The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 148

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 148

Episode 148 37. Establishment of Ministry of Monetary and Finance (1)

Christian Ismail, who won the crown war, inherited the emperor’s surname from the emperor and was crowned emperor under the new name of Christian Constantine.

The day he ascended to the throne.

All the families and powers of the empire divided by the Crown War gathered in one place to congratulate the new emperor at the coronation ceremony held in the royal capital.

In order to fulfill his promise to Rockefeller, Christian, ignoring the opposition of some nobles, took his sister Lucia Ross’medici as his wife and Empress of the Empire, giving control of the Empire’s currency to the Ross Medici family. For this purpose, the Ministry of Monetary and Finance was established.

He then handed over the position of first Prime Minister there to Rockefeller, who was also his financial advisor.

An imperial castle located in the imperial ecliptic.

At the place where all the nobles of the empire gathered to face the new emperor.

The new emperor announced the prepared horses to everyone and once again conveyed the status of the Los Medici family.

“From now on, all the currency of the Empire will be issued and controlled by the Los Medici family. And the position of the Ministry of Monetary and Treasury, which will assume that role, is transferred to Rockefeller Ross Medici. After that, I will give him the title of ‘Hap-Hara’ worthy of his position, who will then become Prime Minister. As before, you will swear in front of me that you will contribute to the prosperity of the Empire and be loyal to the Empire.”

Rockefeller, standing in front of all the nobles, looking straight at his younger sister who had become the new emperor and empress, raised his voice proudly.

“I consider it an honor for my family to hand over control of all the currencies of the Empire to my dwarf, Rockefeller Ross Medici. From now on, we, the Los Medici family, swear to His Majesty the Emperor that we will help the imperial family in the revival of the empire.”

Soon after, there were noisy nobles.

He knew that their relationship was deep and his status was great, but he thought that it was too much to even give him the authority to control all the currencies of the empire.

So some prestigious nobles dared to speak up.

He was Elijah Tepez, the head of the Tepez family and a living legend.

“Your Majesty, the author was just a guild leader engaged in usury business until I was here. How much does he know that he can rule the entire imperial currency and currency?”

It was none other than Rockefeller who refuted this.

“It’s better than a single swordsman.”

At those words, everyone started to roar once more.

No one in this empire was brave enough to say such harsh words to him, who was also the head of the Tepez family.

Elijah himself seemed to be embarrassed, blinking his eyes and staring intently at the moneyworm who was nothing else.

It’s ridiculous and it doesn’t make sense.

“Isn’t it? If not, please tell me.”

When he was silent, Rockefeller turned his gaze to the other nobles nearby and asked again.

“Then I will ask you again. Would someone like me who has been playing with money all my life can handle the currency of the empire well? Or would an author with a little touch of a knife do better? Isn’t the answer obvious?”

There was no such thing as ignorance.

Elijah, who had never experienced disgrace in a place like this in his entire life, raised his voice with a distorted expression.

“You are so mean!”

Rockefeller responded calmly.

“It’s harsh. Do you know who quarreled first?”

“When you say you take control of the country’s money, who wouldn’t object? I was just reacting naturally.”

“There are, of course, objections. I am taking this position, not for the sake of me and my family, but for the prosperity of the Empire. Your Majesty knows this very well, so you have entrusted it to me, don’t you?”

Instead of Elijah, who had a wrinkled expression, Sinclair Gaju, who was watching, also stepped forward.

“Your Majesty, we cannot agree that a single family should take control of all the currency of the Empire. Please reconsider that thought.”

Originally, in this kind of place, the head of two prestigious families had never expressed the same opinion.

If there was something we agreed on, it would be enough if one side was silent, and if there was something we didn’t agree with, we could always split up and fight.

However, such a case was very rare even in the history of the Empire.

Those two families who are like antagonists will be able to check one family that has suddenly risen to the top by sharing the same opinion.

In other words, it was also a place where the status of the newly emerged Los Medici family was confirmed once again.

“Our Majesty, we have no idea why you would hand over control of the Empire’s money to the author. Do you really want to lower Your Majesty’s control over the Empire?”

When those words reached the new emperor, Christian opened his mouth to see Sylvia, who is Ismail’s headman and Rockefeller’s wife, seen in the distance.

“That story was already promised to him before the Wars of the Crown. He knows finances and finances better than I do, and he is also my wish. I don’t want you to have any more complaints.”

control of the imperial currency.

From the outside, it looked like it was taken by the Los Medici family.

In fact, if you look at it differently, it was no different than sharing it with the Ismail family.

‘It would be better to keep Sylvia’s identity hidden. If rumors spread that Sylvia is Ismail’s real owner, the two families will not stand still. It’s not because of the Los Medici family, it’s because our Ismail’s power is getting stronger.’

