The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 147

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 147

147 Episode 36. Crown War #2(3)

“If Lee Han did something with magic, there is a good chance.”

Magic was the absolute power that could accomplish anything.

“Then how did you do it?”

“I don’t even know the principle. I don’t know if I was that person. Right now, I have no way of finding out.”

“… … .”

When the third prince’s expression hardened, she opened her mouth again to help him.

“If you are trying to forge because of insufficient military funds, the best thing is… … I think it would be better to get the money in another way.”

There was only one place that came to mind here.

Goblin Bank.

Because there was only one place that could stand up to the financial power of the Lyon Guild.

‘But it’s against the customs of the Crown War to use your money.’

“But if you borrow money from the Goblin Bank, your Majesty the Emperor will be angry. Even if we win in the end, it won’t matter.”

The expression of the third prince, who could not be unaware of it, hardened.

In the Wars of the Crown, it was taboo to borrow money from non-human races under any circumstances.

This was because it could lead to interference in the internal affairs of other races in the future.

‘Damn it… … .’

It was the moment when I hated myself for thinking that I could counter the second prince army by counterfeiting goblin dollars.

“Is there no way to find out?”

“If it’s not a magic devised by myself or my family, but by Lee Han’s own creation, it’s almost impossible to figure out how that magic is implemented.”

“You mean Lee Han is so great?”

The third prince was from the Sinclair family, but he had only magical talent, and his magical knowledge was lacking compared to other wizards.

So I called her for advice, but the answer she got back was close to despair.

“Yeah, if it’s great, you can say it’s great. They implement magic in a completely different way than we do.”

“Ugh… … .”

It seemed impossible to forge the Lyon Guild’s IOU by using the power of magic.

‘How did this happen.’

Magic is truly absolute power.

I used to think that I had the power to do anything in the world at will.

Today, for the first time today, I learned about the limits of that magic.

“then… … .”

The 3rd Prince spoke to his subordinates around him with eyes filled with complicated feelings.

“Any other opinions? Better way. If counterfeiting is impossible, wouldn’t there be another way to make up for the insufficient military funds?”

At that question, the general from Sinclair opened his mouth.

“We don’t have the money to bring in right now. Or I could use the money to secure the future of my family as collateral, but I’m not sure if the head of Sinclair will allow it as the charter is better.”

“From the perspective of the Lord, it is close to gambling, so I think the same.”

“Then what other opinions?”

“If Union was alive in the past, we could save money from it, but now it’s unreasonable. It’s gone.”

“There are a few noble families other than Union that can afford that much money, but it is questionable whether the 2nd Prince Army has come out so well that they will all return to help us.”

“Sir Kalman. Why don’t you ask the Goblin Bank for help without anyone knowing?”

Then everyone’s eyes fell on him.

“How do you know we borrowed money from the goblins? If you hide it well, it will pass without any problems.”

But not everyone wanted it.

In particular, Isabella, who was summoned to this place, revealed that it was impossible even for the future of the empire.

“That’s the opposite for me. When the Crown Wars are over, they will all fall under one Majesty. It’s my wish that His Majesty the Emperor becomes His Majesty Kalman. That said, I don’t want His Majesty Kalman to be swayed by the goblins. In that case, it would be better for His Majesty Christian to inherit the throne.”

Was Kalman the same? It was a matter of his future and his life at stake.

“You cannot lead an army without money. Are you saying that you want me to die when you are in urgent need of money?”

“if not… … .”

In the history of the Empire, the princes who participated in the War of the Crown died except for the victors.

However, some princes fled far from the empire for fear of dying, or they knelt down to the victor and saved their lives as a condition of being imprisoned for the rest of their lives.

“Your Majesty Christian, unlike Rayyan’s phone, was docile and listenable. If the fight doesn’t deepen any longer and asks His Majesty Christian for mercy on the condition of surrender.”

Like Trinity Tepez, she was also one of those concerned about the safety of the Empire.

“We will be defeated in this war for the crown. Maybe it will be a good thing for your majesty and for the sake of your empire. The longer the War of the Crown goes on, the more frankly we will like other races that are hostile to us.”

“Do you think Christian will save me?”

“That’s what only His Majesty Christian would know. Or would you like to ask before this situation gets any longer?”

“… … .”

After that, the third prince, who was speechless, was left alone and fell into deep trouble.

And the next day.

The 3rd Prince sent a letter containing his will to the 2nd Prince’s camp.

and after some time.

After reading the returned letter, the 3rd prince declared unconditional surrender and agreed not to be locked up in a specific territory for the rest of his life on condition that he received his life from the 2nd prince.

So, with the victory of the second prince, Christian Ismail, the war for the crown ends.

Everyone liked that a new era had begun in the Empire, and among them were two people who helped the second prince win, both physically and mentally.

Rockefeller, who somehow knew that the second prince would win, read a letter containing the victory message from his office.

