The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 143

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 143

Episode 143 35. War of the Crown (2)

As time passed, the battle between the 1st and 3rd prince camps to win the crown war intensified.

Rockefeller received a letter from the Ministry of Justice.

Rockefeller’s lips curled long as he read the letter.

‘It’s over.’

The most important position in the denomination was the pope, and the next most important position was that of the secretary of the palace.

The contents of the letter I received today contained that Bishop Berkis was finally ordained by the Pope and ascended to the position of Minister of the Interior.

Rockefeller smiled as he received the letter, and his wife, who had been watching it, spoke to him.

“Is this a good story?”

Rockefeller raised his head and said to her, who was watching him with anticipation.

“It looks like it has finally come to fruition. It is said that Sir Berkis has ascended to the position of Secretary of the Palace.”


“Really. It is here now.”

Rockefeller got up and handed her the letter he had read.

And as she read it, she immediately appeared relieved.

“That’s fortunate. I was worried about it.”

Rockefeller, who had expected it to be like this in the first place, raised his voice confidently.

“Did I tell you? In front of money, there is nothing you can do about the church or anything.”

“But there is such a thing as one, right?”

“There isn’t. But not this time.”

Rockefeller continued as she handed the letter back to her.

“And I think the denomination will move. that the winds of change will blow At least you don’t have to worry about it.”

“I really wish it were like that.”

“But there is one problem.”

Even Rockefeller was frankly conflicted about bringing this up.

‘It’s about to happen, but something was very unpleasant. But since it’s already planned, there’s no need to feel guilty.’

she questioned

“what is that?”

“The Holy Father is the same.”

In the case of the current Pope, Felix III, it was obvious that he would not change his attitude toward the Ismail family until his death.

It was because he was the one who branded the Ismail family as a pagan group in the first place.

“If the Holy Father remains as it is, in the end, even if Bishop Berkis establishes an independent force, he cannot exceed the will of the Holy Father.”

She couldn’t help but agree with that statement.

“It is.”

“So I’m worried. Everything is going according to my will, but there is only one thing, because luck has to follow.”

In the novel, Felix III is killed by an assassin sent from Ismail.

But no one knew about it except the Ismail family.

This was because the Pope was not in good health, and even though he died, it was thought that he was of old age.

‘It’s a place I’m afraid of Ismail that much. Because he assassinated the Pope without even a mouse or a bird.’

Then his wife, Ismail’s true owner, uttered a horrifying remark.

“Is it necessary to be lucky when a person dies?”

Rockefeller didn’t know what those words meant.

“Are you going to handle it?”

“There is nothing that cannot be done. Fortunately, I heard that the Holy Father’s health is not good. If we use the drug we have, people will think that the Holy Father died of natural causes.”

“Hmm… … .

It wasn’t something Rockefeller really liked, but it was in the novel anyway, and it was also the decision of his wife Ismail, so it wasn’t something Rockefeller could stop.

‘What are you doing to dry? But it would be nice for us to do that.’

If Rockefeller had been a devout believer, he might not have dared to act to put a burden on John.

But Rockefeller was not a believer in God.

‘Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll go to hell when I die. If you die anyway, you will die.’

“If it were your decision, what would it be? I have the power to stop it.”

Those were the last words Rockefeller said about the Pope’s assassination.

A few days after Ismail’s owner decided to assassinate the Pope.

The news of the Pope’s death spread widely and the entire empire fell into mourning.

The two princes, who participated in the War of the Crown and engaged in a fierce battle, also had a time of deep mourning after a ceasefire after a brief truce was noticed by the denomination.

However, the peaceful time did not last long, and the two princes again led their troops to the battlefield, fighting even more fiercely.

Meanwhile, a new wind blew in the church.

A council was hastily convened to elect a new pope, and Bishop Berkis, secretary and secretary of the Archbishop, as the old tradition of the Crusades, was nominated for the next pope and, along with several likewise nominated members, several times for the next pope. competed for a week.

However, there was no candidate to follow Bishop Berkis, who had already established a strong support base, and the members of the guild, who had a strong sense of support, were worried about the interest on the deposit received from the guild even if they had an objection, so they did not say anything and silently affirmed Bishop Berkis. .

Thus, Bishop Berkis was able to be elected as the new pope to succeed Felice III, unlike the previous novels Rockefeller knew.

And Bishop Berkis renamed himself Francis II after the saint he most admired.

Bishop Berkis, who became pope, was the first to write to Rockefeller announcing his accession.

And reading the news in a letter, Rockefeller clenched his fists and for a moment was intoxicated with a deep sense of victory.

‘I knew it would! Because I made it.’

It wasn’t just Rockefeller that liked it.

His wife, Sylvia, was also delighted, and all of Rockefeller’s other brothers congratulated him.