“I have already made up my mind, so I hope no other words come out.”

At the words of the emperor, the owners of the two families still did not understand their expression.

No matter how great the influence of the Los Medici family was, it was impossible to understand unless you were an idiot to push them that much.

So Elijah, the owner of Tepez, even thought of this.

‘Is it a puppet?’

If the 2nd Prince lacks the qualities, the Ross Medici family fully complemented it.

What happened now could be explained well enough.

‘no. I’ve never heard of the 2nd Prince being so short. Of course, I didn’t pay much attention to Ismail’s downfall, but then there’s no reason to act like an idiot?’

“Please reconsider that thought. I and the Tepez family do not want to put pressure on the Empire and His Majesty the Emperor.”

As he was the head of the Tepez family, who had the most powerful power in the Empire, it was something he could dare to say.

What he said was no different than saying that he would turn his back on the Empire if he hadn’t reconsider that thought.

Among the noisy nobles.

Words he couldn’t dare to say came out of a man named Rockefeller.

“Even if you are a Tepez, you will have something to say and something not to say depending on your position. Aren’t you being too cheeky when it comes to cubes?”

“What? Is it cubic?”

When Elijah was angry and tried to show his strength, the whole egg field shook, and several nobles nearby fainted on the spot.

If I had lost my self-control, it would have been really, really bad.

However, Rockefeller, who was protecting himself with a magical protective equipment, was not afraid because he trusted Lee Han, who he could call at any time, and his wife, who was nearby.

“I don’t know what is wrong with calling a cubic tablet a cubic tablet. Do you dare to say that in this place that you are going to wage a war against the Empire?”

“You’re insulting me like that, but there’s something I can’t do!”

“You must know the subject! What kind of place are you talking about such nonsense!”

On the contrary, seeing Rockefeller fighting without hesitation, Elijah had tens of thousands of thoughts in his mind.

Of course, as the head of the Los Medici family, who has nothing to fear in the world, I could understand why he acted like that, but he had no idea what was going to happen and what he was doing.

‘How dare you insult me like me on the subject of a usury who is not even a fistful?’

But he was also the head of a family.

Therefore, he could not easily let go of his reason, and moreover, there was a sinclair-like headman who so desperately wanted his own downfall in this place.

Elijah, who was more aware of the Sinclair than the Rockefeller, looked at the Sinclair who was nearby.

Seeing that little squirrel smiling faintly, it looked as if he was secretly hoping that he was going to play shit here.

‘It’s like damn Sinclair. Even though we can’t help each other, it’s like hiding over there and smiling. I should have ripped it off from the corner of my mouth.’

A situation that requires cold reason.

He quickly began to capture the excitement.

“Wow! Your Majesty, I think I lost control for a moment and acted too rashly. Please forgive the rudeness I just made. We Tepez are always on the side of the Empire and His Majesty.”

When the head of Tepez politely bowed his head and begged for forgiveness, the emperor, who was watching, graciously passed over as if he understood.

‘I thought there would be a backlash, but it’s a bit harsh.’

“Be careful next time. This is the only time I see you.”

Elijah replied.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

As the Tepez family became weak, this time the Sinclairs, who had been hiding and watching, came forward.

“It is never easy to change the currency of a country. Look, Rockefeller… … Aren’t you trying to circulate the goblin dollars issued by the guild in the market so that people can use goblin dollars that are worthless?”

Rockefeller looked at him.

“It’s not worth it. The Goblin Dollars issued by us can be exchanged for valuable talents at any time. Anytime, anywhere.”

Then, as if it was a pity, the head of Sinclair raised one corner of his mouth.

“Haha, you think I’m a fool. I heard your story. They say that the guild issues goblin dollars with gold coins not available as collateral?”

At those words, some nobles began to roar loudly.

He did not know that he could print Goblin Dollars using gold coins that were not in Banco as collateral.

And if it were true, it was saying that Banco was committing a crime that should never be done.

“It is an obvious crime. Do all Rockefellers look stupid? You don’t think it’s okay to deceive them, do you? People like us who are awake will never know the ugliness you have committed.”

Then he told the emperor.

“Did your Majesty know that? That the author was trying to fool us all with deception. How would people react if that fact spreads throughout the empire? Your Majesty, please, consider this matter deeply.”

Then Rockefeller smiled as if it was plastic.

“Did someone so awake try to counterfeit our Goblin Dollars?”

Again, there were the nobility who were buzzing.

It was because it was the first time they had ever heard of it.

Headmaster Sinclair, who had a wrinkled expression on his face, responded very brazenly.

“Things like that… … There was none.”

“You are very good at telling lies because your mouth is wrong. He’s definitely awake, so he’s very good at lying.”

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