push Christian in the guild, it hurts my head… … .”

Trinity said.

“That’s what the guild leader said. The reason they are pushing the 2nd Prince side is because they also want something.”

“But do you know that the work related to the Black Label Union is already over?”

“It’s good to be quiet, though. There are no other moves yet.”

The first prince remembered something and asked his staff.

“Was there any movement of the nearby mercenaries?”

At the question of the 1st prince, all of his staff shook their heads in unison.

No matter how good the money, what would a mercenary unit do that would make him and Kalman look hateful?

I don’t know if the second prince has a chance, or if the guild offers an amount that he can’t refuse.

But since there was none of that, the 1st Prince had no choice but to look pathetic towards the 2nd Prince, who participated in this crown war.

‘If the mercenary unit doesn’t move, it doesn’t seem like the guild is going to push it. If I was the leader of that guild and really wanted to support Christian, I would have recognized the mercenary unit right away.’

“The fact that the mercenary units are quiet doesn’t seem like much of a guild.”

Trinity has one concern.

“But you’re afraid of Ismail, so maybe you can help?”

At those words, the second prince shook his head.

Although Lee Han was close with Christian, in the first place, Lee Han received money to protect the head of the Lyon guild.

“It will be difficult with Lee Han. If Lee Han takes the side of the guild leader with money, neither Christian nor Ismail can do anything.”

When this story came out, Trinity had no choice but to agree.

“I would. At that time, I was definitely on the side of the guild leader.”

“Maybe it would be more accurate to not look at Christians in the guild than that. If you believe in Lee Han, it could be enough.”

“Then, is it true then? You said you were pretending to help because of union and integration.”

“Then that’s good.”

At that time, a general ran in haste and shouted to everyone in the barracks to inform them of the situation outside.

“My Majesty Rayyan! The opposing camp started a preemptive attack with magic bombardment!”

After all, rather than the second prince hiding like a mouse, only the third prince, Carl, who was growling and confronting himself, was the only problem.

The first prince, who blamed himself for paying attention to the wrong place, began to raise his voice to focus everyone’s attention on the third prince again.

“First, catch Kalman. As I said before, start shaking and siege in all directions. If we win here, we can have an advantage in the next battle.”

* * *

“Are you not doing anything like this?”

Rockefeller answered the question of Sylvia, who is also his wife and secretary:

“It’s right for us to build up our strength while quietly holding our breath. There’s nothing good about stimulating them for nothing. And even if we don’t come forward, we’re wasting our energy by fighting each other and fighting each other, but from our point of view, it’s unconditionally good.”

Of the princes who participated in the War of the Crown, only one survived to ascend to the throne.

So Sylvia, worried about the second prince, opened her mouth again with a nervous expression.

“Just waiting for it is not the answer. The fight won’t come to an end right now, though. In the end, if the tide turns sharply to either side of the two camps that have been confronted by a two-way structure, victory or defeat will be decided very quickly.”

“Don’t worry though. It won’t end that easily.”

She questioned Rockefeller, who spoke confidently.

“How can you be sure of that?”

“I told you before. My touch is very good. It tells me that this war for the crown is not going to end so easily.”

Then she made a sad expression on her face.

“Just because you have a good sense of touch doesn’t mean you can do everything right in the world.”

Then Rockefeller answered firmly.

“no. The nib I have is absolute. The reason I came up here in the first place is all because of that point.”

She didn’t like it, but she had no choice but to trust him and wait.

In any case, it was because the second prince had to win the war for the crown in order to achieve the world he wanted from his position as the guild leader.

“Aren’t we going to wait for the denomination’s position to change?”

Rockefeller did not deny it.

“right. There is no such thing.”

“Can the denomination change positions so easily?”

Rockefeller could think of Bishop Berkis, who had left for the Court of Justice and had been sending good news from time to time.

Bishop Berkis, who had never been richer than before, had restored his once-good relationship with the Pope, and said he was getting along well with some dignitaries who had previously struggled to eat him.

It was all thanks to Rockefeller, who was holding on to interest.

‘If you hate me and that person, you can’t even dream of a high deposit interest rate.’


The inside of the church was also quite rotten, so there were many church members who were fascinated with money.

‘I already read in the novel, so I knew well that the denomination was rotten. But I’m going to reveal money like this. After all, all people are the same.’

In particular, the church members, shaken by the high interest rates on deposits, forgot about the doctrine of rejecting interest, and came to Rockefeller with the pretext of some who were already receiving the benefits.

And they were all swayed by Rockefeller, and they all changed their positions to praise or support the will of Bishop Berkis, and for that reason, Bishop Berkis’s position in the denomination was increasing day by day.

Enough to form their own forces.

‘The bishop said that the position of Minister of Gungmun seems positive, so wait a little longer and you will find out.’

“wait. There is nothing that can be solved by just rolling your feet anyway.”

She was very dissatisfied with her husband, who said that he was comfortable with the world.

“You’re so relaxed that it’s not your housework. I hope you never forget why I married you.”

“Don’t worry. Because everything is going well.”

She, who had been staring intently at Rockefeller, quickly released her expression and stepped back.

“Then I will believe you. Because I have no choice but to believe it.”

Rockefeller had no choice but to shake his head at his departed wife.

‘I don’t trust people that much. Well, I don’t think I’d like a guy who said he was good-natured. But what do you do? My touch is true.’

He was not ignorant at all about what was going to happen, he knew very well.

So the world to come.

‘It’s all in my hands.’

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