It was just before the dawn of a new era.

‘Now, my world will unfold soon.’

If the pope and emperor were close friends with him, then the world would naturally have to favor him.

‘It is only when this happens that we will be able to easily attract troops in the coming war of gold veins.’

The imperial family could not ignore the defense of the Montefeltro estate owned by the Los Medici family, and the Church could also raise an army to protect the parish that the Dwarves were about to invade.

‘Anyway, it’s always a good thing for me.’

At the call of Bishop Berkis, who was elected as the next pope, Rockefeller went straight to the Court of Justice.

And there, Rockefeller was able to meet Pope Francis II, the former Bishop of Berkis.

“You are here!”

It was none other than Pope Francis II who welcomed Rockefeller more than anyone else.

“Congratulations. You have finally achieved what you want.”

“What have I done? It was all thanks to you.”

Francis II began to share what he had learned from correspondence with Rockefeller.

“You said your wife was pregnant? You too will soon be the father of a child. Congratulations in advance.”

“Thank you, Holy Pope.”

“Haha, it’s still awkward. You keep being called Sir Bishop, and now you hear the name of the Holy Father. You have no idea how awkward this is.”

“That’s a good thing.”

“Yeah, that’s a good thing. I really don’t know if this is a dream or not. I’m coming to this place I could not have imagined it until just a few months ago.”

Francis II, ignorant of the facts, was deeply saddened by the death of the previous pope.

“Because of the sudden death of the former Holy Father… … .”

It wasn’t that he wasn’t stabbed, but he couldn’t even tell the truth at this point.

“I find that very sad, too.”

“I’m sorry, but what can I do if the will of heaven is like that? Still, we went to John’s side, so we should rejoice.”

After that, Rockefeller, who had been talking about this and that, slowly began to get to the point.

“It is true that the Holy Father has called me, so I rushed to run.”

Even Francis II did not know what Rockefeller was trying to say.

The reason he pushed with all his heart was because everything was meant to be.

“I know what you are talking about. But don’t worry. Didn’t I make an appointment with you too?”

he continued

“If someone makes a promise, you have to keep it. If you’re asking about the Ismail family, don’t worry too much. From now on, I plan to slowly change the denomination’s position on Ismail.”

“Isn’t it hard? It doesn’t seem easy to me to change the position of the denomination right away, because I’ve been ostracized for so long.”

On the contrary, Francis II smiled.

“It’s hard. Rather, you are there, who can say anything? Even the church members who supported me in the first place looked at you more than me.”

Rockefeller couldn’t help but laugh inwardly at those words.

The reason I supported Bishop Berkis within the denomination was because he was afraid of himself who could ultimately decide the interest.

“Is that so? But now, I will look more closely at His Holiness the Pope. You will notice how great a banco trader like me is.”

“But aren’t you the one who pays the interest? Now, even if you look at me, you are the one paying the interest, so your eyes will keep looking.”

As Rockefeller bowed his head lightly to show humility, Francis II continued:

“Anyway, don’t worry too much about the second prince. More than that, I know the Crown Wars aren’t over yet. How are things going now? It’s me, I’m too busy to worry about this.”

“Even now, the two princes are fighting fiercely. You never know who will win. But the long battle has left both princes’ camps very weary.”

“Then who is the second prince?”

“I hide from the fight between the two princes. It’s just waiting for the right time.”

“What time?”

Rockefeller smiled faintly.

“Honestly, right now. Now that the church has come out with a clear stance, I am able to support the second prince with peace of mind.”

“Hmm… … .”

Said Francis II, who was contemplating something.

“Historically, there have been times when the Church has intervened in the Crown War. That’s how the imperial family could see us and say what we needed.”

“I have heard of such a case. It is said that the princes who won the crown war thanks to the denomination were greatly influenced by the denomination.”

Rockefeller spoke up and asked something.

“Are you thinking of supporting the Second Prince?”

“Aren’t I supposed to agree with you anyway? If you decide to push the second prince, isn’t it right for me to push the second prince too?”

“That’s right.”

Rockefeller thought briefly, then began to shake his head.

‘If it’s the Pope, sure.’

The denomination itself was able to convene an army and use it for military purposes.

In this case, everyone feared that he was a saint who received divine protection.

‘It’s a winning game anyway, but this will make it more fun, right?’

In the original novel, the denomination was a force that was in confrontation with the second prince until the very last minute.

However, when Rockefeller intervened and changed the position of the denomination, the denomination and the pope became strong allies of the second prince, contrary to the contents of the previous novel.

“You are wonderful. Then, show your support for the second prince with me. Then if you push it all the way.”

I made a pope, so why not an emperor?

Rockefeller, who was thinking about it, continued.

“Will the Second Prince not be the next His Majesty the Emperor?”

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