The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 145

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 145

Episode 145 35. War of the Crown (4)

That night.

The proposal of the 3rd Prince reached the 1st Prince, who was in despair.

As much as the first prince who did not have an answer, the third prince did not have an answer.

At the place where all the staff gathered.

The soldier sent by the 3rd Prince conveyed the will of the 3rd Prince to the 1st Prince.

“Shall we form a temporary alliance?”

“Yes, His Majesty Kalman has proposed a temporary alliance against His Majesty Christian.”

At those words, the staff members who were with him began to roar loudly.

“After fighting like that, did Kalman offer me an alliance?”

They fought and fought really hard.

At one time, it was thought that one of the two was the winner of the crown war, so of course it was.

“Yes, His Majesty Kalman is a sincere suggestion.”

For the first prince who had lost his meeting with the pope and also lost Trinity, the proposal of an alliance from the third prince was like a rope that came down from heaven.

But I couldn’t tell if it was rotten or if it was sturdy.

“no. I can’t believe it, even with a sword.”

“If you do not accept the alliance proposal, however, you will be devoured by the army led by the Second Prince.”

“I don’t know. How did you approach it… … .”

“Didn’t you almost catch Kalman at the Battle of Howl and miss it? There may still be sediment left there.”

The opinions of the staff were divided in half.

In such a relationship, the first prince, who did not know the true meaning of the third prince, was also deeply troubled.

‘What should I do?’

It was an offer that would have been rejected if there were no regrets.

However, a temporary alliance, which was not expected at this time, with many regrets, was inevitable.

“Go ahead and say yes. There is no answer right now.”

“If you agree, early tomorrow morning. He told me to bring at least an escort to the Wolf Valley in the Hasman Forest.”

Then the staff members who were with him reacted violently.

“What a nonsensical offer!”

“You must decline. It must have been a deception.”

“If it’s a trick, we’re done.”

“But there is no answer, even for His Majesty Kalman. Would you like to propose an alliance and aim for His Majesty?”

The first prince, who thought it might be Kalman, asked the soldier who had brought the news.

“Why did you tell me to come like that?”

“You said it was to confirm mutual trust. He said that if we didn’t have that kind of faith, we couldn’t be together.”

The first prince did not know what he was talking about.

Until now, they had been living like enemies.

Even if only he and Karl formed a temporary alliance, it would have been a sandcastle-like alliance that would collapse someday if there was no mutual trust.

‘It’s an unavoidable choice to fight against Christians.’

“Isn’t there anything other than that?”

The soldier answered the question firmly.

“Yes, His Majesty Kalman said that was the last offer.”

When Prince 1 let out a deep sigh, the staff members nearby began to speak again.

“It’s too reckless. Then if you get caught up in it or you have a problem… … .”

“Still, it is not wrong. How would you form a temporary alliance without mutual trust? Only when we show that level of trust, won’t His Majesty Kalman also believe in us and join forces against His Majesty Christian, who accompanied the Pope’s army?”

“I think that too. But I also agree that it is dangerous.”

The choice belonged to the first prince.

‘There is no choice in the yard that even Trinity was caught.’

“Even if Karlman dug a trap, he wouldn’t be able to beat me so easily when I think of the Christians who are on the rise right now.”

Then some of the staff strongly protested.

“Oh, my lord! It is too dangerous.”

“I think it’s dangerous, too.”

The first prince, who restrained them with his hand, continued the words he had cut off.

“If I don’t join forces with Kalman, I have no future. It’s just going to be like waiting and waiting for Christian.”

Even the 1st prince was shocked.

How did things get to this point?

However, the reality was cruel, and in this reality, we had to find our own breakthrough.

Even if it was Kalman’s trap, he had no choice.

“Tomorrow I will go to the place Karlman called. go tell me I will wait there.”

The soldier who delivered the news went back to Kalman, and the first prince had no choice but to spend a sleepless night.

before dawn is over.

After leaving the barracks, the first prince went to the valley of the wolf in the Hasman Forest, where he was supposed to meet with Kalman with only a minimum of troops.

At the place where he arrived, the first prince left his squeaking horses and glanced lightly through the misty forest.

‘the feeling is… … That’s not good.’

Even Tephez people who say that lion blood flows could not ignore the eerie energy that lurked around them.

‘Please, I must be wrong.’

Until he came here, the first prince had not slept and continued to ponder about Kalman’s intentions.

Was he really calling for himself and his ally?

Or will he take hold of himself and enter into a confrontation with the second prince?

‘It must be the same for Kalman that there is no answer.’

at that time.

From the other side of the mist came the roar of horseshoes and the sound of soldiers moving in unison.

It was like a move to encircle the First Prince and his troops.

‘the feeling is… … .’

and after some time.

The overwhelming majority of Kalman’s elite troops came to the 1st Prince.

They came all the way to the wolf valley in the Hasman Forest to catch the first prince.

Kalman, who appeared on horseback, came to the 1st Prince, who was accompanied by the smallest army.

“It’s been a while, Lai Yan.”

Kalman, who came wearing a thick fur coat, was a long-haired man with red and blue odd eyes.

Although he had a bad sense of humor, the 1st Prince looked up and saw the 3rd Prince, who did not even get off his horse.

“Isn’t it the same for you as well?”

“It is.”

Only then, the 3rd Prince and his elite troops, revealing their true colors, lay down their spears and began to threaten the 1st Prince and his soldiers.

Among the troops accompanied by the 3rd Prince, many wizards were also present.

The first prince, seeing this, was puzzled and asked Kalman again.

“This will only be good for Christians.”

“It will never happen.”

Unlike the 1st Prince, who had no way, the 3rd Prince seemed to have some faith in him.

“Why do you think so? Christian has the papal army, and the Lyon Guild, which has the most gold coins in the empire, is supporting him from behind.”

Even the 1st Prince did not know about the 3rd Prince and the circumstances of the Sinclair family.

“Didn’t you and the Sinclairs suffer a lot while confronting me? In such a situation, you will stand up to Christian alone without joining forces with me?”

“I saw a lot of damage while fighting with my brother. But I have found a way to overcome it.”

“How to break through?”

“Don’t forget that our mother-in-law is a wizard.”

“What does that mean?”

“Guild IOUs can be made with the paper we supply.”

The magical power was absolute.

“Are you planning to forge the guild’s IOU?”

“There is nothing that cannot be done. My dog doesn’t even recognize its owner and comes out like that. Can you stand still in the position of being the original owner? I will show them the power of Sinclair as I warned them.”

“but… … If you are determined and forge, at least there will be no problem with money.”

“It will happen.”

For the first prince to feel, it seemed like a mistake in his judgment.

The thought that the third prince would not have an answer as much as himself led to the wrong decision.

‘In the end, it’s like this.’

With all escape routes blocked, it was virtually impossible to escape through the siege with only a minimum of troops without Trinity, who was closest to him.

‘The world’s Rayan Tepez will go like this.’

“Even the sky is indifferent.”

At the words spoken by the 1st Prince, the 3rd Prince bid him farewell.

“Still, I’m really glad that you came out like this. It would have been even more difficult for me if even hyung had acted in a troublesome way.”

The first prince, who had no fear in the face of death, gave his last words to the third prince.

“I hope you lose the crown war. I will be there early, so please follow me slowly.”

At those words, the third prince only smiled lightly.

“I’m sorry, but the younger brother who will follow you next will be a Christian, not me. Then you can go in peace.”

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