‘I immediately lowered my horn right after I failed to forge the Goblin Dollar.’

There has never been a scenario where the 3rd Prince surrenders.

According to Rockefeller’s memory, the 3rd Prince Kalman was a more naive person than he thought.

So, he forced the guild to forge the loan and maintained the army, but eventually reached the limit and was defeated in the war for the crown.

‘At that time, I remember that the second prince was also killed without mercy, which is a bit surprising.’

The reason not to keep the prince who participated in the Crown War alive was to get rid of the troubles that might arise in the future.

But, was it not because Christian needed the power of the Sinclair family in the new era to come?

Rockefeller thought so.

‘Other than that, there is no need to keep alive.’

In any case, princes from three imperial families participated in the war for the crown, and the victor overturned everyone’s expectations and became a prince from the Ismail family supported by the Order and the Lyon Guild.

‘Well, that’s good for me.’

In the first place, only if the second prince had won, the Ross Medici family could take all control of the imperial currency.

Normally he would never give it to him, but he was already married to Ismail’s woman.

So there is no reason not to give it to Ismail.

Rather, it was a loss for them to not give, so Rockefeller was not worried at all.

‘Maybe marrying Sylvia was a godsend in my life.’


He came from a prestigious family and was even beautiful, but there was only one thing that bothered him.

“Looks like we won.”

It was too frightening, no matter how his wife, to appear like a ghost from time to time.

“Could you have clearly warned me not to show up from behind?”

“Sorry. It’s already become a habit, so it’s not easy to change it.”

“Tell me honestly. You didn’t just talk to me, do you often watch me quietly from behind?”

“I will be very careful in the future.”

“It’s not that I’m careful, I’ll never do that in the future. Sometimes it’s cool to see you. Do you know what kind of sword master I am? I am a public person They are just ordinary people who touch money.”


After arguing with his wife for a while, Rockefeller handed her the letter he had received and said:

“It seems that the coronation ceremony of the emperor will be held soon. And as promised, I think I’m going to take my sister and get married.”

The Los Medici family, which had previously been nothing but a commoner family, became a very famous family after the Crown War, as anyone in the aristocratic family of the Empire would know.

It was not enough to have a close relationship with the church or the new pope. It was the only family that supported the second prince Christian Ismail, the winner of the crown war, along with the church. Even a noble family showed no sign of losing their prestige.

who was that

A new family has been born that can rival the three most famous families in the history of the empire.

That’s ‘Los Medici, a financial fame’.


“What are you celebrating? If I like you, you’re good, and if you’re good, I’m good too.”

“But you really didn’t know it was going to be like this, did you?”

She asked him the question she had always had.

Then Rockefeller lied very cleverly.

“Of course I didn’t know. I just thought it would happen, how would I know?”

After speaking, Rockefeller picked up a letter from the Montefeltro estate from among the letters in front of me.

‘It’s a bit early, though.’

Saying it’s too early

Anyway, the planned schedule has not changed.

‘Slowly they will move.’

The Dwarves had already moved their troops, and later declared war on the Empire.

They said that it had been their land for a long time, and that the land had been illegally occupied by the Empire.

So it was the Dwarves who had the victory before the Golden Mace War.

Before the Empire could even prepare, they moved the dwarf army that had been deployed in advance and took over the territory of Montefeltro as it is.

Afterwards, due to the counterattack of the Empire, which recognized the value of the Montefeltro estate, the famous War of Gold and veins broke out.

‘Is the last thing left to be the war of gold veins?’

The Goblin Dollar could be completed when a new emperor ascended and all control of the imperial currency was transferred to the Ross Medici family.

However, in order for the Goblin Dollar’s trust to continue, it had to be backed by enough gold coins.

‘In order to maintain the hegemony, not to complete the Goblin Dollar, a huge amount of gold coins is absolutely necessary. In that sense, the territory of Montefeltro is also a land that cannot be given to anyone.’

Rockefeller’s dream was not small.

By his age, he was only just over twenty.

Right now, he could build his own power in a country called the Empire without much difficulty, but the numerous heterogeneous races and other powers spread across the continent were not the ones he could do anything about.

‘Even in order to leave the Empire and bring all the races, including dwarves and elves, orcs and goblins, to my knees, the Goblin Dollar must have eternal hegemony.’

All races except humans were using their own currency.

The race that stood out in particular here was the goblin.

They exercised a powerful influence over the entire continent with a gold coin with a fairly high content of pure gold called Ducat.

Its influence was so great that the continent’s common currency became the goblin gold coin, ducat.

‘The currency hegemony possessed by the goblins will soon pass to me. And everyone, including the Empire.’

Rockefeller’s grand dream.

He was neither a sword master nor an archmage.

If not, he knew very well how to rule the world.

‘You’re going to cringe at my feet. After all, the world is ruled by finance, not power.’

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